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Proactiv Solution 5 Piece Kit with Bonus

Product Kit includes: 2 Oz Cleanser and 2 oz Toner 1 oz Lotion 1 oz Green Tea Moisture 1 oz Mask

Key features

  • Product Kit includes:
  • 2 Oz Cleanser and 2 oz Toner
  • 1 oz Lotion
  • 1 oz Green Tea Moisture
  • 1 oz Mask

Honest reviews


Completely dried and irritated my skin and customer service was abismal

For the first 2 days I thought this might be the product for me. It made my skin smoother due to the exfoliating scrub, and it looked as though my acne was less noticeable. I should have stopped using it right there. It completely dried out my skin despite the use of moisturizers at night and in the morning. My skin became very very flaky and irritated. It ended up making me break out more than when I started. It is most likely just my skin type that reacted so poorly since so many people find it helpful. If you have dry or sensitive skin, USE WITH CAUTION! The other reason that I rated this as a 1 star product was because of ProActiv’s customer service. I know that their company has the auto shipment feature so that when you order their products, if you do not cancel, you get an automatic shipment 30, 60, or 90 days later (depending on the size you ordered). I called their customer service line to make sure that I would not be automatically billed and shipped more product and told the woman that I ordered through Amazon. She put me on hold for over an hour. While I was on hold on my landline, I called back in with my cell phone. I got someone right away and said that I wanted to cancel any pending shipments and gave my address information and also told this gentleman that I ordered through Amazon. He was a little rude and informed me that since I purchased through a private party and not through them, that I do not have an account with their company and he could not find my address information in their system. I was pleased to hear that I didn’t have to worry about being automatically billed and receive any more of their products; however, I was furious that the first representative didn’t give me that information but instead stuck me on hold for an eternity and though the second rep did give me the information I needed, he did so with a very unpleasant attitude. I certainly hope this is not the standard when dealing with their customer service for the sake of other consumers.

Shawn Gainesville, VA

Ok but not great

This is not as good as all the ads want you to think. Ok for small problems but is not worth the money for small problems.. Big to see a doctor.

Zelda Gleason, TN

Great for a preteen!

Bought this for my daughter to get her started & it works really well. She is very happy with it. It is just a trial size remember but good to see if they will stick with the routine. Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janette Anderson, MO

Pretty Good

After using this kit for only one week, I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin. I didnt really have much acne except a few stray pimples, which were gone in a matter of days. My skin also feels softer and smoother and even my dark spots an disolorations are fading. It burns a little, but nothing serious. I know that this may not work for everybody, but it working well for me.

Shauna Pocasset, OK

Doesn’t work for me

I wasted about $50 on Proactive products and I used them as directed but they didn’t work at all. It dried out my skin but I still got pimples or other skin problems. It works for some but not for others. Sometimes clearing your skin up is not about drying it out but moisturizing it more. I’ve been just putting Banana Boat After Sun lotion on my skin after Garnier Fructis Moisturizing face wash and my skin looks great. It’s even and smooth and I know my skin is staying healthy, not putting harsh chemicals on it. And what’s best about it is my new skin care (After sun lotion and Moisturizing face wash cream) is that it only costs me about $10 every 3 months. Sometimes simpler is better!

Beth Statts Mills, WV

Decent Product

I have pretty standard acne; I am not a pizza face, but I usually have at least one pimple. I had tried ProActiv a long time ago, and decided I’d try it again now that I am in my 20’s. First of all, the containers in this order are tiny! You have to use a very small amount, which can be difficult. While the product seems to work decent, I cannot tell a difference between when I use ProActiv and when I use Clean & Clear products (which are MUCH cheaper!) Also, if I use all the ProActiv products in the way the system says, my skin gets SO dried out. I imagine this product would be great if you have severe acne, but if you are like me, I say save the money and stick with Clean & Clear.

Ana Nicholls, GA