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Proactiv 3-Step System

The Proactiv 3-Step System helps treat and prevent acne breakouts with proven acne-fighting ingredients. The Renewing Cleanser and Repairing Lotion contain benzoyl peroxide, a proven acne medicine known to kill and prevent acne bacteria. The alcohol-free Revitalizing Toner helps to gently remove excess oil and soften acne-prone skin with Glycolic Acid. This kit also includes the Proactiv Refining Mask, formulated with acne-fighting sulfur to help purge impurities and minimize the appearance of pores. You also get Green Tea Moisturizer, the perfect lightweight, oil-free, non-greasy moisturizer for acne-prone skin.

Key features

  • Treats and prevents acne breakouts
  • Removes acne-causing impurities
  • Contains proven acne-fighting ingredients
  • Dermatologist Tested; Non-Comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Kit includes FREE Refining Mask (1 oz.) & FREE Green Tea Moisturizer (0.33 oz.)

Honest reviews


Works for me, but is kind of like flipping a coin between Clear Skin or Not

Though Proactiv Solution works pretty well for me, I have never seen a product vary so drastically from one user to another. I started getting terrible acne in the 9th grade, and it had a major effect on my confidence. People would stare at my zits–and not into my eyes–whenever we were having a conversation, and my 10th grade history teacher even held me back at the end of class specifically to recommend a skin care product that she had ordered from Avon. If that were not embarrassing enough, my acne reached a peak during my senior year of high school–the primetime of every young woman’s life. Every inch of my cheeks was covered in bright red, pus-filled pimples. It was so terrible that some people looked disgusted to even stand near me, and I had to wear a TON of concealer for my senior photos–which only exacerbated the problem as soon as picture day was over. After my high school graduation, I started spending a lot of time out at the pool, and (despite what the experts say), the sun drastically improved my skin. My face turned really red one day when I forgot the sunblock, and the next day, all of the zits were gone. However, when the summer ended and I went to college in the fall, the zits came back. It was then that I decided that I need something stronger than an over-the-counter medicine to deal with my skin. After watching a commercial for Proactiv Solution, I ordered it over the phone on a whim. The first few weeks didn’t give me any results, but after a about a month, the product worked to its full potential. I have been using it for almost two years now, and I am very happy with my decision to purchase it. Though it has not provided the magical results that are showcased in every commercial (I still get a couple of pimples every couple of weeks, my face is not the horrible red mask that it once was. Unlike some reviewers reported, the product does not dry my face out at all, and I haven’t experienced any redness. The most redeeming product of the entire system is the toner. Though it does not smell very potent, it succeeded in removing from my hands and forearms a botched application of self-tanning lotion that almost a week of constant scrubbing did nothing to help. For me, this is very good stuff. Unfortunately, as I stated, this product varies so widely from customer to customer that it is hard to determine the effectiveness of its use. In my circle of friends, three girls (myself included) are using Proactiv. My skin reacted very nicely to the product, but the other two weren’t as lucky. One of the girls had mild acne and experienced no change in her condition. Another girl had moderate acne and experienced such severe burning and redness of the skin that she discontinued usage and even voluntary went through the seven levels of Hell (also known as Proactiv Customer Service) to get a refund.Overall, here are my basic recommendations for those considering using Proactiv:1.) Since results vary so widely between each user, buy the smallest amount of the product that is available. That way, if it does not match your particular needs, you are not out an arm and a leg on something totally useless2.) Beware of the freebies/extras. The basic three step Proactiv system and the Daily Oil Control lotion work wonders (compared to the “before” situation), but the other items in the Proactiv line were actually pretty damaging. As a “free gift”, I received a tube of the Refining Mask. I applied it according to the directions, but approximately twenty minutes after I removed it, my face was covered in large red, itchy blotches. I immediately threw the tube in the garbage, and by the time I resumed using my regular system the next day, the spots were gone. So, if you get extras in the mail, proceed with caution.3.) DO NOT, under any circumstances, tell the representative that you want a free month’s supply VitaClear Vitamins with your purchase. First of all, the vitamins are disgusting. VitaClear comes in a box with thirty individually wrapped packets of 5 vitamins. After taking that first packet of five vitamins one morning, I had to make a run to the restroom to vomit. The next day, I had didn’t throw up, but I did a second time after using the vitamins a few days later. Though I followed the direction to eat before usage, no matter how much or how little I ate, I would puke at least twice a week. If this is not enough, as soon as you agree to accept a free order, you (unknowingly) sign yourself up to receive auto-shipments of Vitaclear every two months–which means that your credit card will automatically be charged $29.99 every six or weeks. I have no idea how to cancel an account with VitaClear (which is sold by a different company than Proactiv). The only reason I stopped receiving shipments was because I changed addresses and my credit card just happened to expire that same month. So, if you like swallowing five vitamins each day that will make you puke, feel free to sign up for auto shipments of a product that is impossible to cancel.4.) As I mentioned previously, Customer Service is Hell (according to the people I know who have tried to cancel). If you want to cancel your account, you have to locate the customer service number from the website or from your previous bill. Proactiv does not allow easy online cancellations or (to my knowledge) mail-in requests to cancel. Then, when you call a representative and mention that you want to cancel your account, you are mysteriously put on hold for an indefinite amount of time–though they jump at the chance to talk to you if you are willing to order Proactiv. If you are not put on hold, the reps will talk in circles and try to convince you to order more products. One of my friends who successfully canceled her account recommended setting up a web count on the Proactiv site, going to the help feature, and then emailing a representative with the question “How do I cancel my account?” A rep contacted her by email a few days later, asked for her account number, and subsequently canceled the account. I recommend following this procedure or continue to receive the automatic shipments each month.Overall, this product worked for me, but it will not work for everyone. It is kind of like spinning the Wheel of Fortune or flipping a coin…only this time, instead of head and tails, the sides are “Clear Skin” and “Not”.

Beulah Sun Valley, CA

Scam warning!

I purchased this from Proactiv’s site, and let me warn you-they will try to scam you!I received my product, and was disappointed first of all by the tiny bottles. Second, the product didn’t work for me at all, and my skin is not too awful to begin with. And last-here’s the kicker, when I chose my “free gift” of vitamins, they neglected to tell me they were signing me up for auto shipments of vitamins from a totally separate company! I received a supply of vitamins that I didn’t order, and didn’t know I was being charged for! I had to send them back, and call several times asking for my refund. And they only gave me a partial refund at that!I had to call back two more times because they said they canceled my order but they didn’t.My warning to you-be cautious if you order this from their site!!

Jean Worcester, VT

Worked for a while

I gave it 3 stars because it did work at first.My acne problems aren’t that serious.This product worked very well for a good month…and then it stopped being effective. For some reason, even though the wash is a scrub it wasn’t exfoliating properly…and it dried me out. My esthetician said that Proactiv usually works in the beginning for most of her clients…I remember her telling me once that I didn’t need a salicylic or Jessner peel. I figure, well–maybe the Proactiv was too strong for me…because it stripped my face of moisture.But…the mask is very good. It’s creamy and cooling. I still go back and forth between the Proactiv mask and the DDF sulfur mask (which is VERY effective). These days I use the Mint Julep Queen Helene scrub, a face wash from the spa I frequent, witch hazel as an astringent (it’s non-drying on my face) and pure/unrefined shea butter as a moisturizer.

Krista Sumner, MI

This is all I will use, irreplaceable!!

I started using proactiv when I was around 22. I had never had acne problems as a teen, but all of a sudden around 21, I would get these large painful cystic blemishes maybe once or twice a month on my chin. They tore down my self esteem whenever I had one. I would be afraid to leave the house and try and schedule my life around the stupid things. These were not little baby white heads, They would take a week or more to come to a head and hurt like you would not believe during that process. Then, they’d take forever to heal. I’m fair with freckles, so a honkin’ red mountain the size of a nickel or dime was not good.I ordered proactiv and have never gone back. Though there has been a time when I tried using only the face wash/scrubby stuff, it doesn’t work by itself and I started to break out again. The key really is using the three steps together. Once you get used to it, it’s not so tedious to have to go through all three steps. I’m 28 now. I rarely breakout and they’re SO much smaller now and really can be attributed to ‘that time’ of the month. Everyone gets a blemish now and then, but no one should have to live with them every day. We’re a household of proactiv users, as my boyfriend uses it daily as well.For the price I wouldn’t hesitate to go and try it for a couple months(thru the proactiv website). I know it’s NOT super cheap, but now knowing how it works, I would pay double in a heart beat. And honestly, it takes me probably about 6 months to go thru one kit, so it the end it’s not bad at all. Also, some simple tips: Make sure your pillowcase is clean, never go to sleep with makeup on, don’t touch your face unnecessarily and don’t lean your face on a phone/cell phone. Those few things actually helped a lot as well!

Rena Alakanuk, AK

Prevents Pimples, Does Not Clear Skin

The product is advertised on television as “clearing skin.” It does not do that and here’s why. I’ve got scars on my face, as I’m sure many others who have suffered with or continue to suffer from acne. These scars come in various depths and also in two different colors (pink and purple). So proactiv does not clear skin. There are also other reasons that pull the effectiveness of this product down, but I’ll talk about that after I explain why I gave it two stars instead of going for only one. What proactiv does fairly well is that it generally prevents pimples from forming and that is ONLY if you use this product every day. That being said, I bought the “two month supply” and there is no way the amount advertised as a two month supply is supposed to last that amount of time. I get about a months worth with thiose small bottles. Maybe I’m applying too much of each suppliment but then again maybe they exaggerate their claims (not a first for any corporation). Another downside is that it seems when somebody takes a few days off of this product, that the pimples come back even larger, which means more pain and also a possible scar.One last note: it’s $50 for a “two month supply,” that’s $300 a year!

Alfreda Leicester, MA


I was exited to use this crap at first because of the *steps*. First time I used it, It was good. When I used it everyday like it says, my skin was AWFUL. I’ve a sensitive oily skin and my skin literally got inflamed. My face was all red and burning!! Whenever I’d apply anything it’d STING. I kept using it hoping it’d phase out and get better. It got so dry and it was peeling pretty bad and my skin was just falling and my face was so red like a monkey’s butt and I couldn’t go to school because of the way I looked. Every time I use it, I regret it. It’s NOT worth your money. Please don’t buy it.

Gertrude Krypton, KY


Thought this product would be good until it gave me massive nose bleeds. I will never again buy Proactive it is very harsh on the body, and drys out the skin!!! I threw mine away !!! Plus proactive kept billing me every month after I canceled and didn’t send me the product just billed me for it!!!

Louella Winona, WV

Does not work, made my condition even worse!

Didn’t order it from Amazon, ordered it from the company via the celebrity studded tv ad & it made my moderate acne severe & my slightly oily skin very oily! I used for 3 months & it didn’t do anything except exacerbate the problems! I am going to stick with Clean & Clear or Neutrogena products. (Note to self, just because a pretty celebrity endorses a product [as they are paid to do so], doesn’t mean the product is worth a ****!)

Milagros Howard, PA

I do NOT recommend!

I tried Proactive a few years ago, and it broke me out worse than ever! It did NOT help with my acne at all. After trying it for a few weeks, I went back to using a gentle face wash twice daily and 10% benzyl peroxide gel once daily. These work much better for my acne, not to mention are MUCH cheaper. The clearest skin I ever had was while I was on birth control- loved it! Didn’t even need the benzyl peroxide during that time in my life!!!

Maggie Eagle, CO

Best Acne Wash Ever

Proactiv is the best brand of acne care products ever! I’ve used a lot of acne products, but none of them take care of my acne quite like Proactiv does! I’d recommend this to anyone!

Jordan Springfield, IL

Needed stuff.

My son can’t do without this line of products.We are very glad to have it available and at a good price.

Veronica Reva, SD

This system truly cured my acne. A+++

I have had life-long problems with moderate to severe acne. I’m 30, and before now, the times when I didn’t have at least a few blemishes were far and few between. I rarely, if ever, had perfectly clear and balanced skin. My skin was always blemished, oily, and flaky in places. About 2 years ago it got alot worse for some reason, so I went on Ortho Tri Cyclen hoping that would help. My acne got much much worse after that. It exploded all over the place. I looked like I had smallpox. I went to the dermatologist and started doxycycline (which I liked and continued to use as it helped a lot – though I would still breakout) and also tried using several prescriptions topicals, all of which burned my skin all to hell and my skin peeled all over the place in spite of using a very good moisturizer. Then I tried natural remedies: manuka honey, oatmeal, olive oil, witch hazel, apple cider vinager, vitamins, eating very healthy foods, and so on and so forth. Nothing worked. So finally I tried proactive. I use this system in conjunction with two moisturizers that I LOVE by Lush: Vanishing Cream at night and Gorgeous during the day. A top of the line moisturizer is the key to making this system work, imo. I saw results within a week, and now my skin is ALWAYS clear. If I don’t wash my face at night (I wear Mac Studio Fix) I may get a very small blemish that quickly goes away with regular cleansing/maintenance. My skin is also BALANCED for the first time ever. It isn’t oily nor dry nor combination. Just soft and balanced. I find that the cleanser runs out very quickly – much faster than the other products ( I only use the toner and lotion – not the mask or anything else by proactiv) – so I use it at night, and use another scrub I like, Aubrey Organics Jojoba Meal and Oatmeal Mask and Scrub with Rose and Lavender for Dry Skin, in the morning. It really, really softens and brightens your skin. I’ve also found that since using the proactiv and lush moisturizers my acne scars have faded FAST. I bought a skin lightening gel on ebay, but I haven’t needed to use it. I’m very please with this system, and I hope it never stops working for me. I don’t know what I’d do. This has been the only cure for my acne, which I believe might be hormonal. Do not use this system without an excellent moisturizer and expect good results. What don’t I like about these products: the packaging. The bottles are ugly and cheap looking. But the ingredients do produce results. Eventually I was able to stop using doxycycline and my skin has remained clear. I never worry about acne now, and it’s such a relief and a blessing. I totally wasted large sums of money at the dermatologist. A+++

Yvette New London, WI


This stuff did nothing for my skin! Actually, seems like it made it worse and my skin was so dry.

Terrie Livingston Manor, NY


I decided to try this kit seeing how it is advertised everywhere. It really worked for me…. After using it for about 3 months everyone was telling me to try PanOxyl just to keep my face maintained. BIG MISTAKE. I’ve been using PanOxyl for about 2 1/2 months now, and I regret that i stopped using Proactiv. I actually just re-ordered another kit, and I will not be giving this up again. The only annoying thing about this is the fact that you HAVE to stay on top of this. You must be committed to having clear skin. Because I’d say if you skip a day or 2: it SHOWS!! However if you follow instructions, and use it every day & night.. i dont see how anyone could go wrong with this. I have become an advocate of this stuff 🙂

Laurie Woodbury, NY

Did not work for me at all

Like everyone else, I had seen the infomercials about Proactiv, but I had read review online about how people said it made their acne worse and that the company is a hassle to deal with. So I didn’t bother. However, my mother had seen the same infomercials and decided to get my Proactiv anyways (for the record, she bought it at a kiosk but when she started getting charged for the auto shipments, she promptly returned it…I can’t say how easy or difficult it was for her to do it, but we never got anymore shipments after that and I haven’t heard her complain about how hard it was to get a refund…so there’s that.)Anyways, I put off using Proavtic for a long time, even though my mother was insistent about making me at least try it. So recently, I started using it. I would describe my acne as more than moderate, but definitely less than severe. I use the entire system once day in the morning before I went to school. Instead of experiencing a relief from my acne (or at least no change) it actually made my acne worse. I know it wasn’t just “my skin getting used to the product”, it was legitimately causing pretty bad acne that had never been there before. I only experienced relief when I STOPPED using it. I was then left with more acne than when I started. I have since stopped all usage of Proactiv and now only use baby wash/shampoo until I can fine something else…it’s a heck of a lot cheaper, has actually helped to clear my acne and definitely not as harsh as the Proactiv system.So, all in all, I do not recommend Proactiv at all. It’s extremely expensive, and does not provide any acne-clearing benefits that couldn’t be found in a simple drugstore acne kit.

Jenna Point Comfort, TX

Too Drying

Step 1 and 2 are okay, but step 3 is so drying that my face can’t handle it. This system dried out my skin too much. I would recommend this for men and women who are not prone to dry skin.

Kathi Rangely, CO



Krista Ivesdale, IL

Creates blackheads

I’m 48 and dealing with constant breakouts. I tried Proactiv because I needed to try something new. It has cleared my face BUT now I have tons of blackheads. I will not be buying this again.

Selina Hummelstown, PA

works for me

Proactiv worked for me but it has to be used regularly. I use it about once a day, it’s actually recommended to be used twice a day!!! I have to admit that I don’t always use it regularly and then my acne returns very quickly. I like the fact that most of the products in the kit are not extremely drying, and seem very gentle for acne treatments. If you have used prescription or even other over the counter acne meds in the past then you know how drying with yucky side effects they can have. Everything in the kit except the toner is not too overly drying for me and I have naturally dry skin. I skip the toner all together which seems really harsh. When I have a nasty flare up or get lazy and don’t feel like doing the whole process I will use the spot treatment which works really well! I double up on the spot treatment in really bad areas and they usually subside within a few days. One great sample product that came with the kit I ordered from their website was their green tea moisturizer, this moisturizer does not make me break out and goes a long way in helping with the dryness, I just wish that they would include a full size in their system and maybe a smaller size of the toner instead. It’s definitely worth trying before considering prescription acne medication.UPDATE: I am not thrilled with buying directly from proactive, after the intial discount the price for a one month supply goes way up! On top of that I believe they added me to their montly subscription automatically. I was disappointed. I do think they sell some very good products though. Definitely recommend the face wash, spot treatment/cream, green tea moisturizer, and mask, skip the toner its very harsh.

Lelia Sheldon, VT

Buyer Beware. ZERO stars!

Proactive is touted as being the #1 acne solution out there. It’s pricey by itself and then add S&H–ouch;! Worse, you get stuck in a revolving door of automatic re-order and their customer service sucks. Don’t be conned by the magazine endorsements or the glossy commercials with famous personalities and ‘every day’ customers.From my experience and friends who’ve tried it as well, this product only works on light acne, but then, it doesn’t even completely clear your skin, and while it is gentle and keeps your skin soft, if you stop using it and then start using it later on, your skin may react badly to it. Or it does nothing at all or it works for a couple of weeks then your acne comes back with a vengeance. It makes me think they altered the formula or concentrations, and you just don’t know if you’re buying the real thing or a diluted form and just buying the name and reputation of the product. I used this as a teen and in my early twenties and while it cleared some of my acne, it never cleared it fully but I got it because it was gentle on my skin–something that, at that time, most products weren’t because they contained alcohol or some other strong astringent. These days, a lot of OTC and AFFORDABLE products exist, like the NEUTROGENA ACNE STRESS CONTROL line of acne products, which I’ve been using since quitting Proactive, and it works sooooo much better on my skin than Proactive ever did. Maybe age has something to do with it or I’ve outgrown a stage of acne or the product itself has changed throughout the years, but Proactiv has never been a cure all, folks.This whole pain the neck and infuriating ordeal happened when I was stupid enough to get lured by the travel sized version being advertised on TV for $19.99 a couple of months ago, and mostly to get the dark spot remover, which was free with the order. Free–yeah, right. I gave the travel size, which is tiny, to someone else and it only lasts for a month or less. Keep in mind that if you order directly (and not like here where it’s third party), you’ll get enrolled in automatic re-delivery with no way to opt out and they charge your CC without notifying you they’re about to charge your card. You can’t delete your card info on your account and more often than not, when you try to change the frequency, the system doesn’t save it (how convenient) when it tells you that it did, and when you try to send an email through you account, that doesn’t usually work either because the security element to verify you are you never lets you through; and if, by some luck you are able to send an email via your account, more often than not it ‘appears’ to go through but then when you call them up to ask why you haven’t received a response–they tell you no email was sent. And then you tell the CS person that you don’t want the product, that you want your refund, to cancel your account, they give you the BS run around and try to get you to buy other products! They sent me a box of the stuff when I’d asked them to delete my account, then told me it was too late to rescind the order and that when it came, I’d have to send it back and get refunded–but I’d still have to pay for the S&H; even though IT WAS THEIR FAULT! They tell you it’ll take 6 or more weeks to get the refund even if you return it the day it arrives, which I did. WTF? After over a month and constant calling, I finally got my refund but not the full amount and they’ve been email bombing my address and email account with new products I should try even though I asked them 3 times to take me off their mailing lists. UGH. The fact that they even gave me a refund is a miracle, which is soooo not right! I just wish I’d never heard of this horrible product and company.Try Proactive if you truly believe nothing exists out there for your acne woes, have the bucks to pay for it and don’t buy directly from the company, but BUYER BEWARE! My advice, go to your local store and shop around–you may save some money and you might just find a set of products that work just as, or even more effectively, than Proactiv.

Deanna Blenheim, SC


I saw results immediately. I’m 38 years old, and had terrible acne on the sides of my face. I tried everything. I previously used Pronexin and it did work, but I stopped using it. When I started using it again , it did nothing. With this Proactive, my face is so smooth and clear. The only downfall was the repairing treatment made my face really dry. So I ordered the green tea moisturizer and it’s fine now. I am a satisfied customer.

Michaela Langley, WA

Good for emptying wallet

I used this product years ago, and then tried again this past year. I didn’t help my skin issues then and still didn’t help them now. Proactiv was not potent enough to clear the severe acne I suffered from as a teenage, caused redness, hypersensitivity to all elements and other products, and pealing. Luckily I have very oily skin so the dryness most people experience was not as severe for me.I tried using it again now that I am in my 20s, and no longer under the constant stress of college. I still have blackheads and thought this might be potent enough to help medicate my pores to clear them. I was wrong, whatever the medicated ingredients are in the stuff- it does not measure up to the time true benzoyl peroxide that actually is anti-bacterial. I experienced the same awful side effects I did as a teenager.There are better products, with more proven ingredients on the market. And with no real anti-aging proven ingredients in the products, no one over the age of 25 should be using this stuff.

Dora Bridgewater, NJ

lasts a bit longer than two months I believe

lasts a bit longer than two months I believe, but that’s because I do not use it twice a day like I’m supposed to. Only once a day on some occasions.

Lenore Lewisburg, KY

Overpriced for the standard system style effectiveness

This system will improve your acne if you can tolerate it and you use it consistently and diligently. If you have very sensitive skin, forget it. This will make eczema/dermatitis/rosacea go insane. I know from experience.However, I find that I really like the Renewing Cleanser, so while I don’t buy the whole system anymore, I do ebay or amazon up the cleanser (beware some buyers that will rip you off, even on amazon, believe it or not, sure, but most are fine.) I’ve been using Acne Free’s REDNESS RELIEF, which has worked better for me (due to my eczema/dermatitis) than ProActiv. Much gentler. But I do use the ProActiv cleanser more often than the AcneFree RR one, because the quality of the scrubbing grains is unbeatable. Much gentler –smoother, less rough–and smaller than in other systems. Less irritating if used with care.So, if you have hardy skin and don’t mind paying more for somewhat (though not ragingly) better quality than you get with some other drugstore systems (which all have about the same active ingredients, ie, exfoliating acids, scrubs, benzoyle peroxide and/or salicylic acid) try this. It can help.Only you know what your skin can tolerate. Mine can’t tolerate most of this system, but thumbs up on the scrubby cleanser.But if you want to pay significantly less for a system that can be quite effective (I have quite improved acne and sometimes get comments that I’m glowing, hah!) try Acne Free (whichever system is for your skin type). You can find it here on amazon and in CVS and Walgreens type stores, etc.

Tasha Dutton, AL

Terrible on sensitive/dry skin!

I hate this stuff! It messed my skin up terribly and made it so sore. I figured out that I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide after using this product for less than 2 weeks. It didn’t clear up my acne and gave me a bad rash. My skin was peeling. Also, I had to use moisturizer like crazy because this stuff was zapping my skin of any moisture. I would not recommend this product — especially to anyone with sensitive or dry skin.

Patrice Saddle Brook, NJ

Amazed at how bad it seems to for so many

I love this product!!! Honestly, I do. I have never had extremely bad skin but I did have acne growing up around my nose, "t" area and chin. I woke up when I was about 10 with this mysterious rash on the side of my right cheek. I’m 27 now and NOTHING had helped that rash or any of my acne go away.Like most people at different intervals of my life I cut out sweets and soda, thinking this all would help. Yea, not so much for me.Finally after summer 2013 I decided to just bit the bullet and try Proactiv. I remember my cousin having this when we were younger but she stated that it didn’t really work for her but still I said I’d give it a shot. Now since I was not born yesterday I figured the "trial kit" for $19.99 was too good to be true and started to research everything I could about Proactiv. I read a thousand more negative reviews than positive ones about this but still pushed on in that direction. I was well aware that they would start automatic deductions out of my checking account once those 30 days were over.The results though is incredible. I love the feeling the system gives my skin. I do not wear make up ever excpet chapstick so I am fanatical about taking care of my skin. As one person previous mentioned, the system isn’t that much of a hassle to do twice a day once you get use to it. It’s just another part your daily beauty reigme. My skin was not covered in pimples when I started but I really wanted to concentrate on that persistant rash that had set up shop on my face for the past 18 plus years. Viola!!!!! Proactiv did what every other product on the shelf and homemade rememdy failed to do. I notice a huge difference in the clarity of my face and overall complexion. The rash is fading daily to a very unnoticeable sight, to which I am thrilled!!!I love the 3 step system and the blackhead dissolving gel the most. If left on too long, the gel can and will start to burn but should stop once you watch it off. I know I have customized my kit to add and take out what I want so my bill is not so high, also I lengthened the shipping increments to 20 weeks instead of the usual 3 months as a whole box takes me nearly 2 to 2 and a half months to take down. The toner is the only thing that goes like wild fire with me. I have more oil free moisturizer then I know what to do with however.My advice is people please do your homework before ordering a product. If you see a deal and it seems to good to be true, then as the saying goes, it usually is. Consider your pockets and if you can afford to be out of $100-$150 every 12 weeks ($33.33 a month) for a system that may or may not work for you. Also take into consideration how many negative reviews there are against it, I mean if so many people are saying the same negative points, they can’t all be bought out conspirators right? Lastly consider your situation and how bad your acne is, is it bad enough you are willing to deal with all the above headaches in hopes of a better outcome then your neighbor.If you answered yes to the majority of those questions, then I would highly say push forward and enjoy the new you!!!!!!

Virginia Oakpark, VA


I’ve used Proactiv for years, starting on the advice of a friend and his wife, who both had adult acne, and claimed that it worked. In fact, their skin was beautiful. Because they’d gotten on the auto-renew program, they wound up with too much product, and were able to give me an extra kit they had lying around. I tried it, and lo and behold: my skin cleared up. I had no problems with drying, despite my sensitive skin. And not only did the acne go away, but it now had a glow to it, especially when I used a prescription retinoid cream with it (I used Tazorac). My son, who is just entering his teen years and has acne with a vengeance, has seen great success with it (that is, when he remembers to use it regularly!).However, once I turned 45, my skin began reacting differently to the product. My skin started to get itchy and blotchy and dried out terribly, and it would take days and weeks to recover, looking worse than if I had just left the acne alone. As prescribed in the directions, I reduced usage to once per day. Then to every other day. Then to sporadic. But every time I used the product, my skin reacted terribly…so I have just cancelled my Proactiv membership.I have read reviews about mixed results for different people. I know Murad explains on his commercials that this is because there are different kinds of acne, and that the benzoyl peroxide in Proactiv only treats a certain kind of acne. His stuff claims to treat a great variety of acne types. I eventually might order his product.A footnote on the customer service when ordering direct from Guthy-Renker/Proactiv: I have to say, I’ve never experienced the same problems that so many others have. I just cancelled my service about 10 minutes ago, and this is the second time I have done this. Each time, they do try to offer alternatives instead of cancelling, but in the end, they cancel without too much resistance. I had no billing issues. I’ve returned product by marking packages I’ve gotten as “return to sender”, and they accept that and credit your account (but am told they only do that once…it’s not something you can regularly do).And once before, I called to cancel because my dermatologist had put me on a regimen of other products in the evening that eliminated the 2nd Proactiv application per day–I was only using it once per day, and so therefore, not using it nearly fast enough to keep up with the auto-renew schedule. I called to cancel, and they offered to suspend my service for something like 6 mos, and then resume auto-delivery on a every-six month schedule, which actually was perfect. So they seemed very accommodating to me.Putting yourself on ANY kind of auto payment requires–pun intended–that you be PROACTIVE in assessing that the frequency of recurrence is accurate, communicating with customer service, and sending back product when it’s not appropriate for you. So in that sense it can be inconvenient. But my personal experience has been that the Proactiv customer service dept was very accommodating. Not denying that everyone else experienced as they did–simply giving some perspective that’s a little different from the norm that’s been posted so far. I really liked Proactiv a lot while it lasted. Now it’s time to move on…maybe to Murad??

Chelsea Oak Grove, KY

worked at first

This product worked great at first. My skin looked really good at first. I bought a 2nd batch of the product. Then my skin started drying out. I thought it would go away, since before my skin would break out then get dry, then break out then get dry. I continued to use it and my skin kept getting dryer and dryer. I had to quit using it. I like the mask that came with it though. It doesn’t work as a spot pimple treatment like on the commercials, but it does have a nice cooling effect.

Carmella Panora, IA

dried out my skin, didn’t clear my acne

The Proactiv system left my skin clean, but only to oil up again in a couple hours. It did little to clear my acne. My skin is pretty oily.I used the pictured regimen twice. Once as a teenager and once as an adult. Both times I used for them for around 2 months. Until I ran out of product. My face felt clean and smooth right after use. In a few hours though it got pretty oily. I think it over dried my skin because it got a little red and there was some slight peeling. I didn’t see any improvement in my acne though. I had high hopes but it just didn’t pay off for me.

Jeanine Charlevoix, MI

good product

I have always had awful breakouts. I have seriously tried everything out there and nothing worked for me. I have been using Proactiv for over 5 years and I love it. It has been the only product that has given me clear skin after many, many years of break outs. Thinking I would never have nice skin. My only issue is with the proactiv company. I have had issues with their billing from day one. They have charged my card and then not sent product. And trying to straighten it out many, many times has been a nightmare. Then I was getting the kits at a proactiv kiosk in the mall and their products are much smaller than what they send you in the mail. And for about the same price or more. So Proactive is an excellent product. Just order it from Amazon and not the proactiv company.

Jerri Elsa, TX