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Pro Beauty Tools Professional Speed Waver

Pro Beauty Tools helps you realize your inner-celebrity with products you can use at home. Create salon smooth and shiny styles in seconds with true professional features that curl, flip, wave and eliminate frizz with less damage. The Speed Waver™ creates a variety of celebrity waves in half the time of curling irons or straighteners. Professional heaters, with smart heat technology, provide instant heat recovery for superior results in less time. Heats up to 430° F for instant results. Ceramic waving plates produce frizz-free, shiny waves. Variable heat settings for all hair types.

Key features

  • Ceramic Waving Plates for frizz free, shiny waves
  • Rapid Heat Recovery for consistant performance
  • Variable Heat Settings for all hair types
  • Up to 430 degree F, STAYS HOT
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Honest reviews


My new best friend

I’m not someone who normally does a lot with my hair. I usually just wash it and let it dry as it will. But this little iron is fast becoming my best friend. You can use this with "bed head" without any worries of a weird curl showing up. The plates also have a small section of "flat" area that tame my frizz wonderfully. I wind up with a shiny head of natural looking waves. I constantly get comments on my hair. The nice thing is, this gives you a wonderful head of waves but it doesn’t really look like you "curled" it.My hair is long (just below bra length), fine, and frizzy. I can get my entire head curled with this in about 10 minutes. If you’re unsure how to use it, go on youtube as there are tons of videos out there to show you how easy it is.This may look like a big iron, and it did feel a little weird to hold for the first 5 minutes. I found that I hold this with 3 fingers only (my thumb, and my pointer and middle finger). That’s all it takes. No massive amount of "squeezing" needed to clamp the plates down at all.Only warning I have: in this picture everything that is the silver color is the plate, which means that you need to be careful and not put this sucker too close to your scalp or it gets hot. Silver=heated element. Heated element+Skin=pain. Simple, yes? LOL

Olivia Mark Center, OH


This is my favorite hair appliance that I have, and my collection includes 2 curling wands and a Miracurl. I have medium/short hair down a teeny bit past my collar bones & I have always worn my hair straight BUT I had a very unfortunate haircut and wearing it straight & looking presentable aren’t really compatible. I used this waver this morning & I now adore my hair & I won’t be chopping it off. It gives great beachy waves that you can do a million things with and the process was much quicker than I thought it would be. I used Tresemme heat protectant spray, Not Your Mother’s sea salt spray, Garnier Wonder Waves spray, and Garnier UV Shield hairspray. I went to bed with wet hair (that had wonder waves & sea salt spray in it) and this morning it took me around a half hour to use this iron & get great beachy waves. I LOVE THIS IRON!!! I was seriously considering chopping a good 4 inches off my hair but I can rock this hairstyle for a bit while my hair grows out.

Candace Bedford, MI

Best Waver Ever!

Okay, I saw Khloe Kardashian on an interview with the most incredible waves and I had to have them for my own hair. I finally tried this and it looks exactly like the waves Khloe had. I use this constantly! The waves are incredibly beautiful. I lightly spray my hair with an aerosol hairspray before using the Speed Waver and the waves last for two days if I don’t toss and turn too much in the night. This has become my "go to" tool for a fast, beautiful look. I am 52, with long hair that is naturally fine and wavy if this helps anyone trying to decide if they want to purchase this.

Brandie Mount Royal, NJ

I love this!

This waver is awesome! It makes really pretty waves and doesnt take very long at all. It’s easy to use and and you can lock it closed foe easy storage.

Yolanda Howes, SD

Lovely but not fast not easy

I bought this mainly because it was very affordable and because of all the great reviews. The reviews were saying it was fast and easy. Well, I’m pretty happy with the results (nice body, pretty waves), but I wouldn’t say fast or easy. Took me at least 30 minutes. I do have long, thick hair (down mid back), but it wasn’t faster than using a flat iron or curling iron as others implied. Also, it’s heavy and so I found it was quite a workout for my hand muscles. Whenever I could, I held it with both of my hands or gave me hand a break. But overall, glad I bought it. Won’t be using it every day, but maybe once every week or two. 🙂

Johanna Taylorsville, GA

I love this!!!

I own another waver that does smaller curls and, although I like it, the curls were just a little too small for me. These curls were much funkier and simpler for my hair type. My hair is naturally super straight so once in a while I want something different. This is a great way to achieve that without much fuss. My hair doesn’t usually take curls well, so a normal curling iron doesn’t last long on my hair. This -for reasons unknown- lasts way longer than normal curls. I had my hair waved and didn’t wash it for 2 days, curls still present when I finally washed it 2 days later. Amazing product!

Iris Cloverdale, AL

Works, but FRIES hair

This thing does work how it says . . BUT after I used it, my hair was FRIED for like 3 weeks. I have no clue why it damaged my hair so badly. I’ve never had a product damage my hair and make it so dry. I really do like how it looked though, beautiful waves. Just make sure to use TONS of heat protectant and moisturizer.

Judy Orlinda, TN


I got this to see how it would work…and the price was decent…they stink though when they are first plugged in…they get really hot though, which for me is a plus.

Eugenia Tarrs, PA

It creates waves…

… but it really isn’t the sort of styling tool I am looking for. I want waves/curls, not crimpy looking waves. I did hesitate to order this but did so based upon all the stellar reviews. I am 43….I am certain the styles this tool creates are better suited to women half my age. It does as promised and works perfectly….it just isn’t for me. I will be sending this to my daughter!

Deidra Mecca, IN

Not as good as the reviews

This was just ok for me. I have wavy hair and it made mine a mess (wore it in a hair tie the rest of the day)I did buy for my 7yr old for Christmas who has straight hair. Worked better on her. She loved it so that was fine with me, after all it was her gift.I have the wand and think that gives a much much prettier curl that last…this is more like a wave or messy look.

Nola Kittery Point, ME