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Pro Acrylic Powder Liquid Primer Decoration Kits DIY Nail Art Set Kit w/ Brush Sanding File 3D Model

Creating beautiful nail for long lasting sparkle nail tips Great for strengthen your nails and enhance shine Suitable for professional use or home use Great value combo pack for any nail artist to start doing acrylic nail art at home or inside a studio/ salon

Key features

  • nail art set
  • nail art kit
  • nail art powder

Honest reviews


Love !

finally got this item today my boyfriend got it for me and so far i love it ! idc about the brush size cause i got lots of them but if i was you i will get it cause it was a great deal 🙂

Carey Sacramento, NM

Not my favorite

So when I received this it was just as advertised which made me super excited to use it. Well the first nail didnt come out as I had plan so I just chalked that up to my own doing but upon doing a few more nails I noticed that this product dries really, really fast and get so sticky that you can barely use it on your nails because it sticks to the brush. Maybe I received old product or something but for now I will not be ordering this brand again.

Germaine Mantachie, MS


i got this kit for my daughter starter kit and she loves it and every thing she needed was in this kit

Cathryn South Woodstock, CT

great product

i bought this because it had everything i needed in one kit and it does works well would recommend it to anyone

Esmeralda Wickett, TX

Practice, Practice, Pratice

I did pretty good on the 3 sets that I did on my own hands. With each new set I got better and the product was just as described. Love the O.P.I. cuticle oil too.

Lora Canehill, AR


I bought this product back in November of last year, so I decide to use it today for the very first time, and I was so disappointedthis mess beaded up like crumbs…so I dipped again in the acrylic liquid to make should that I was not doing something wrong,but guest what, the same thing happen again, and it was like `rubber it didn’t get hard at all . THIS IS A WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!! good I had backup. And if I could give them a zero than I would, because that is how bad this stuff is. You ask why am I just using this product, well you see, a friend bought me over $300.00 worth of difference products for my nails so that is why I am just getting to this one… I decide I wanted to wear pink and white nails for church Sunday, but I had to use my regular white tip and I put some blue gem stones on them they are beautiful. I wish I could add an attachment for you to see them. I save so much money by doing my nails myself, so I don’t need bad PRODUCT. Thank you. Hope this help you on buying this product. Oh yeah I forgot all the junk products have difference names on them I didn’t know that until today. I wish I could send this mess back.I pray I don’t have any problems with my other products.

Allene Hasbrouck Heights, NJ


Everything in the package was as it is shown on the picture. It arrive in a timely manner and it was carefully packed. I can’t wait to get more of this sets. Love it!!!

Leila Trego, WI