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Princessa Aloe Mood Lipstick 12 Assorted Lipsticks

Buy Princessa Lipsticks – Princessa Aloe Mood Lipstick 12 Assorted Lipsticks. How-to-Use: Apply directly to the lips. Blot with a tissue if a matte finish is desired.

Key features

  • Color: Assorted Colors
  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Princessa Aloe Mood Lipstick 12 Assorted Lipsticks.
  • Princessa Aloe Mood Lipstick 12 Assorted Lipsticks: Buy Princessa Lipsticks – Princessa Mood Lipsticks adjust to your own body chemistry and mood Try out each shade to express your mood. Enriched with aloe.

Honest reviews



I bought these at my local beauty supply but they are the same brand. On my lips they all apply the same color; hot pink or fuschia. They is no other shade. Plus side is the formula is moisturizing and staining

Elba Palms, MI

I Like It More Than Expected

I received this as a gift -at first I didn’t know what to think when I saw all of the bright colors, but as soon as I tried it on I was happy with how soft and smooth it was on my lips, how quickly some color showed up, and how long the color lasted. Now, I admit that I don’t get the point of the different shades other than cuteness, as they do all seem to produce the same color on my lips (a sort of hot-pink shade). However, I think it’s a great product because it’s fast and easy to use, comforable to wear, and gives me a touch of color when I’m at home and don’t feel like doing make-up but would still like to look nice. I’ve got young children and very little free time, so I am always looking for things that will make me look like I put some effort into a nice appearance with very minimal time, and this fits the bill! I have decided to keep a tube in my purse, but this is something I will mostly wear at home to give some color to my lips, which don’t have a very vivid color without lipstick…I will probably occasionally wear this out, or under other shades of lipstick (still need to experiment with that) it’s just that the shade isn’t exactly what I usually go for to match my eye make-up and clothes, generally I like deeper shades or softer pinks for going out. That having been said, I do recommend the product, it made a nice gift.

Elaine Mattawa, WA

These are fine if darker colors are what you want

I think these lipsticks are great, especially if darker lip colors are what you are looking for, or need–they are pretty colors, and the lipstick itself is long-lasting and smooth and fairly moisturizing–but, I found they are just way too dark on me, so I have to add a lighter color on top–and, I found that I can also use them as cheek blusher, since they are dark enough, and long-lasting enough, for that purpose–all in all, if you like darker lip coloring, then these are really fine for that–I just want to add that, the blue lipsticks turn a purplish-reddish shade on your lips–purple shades and me simply don’t get along when worn on or near my face, though, so it’s not my favorite among the colors–but, purple might be a tough color for anyone to wear up on or near their face–if it works for you, though, you might very well enjoy this particular shade–and, all the shades differ from one another to some extent, and are really just fine–and, they do change once applied.

Megan Wallace, NE

Love these

I think these lipstick should be a lip stain because the color stays on, and not even lip stains stay on my lips too long, but these stay put 25 hours. The price is very nice, and the colors don’t look that much of different once applied. I have dark lips and lipstick is always a different depending on you lip color. So the other colors my show on a pink lip. I would buy again. Happy about this purchase.

Erica Middleburgh, NY


I barely use this. It goes on clear, ok. And then it automatically turns to this odd pink color that i could easily purchase for less if i even wanted it. Its not worth having 12 of the same color, nor is it worth the amount of $$. The only reason I didn’t return is i tossed the original packing… I had a bit too much confidence in this item. My friend and i argued after i put it on her. No color change. I guess that is why there isn’t a chart to tell you the color-mood association.

Tammie Monticello, NY

I love this

Even though they are so cheap, they do a really good job.The final color in your lips will be red or hot pink all the time from all the colors except the yellow one.

Jeanine Spicewood, TX