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Pretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin Remover-Exfoliant, 3-Ounce Bottles

Soft, sensuous skin is just waiting to be uncovered on your feet, hands and other dry problem areas. Without abrasives or harsh chemicals, Pretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin Remover gently exfoliates cast-off skin cells to reveal smooth, new skin. Your skin’s condition improves with each use of Pretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin Remover.

Key features

  • Safely removes rough and dry skin
  • Renews skin’s natural softness
  • Manual exfoliant gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • No unpleasant grittiness or harsh chemicals
  • Helps promote cell regeneration

Honest reviews


Rough, dry skin just rolls away…

I bought this months ago. Like it a lot. I use it on my feet periodically right after I get out of the shower. I think the little bit of moisture from the shower makes this product more effective. The dry dead skin rolls right off. I use it on my elbows as well to keep the dry skin to a minimum. I know some people use it on their faces as well, however, my face is already soft, and it’s also extremely sensitive. So I think this would just make my face break out. I only use it on problem areas like my feet and elbows. Good for the hands too, since I wash my hands a lot, my hands dry out. Makes the dead skin roll off instantly.

Mable Archer, NE


this is what my hand and feet needs.. its really work.. all the rough skin will easily removed with out pain.. I use that every 2days before going to bed.. the results are amazing… go for it and see the difference on your hand and feet

Marla Bracey, VA

It works

I tested this product on my boyfriend’s feet as he get calluses from playing basket ball. his feet were smooth and clean. I use it every 2 weeks and apply O’Keefe’s Foot Moisturizer and my feet stay soft and smooth.

Inez Tenmile, OR

This does magic

My family had used this product for many years but I had not been able to find it in a long time. I have old feet, yep, there it is…I have old feet. They have developed cracks and creases, callouses and snags. My husband is a diabetic and foot care is of utmost importance for his wellbeing. Pretty Feet & Hands is a great exfoliant for both of us. I recommend using this at least once a week, though it can be used daily. Bye-bye rough, dry, cracked, snags and such. Hello to smoother, younger, healthier feet!

Bobbi Mt Zion, IL

avon used to make this

under the same brand name. or at least sell it. I remember that one REALLY took off all dead skin. This one is not as powerful, even though I wish it was!!! It still works, just not as well as it did 20 years ago…that being said, what does??

Cheryl Punta Santiago, PR


I’ve been using this over a week and I’m not too impressed. It does take rough skin off, but you have to rub and rub and rub to get it going. It’s kind of a mess too and it’s hard to tell if the skin is coming off your hands or feet if you’re rubbing your feet with it. After a week, I still have some rough skin on my heels.

Meghan Fleming, GA

Bought it on a whim – Love it!

I will buy it again. This stuff works. I have horrible hands and this stuff didn’t disappoint me. I love it and will buy again

Tasha Early Branch, SC

The Best of All……………

Simply put, there is nothing on this earth that removes rough skin for my feet. My skin is baby smooth after use. This product is rather messy; therefore I would suggest using the product outside. Otherwise you are left with white skin bits on your floors that are rather unappealing and difficult to clean. You will be astonished by how much new skin is revealed after using this product. I also use it on my hands, knees and elbows. My skin is highly sensitive and there are no adverse reactions to this product. I’ve been using this for over 10 years and wouldn’t use anything else.

Kitty Schofield, WI



Matilda Baldwin Place, NY

More watered down than I remember.

It seems more watered down than I remember. It does work. It does take time, and I found it easier if I soak my feet first. You have to really shake the bottle up, which seems to help, and I mean really shake it up. But, it is still more watered down than I remember.It will take all the calluses off your feet and even between your toes, which is really hard to get to with anything else. It is very messy so be sure to be somewhere you don’t mind your skin coming off. I sit on the edge of the tub.Because it is a little watered down now, it does seem to take much longer. So, it is better to just do a little bit at a time, instead of trying to do it all at once.The good thing about this, is that it doesn’t hurt your skin like the files do. I find that when I use files instead that it just comes back a lot quicker.This keeps your feet nice a lot longer.Be sure to read the instructions. This is not a moisturizer. You have to keep rubbing this into your skin on your feet. The more you rub, the dead skin will just roll right off.

Melba Oxford, NC

Removes hard crusted heel like magic

This product removes hard skin like magic! It does not require soaking the feet either, nice and easy.I gave 4 stars in stead of 5, because the skin on my hands were starting to burn as I worked on my heels. So you might consider putting on disposable gloves if you have wimpy hands.

Alberta Sturkie, AR


I have scaly feet (too soon?), but this product works wonders! I read another review where the lady/man puts the product on their feet then wear socks. I do this and it works! When I shower all the dead skin comes off easy!

Lucile Fleischmanns, NY