Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner Long Lasting Intense Color, Powerful Purple, 0.04 Ounce

Prestige cosmetics total intensity eyeliner has intense colors with deep black undertones. lasts more than 8 hours! waterproof, smudge proof, transfer proof. smooth texture for tug proof application. paraben free.

Key features

  • Paraben Free, Waterproof, Not Tested on Animals, Dermatologically Approved
  • Smooth the liner along the top and bottom lash line for a bold, intense liner look
  • intense colors with deep black undertones; lasts up to 10 hours; waterproof; smudge proof; transfer proof; paraben free; not tested on animals; dermatologically approved

Honest reviews



This eyeliner was extremely smudgy. I could not make a straight line with even the steadiest hand. I would have to sharpen after every use.

Ora Sagola, MI

thanks! 🙂

Am I the only one who gets black eyeliner that tugs and pulls at your eye to get it on? Hmm…lol I like black liner but hate that let me go over this again to get a nice colored line. It does makes a black line though!

Misty Stoutsville, OH

Too frosty for me.

A beautiful color but a little too frosty for me. This goes into a drawer of cosmetics I will never use. It used to be that when I worked, we ladies would leave unwanted make up of wrong colors in the ladies room, free for anyone to try and take if liked well enough. Perhaps this message will mean something to the young ladies of today.

Gussie Mammoth, AZ

Beautiful color, smooth application

The olive green and gold look great with Hazel color eyes. The application is very smooth and similar to that of more expensive Urban Decay eyeliners. I plan to purchase again.

Rosie Bristol, VA

Very black liner

This liner is VERY black.Goes on super creamy and does last for a long time.One of the best eyeliners I’ve tried for the price.Will be purchasing again 🙂

Hattie Coila, MS

Not for tightlining/waterlining

I read some reviews on MakeUpAlley that claimed this was great for lining the tightline because it stuck and did not budge. Lies! It smeared and bled off my waterline as soon as I put the stuff on. It really sticks and doesn’t budge from regular skin (like the back of your hand or your eyelid), that much is true. But it is NOT for tightlining purposes unless you have much less moisture there than me.Be ware, it has glitter particles in it, which I found very annoying because it is not obvious from the product picture. They’re large enough that when you blend the liner (which you have to do very quickly because once it dries, it stays), they get all over your skin in that area.The color is a very dark brown but not black, for those that care. It will not be too light, so don’t worry about that.

Serena Lafayette, OH

Have it on today!! Great olive green.

I usually use Mally eye pencils but thought I would try this one, especially with the very good price. It has an olive green shade with a golden cast. Wasn’t sure when I read the reviews but very glad I ordered it. Looks really nice with blue eyes, but guess it would complement all eye colors. It lasts all day.

Ophelia Dalhart, TX

Love it

Love this eyeliner, super dark and glides on so smooth. It doesn’t last all day but it lasts a while.

Lolita Sparland, IL

Good but smudges later in evening

good but it smudges out later leaving a dark eye in the evening after a day long at work,i shud have bought the loreal hip gel eyeliner which never smudges ,thought of giving this a try bcoz of cost but not worth it.

Mable Batchtown, IL


I’m always looking for good purple liner and I have finally found it. It makes my dark brown eyes pop! It goes on very smooth and does not smudge or run. It’s so dark it looks eggplant. I really can’t say enough good things about this product.

Lorrie Franklin Park, NJ

boring black-blue

Lets start with the color, it’s called fierce blue, and I expected more intense blue, but it goes so dark, that it looks more black than blue. The reason i bought it, was because i was looking for a blue eyeliner for my waterline, i did a lot of research and saw that a lot of people recommended prestige total intensity. I do not know if the black one would show on waterline, but blue doesn’t! not even fainest color! the pencil itself is extremely soft and smudgy, very hard to sharpen. and even when you sharpen it, the point gets blunt instantly, making it hard to draw a precise line. i gave it 3 stars, assuming that it could work for someone, who is looking for blackish navy, smudged line(but not anywhere close to waterline)

Josie Columbia, NC


Nice intense color, creamy formula….but not long lasting. At all. It even melts with primer.Five more words required, done!

Juliet Randolph, TX


This eye pencil fell apart shortly after I started using it. Every time I tried to sharpen would fall apart more. You get what you pay for!

Martina Hackensack, MN

Long lasting, but not necessarily waterproof

I was running out of my Two Faced Perfect Eyes eyeliner ($18 on Amazon) and spotted these. The reviews were not too shabby so I decided to give this cheap eyeliner a try.- The product is very smooth, similar to Two Face’s. I apply it with a tiny eyeliner brush and it works perfectly.- Its super black, so I don’t need to set it with black eye shadow- Lasts all (work) day without creasing or smudging- Not entirely waterproof

Genevieve Tiltonsville, OH

Best Blackest Black Eyeliner!

I really like this eyeliner. It is VERY pigmented.Just once swipe and it is SUPER dark.It is even darker than the blackest gel eyeliners that I have ever seen and used.It glides on very easily.The only downfall is that it tends to run a little but not much.This is my new favorite eyeliner.

Robyn Dunlow, WV