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Prestige Mechanical Eye Pencil, Black, 0.01-Ounce

Prestige cosmetics waterproof automatic eyeliner offers a unique swivel-up color application that retracts and never needs sharpening. soft, rounded point applies color smoothly and evenly, without pulling or tugging. long lasting formula doesn’t smudge.

Key features

  • Waterproof, Not Animal Tested, Dermatologically Approved
  • Apply along the top and bottom lash lines for a waterproof, longlasting liner look. Can be smudged to create a soft, smoky look
  • retractable; never needs sharpening; long lasting wear; waterproof; not animal tested; dermatologically approved

Honest reviews


Prestige vs Revlon vs Too Faced

I purchased these to try when I was looking for theRevlon Colorstay Eyeliner Black (2-Pack). I liked the price of these and the reviews were good so I purchased them.Overall they are pretty good, the color is deep, but as an other reviewer mentioned, it seems to go on more as a grayish/bluish black. It doesn’t seem to be a true deep black. I think it glides better than the Revlon Colorstay but, maybe because I apply over eye shadow, I have a hard time applying it. I don’t know if it gets coated or something and it doesn’t seem to go on smoothly. I have to keep sharpening it. Again, this may have to do with my application. Between these and the Revlon Colorstay, I prefer Revlon, mainly for the color.02/20/13 UPDATE:I recently decided to splurge and tried theseToo Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner, Perfect Black, 0.04 Ouncebecause of the great reviews and loved them. They are almost twice as expensive but they are waxier and they just glide on. I don’t have any problems applying it, if you don’t want a stark line, they are easy to blend. The color is intense, a deep, true black. In the morning, I do have more raccoon eyes than I do with the other two but I just have to make sure I remove makeup before going to bed.I think these and the Revlon Colorstay have slightly better staying power and that is their appeal but I don’t like the application as much as the Too Faced eyeliner. It just easier to apply and looks so much better than the other two, there is no comparison. I am going to stick with these. I am going to try wearing one of each around the house (it would be noticeable so I don’t want to wear out) to compare and I’ll try to upload some pictures later.I’ve uploaded a photo of all three of them for comparison. The Too Faced definitely has the most intense color, easiest application (It just glides on) but smudges easier. The Prestige and Revlon still fade a little at the end of the night but its more even. I think the Too Faced works better for smudging applications and maybe Revlon and Prestige work better when you want a starker line that stays put.

Francine Springfield, SD


I am no longer able to find this eyeliner in the city that I live in. When I found this at Amazon I was ecstatic!!! This is the best eyeliner ever, it stays on through out the day. And I love that it is true black! NOT BLACK / GRAY. And the price is the best part of all. Give this a try!

Imelda Castroville, TX

Mechanical eyeliner works great

Sharpening eyeliners is a pain, so this mechanical pencil is a great thing! One less thing to travel with (no sharpener). They last awhile and work well.

Brooke Buhl, AL

Great Price

Great price, great product. Swivels up smoothly, applies easily, and doesn’t smudge much. Great black eyeliner, even compared to expensive ones.

Leah Collinsville, TX

Pack of 3 eye liner for $10

Works just like the Revlon ones, and way better than Lancme which comes off as fast as I put it on. Great value at $10 for 3 and from Germany.

Teresa Hollis, OK

Amazing eyeliner

When I read the other reviews, I had to try this eyeliner because I didn’t think it could possibly be as good as they claim.. and still be so reasonably priced. I doubt no more. I’ve tried at least a dozen different eyelners, and they all seem to wear off in a very short time. So I found I had to take eyeliner with me at all times to make sure it was still on in the middle of the day or before important client meetings. I actually have use eye makeup remover on the Prestige eye pencile at the end of the day because it is still perfect after 10 hours! I just hope Amazon continues to carry it forever!

Michell Jackman, ME

Not quite waterproof.

These pencils are great for a smudged smokey eye look, however it is not quite waterproof and if you’re not careful can leave you looking mildly like a panda. Other than that, it is easy to remove and the retractable pencil is easy to grab on the go.

Judy Thatcher, AZ