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Prestige Eyeliner, Black, 0.04 Ounce

Easy one stroke application glides on smoothly without tugging or pulling. the prestige classic khol liner for eyes comes in a sleek silver barrel with quick-reference color matched end. use prestige sharpener for best results.

Key features

  • Not Animal Tested, Dermatologically Approved
  • Smooth the liner along the upper lash line in a thin line for a defined look or create a thicker liner for a more dramatic result
  • khol eyeliner; glides on smoothly; no tugging; not tested on animals; dematologically tested

Honest reviews



This eyeliner goes on smoothly and evenly. However, I originally chose to wear it on my lower waterline so that it brightens my eyes and it smudges onto my contacts 🙁 It does not hurt, but it leaves my contact so blurry that I must take it out, scrub the liner off and then put my contact back in 🙁 not so good. SO I have started wearing this eyeliner on my upper lid as a big thick line for when I want to make a glitter eyeshadow into a liner. Just draw a fat line with the white stick and take a liner brush rubbed through glitter eyeshadow and your left with eyeshadow that POPS!

Lou Minot, ND

Great white pencil!

I love it. Great for the lower lash line, to make my eyes look bigger. It’s very opaque, it’s very good.I will definitely repurchase this.

Cortney Camden, IN

i love this

i bought many pencil eyeliners but all of them had a problem of creasing. i even bought highly reccemmonded urban decay eye pencil but it also crease. this is by far the best eye liner i ever had. dosen’t crease it pure black kohl eyeliner

Etta Richland, IA


I saw a makeup artist on tv use this, dotting the corners of the eye to illustrate how it makes your eyes pop. So, I decided to look around Amazon for white eyeliner and based on reviews decided on this one. I love it, it does make your eyes pop, it’s become on those must have makeup items for me! I definitely recommend!

Lilian Andalusia, AL


always wanted to get some white eyeliner. this actually goes on really smooth and stays on for quite a bit which is surprising being that i have used eyeliner from this company before and it wasnt as good but they did good with the white eyeliner haha

Latisha Starke, FL


If you have the need for white eyeliner- its nice, wasnt what I thought but its ok if you like white eyes.

Adela Amanda Park, WA

Amazing white eyeliner

The best white eyeliner I have ever had, by far. So soft, pigmented, and creamy, it glides on bright without hardly even touching my skin. It’s a great retro matte on your skin, but applied to your waterline has a slight shimmer.

Marissa Great Meadows, NJ


I bought this because it was reasonable, with free shipping (over $25) and it really goes on smooth and stays on. Its an easy to sharpen pencil, and its now my go to eyeliner in the morning. I would definitely get it again, and recommend it.

Marcella Clayton, GA


Very white. Soft and good quality.

Ericka Hereford, CO

Awesome eyeliner for the price

This eyeliner stays put much better then most of the other pencils. Goes on smooth and doesn’t need sharpened after every use. I love how it doesn’t end up smudging down during the day. Having very oily skin and sensitive eyes I can’t wear most eyeliners on the market. If i attemp to apply on my water line with any other liner my eyes start pouring and turn bloodshot. I will continue buying this brand as it works as good as sormè smearproof pencil but at half the cost.

Juliet Weimar, TX


this is hard to find!. any white- white for eyes that is not sparkly or infused with another type pigment. this is what gives models that perfect eye. you use this right under your eye brow. make a medium "line" from outer edge to inside your nose to brighten that area. than under that line blend in your eye shadow trying to keep shadow out of your white line. it gives a lift to sagging eyes and brow lines and makes you look young and awake. good luck!!

Fanny Bondville, VT

Intense, white, easy glide!

This liner goes on very nicely, doesn’t run down quickly, and doesn’t hurt or irritate my eyes. The color is an intense, visible white, perfect for waterlines or the inner corner of your eyes for a bright pop. I highly recommend it.

Fay Smithfield, PA

Left a goopy film on my eyes

I got this because I kept hearing how using a white pencil on the inner waterline of your eye would brighten them. But even after a light touch it worked itself into my eyes and left this creepy film on them all day. Maybe this is too soft of a pencil and I need to find something harder.

Rosanna Palm Desert, CA

Beautiful color and nice little blender on the bottom of it.

I love the color of this blue, it’s bright but not overly bright blue and it blends really well and doesn’t smudge on my eyes. A bit pricey for me (I’m cheap) but not unreasonable!

Ada Hat Creek, CA

Soft enough to smudge, and truly doesn’t drag on eyelids.

The description in the add is very accurate, and the price and shade are very good. I recommend dotting it on (tiny dots) and smudging it into a more natural line with a smudges or Cotton swab. I’m very satisfied with this product!

Renae Bellingham, MA

Compliments Galore!

Almost every time I wear this denim color pencil with my hazel eyes, I get compliments. I wear it just about every day. What more do I need to say?

Violet Chloe, WV

its great!

I really like this white liner. It’s very smooth and creamy. I blend it above my cupids bow to make my lips look fuller and under my eyebrows to make them look more shapely and create more contrast so they look more pronounced. I will order it again.

Candace Miami, FL

love it

I found this pencil years and years ago when I was piss ass broke, tried it and loved it. The store by me discontinued it so I was thrilled to see it on line. It doesn’t get smeary and drop to your chin, the golden brown is a great color for all eyes. It’s light in color and doesn’t look like Cleopatra black/dark liner.

Dale Riverdale, CA


Perfect eyeliner .this eyeliner very clear on my eye .I am bought more and more of eyeliners pencil but is not clear

Nancy Diamond City, AR

Hard to find…

These last for years. Kind of hard to find in stores. I like that it’s dark, dark brown, almost black, but not quite. I’m not a floozy.

Sheila Mason, TN


Works very well and makes my eyes look a lot bigger and more open. Great for a nice sunny summer look.

Muriel Strongs, MI