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Prep skin refresher helps remove dead skin cells, excess oil, and any residue after cleansing. Prep will stimulate new skin cells and promote a clear, smooth, healthy looking complexion.

New 8% Alpha Hydroxy Acid formulated Prep skin refresher helps remove dead skin cells, excess oil, and any residue after cleansing. Prep will stimulate new skin cells and promote a clear, smooth, healthy looking complexion. This pure Glycolic Acid (purity of 99.7%) in the Prep is used to enhance performance in many topical over the counter (OTC) and prescription (Rx) applications.

Key features

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Regenerates the skin cells and stimulate collagen production
  • Improves skin elasticity and hydration
  • Prevents breakouts
  • Increased 8% Alpha Hydroxy Acid Formula

Honest reviews


I like what I see…

I was amazed by the reviews, so I purchased a bottle! (crazy shipping cost, but oh well)I’ve used this product about 11 times now, and I like the results so far!My pimples aren’t so out of control, and I definitely see more of a smooth & toned complexion. The acne marks are slightly fading as well.My purchase also came with a free collagen facial cleansing gel. Love it! My face actually feels soft and moisturized as I’m washing/rinsing. That NEVER happens! It’s such a nice feeling.Back to the prep skin refresher.Once applied, I did not feel any sort of burning, but sometimes there is a bit of an itchy feeling. Goes away once you smooth on a moisturizer, so it’s no big deal.Anyway, I am recovering from a horrible, horrible breakout and I feel more confident in my skin after using these 2 gems.I will continue to buy (even though they’re a tad expensive, but I can see why!)Thanks & best of luck!

Berta New Holstein, WI


All I can say is wow. This stuff rocks. I’ve only been using it almost 2 weeks and can totally see a difference in my skin. I do not have even one pimple on my face and my skin seriously glows. Actually, after the 2nd time I used it I walked out of the bathroom and my boyfriend said "wow, you look great". No makeup and all. It shipped super fast and I received it way before the delivery date. The company also sent me a pretty decent size sample of their facial wash. Which is just as awesome. That plus the skin refresher makes my skin look so great I can’t even believe it. Once I’m done with this bottle, I’m defintely re-purchasing it and the cleanser. Give it a try, I can’t imagine you’ll regret it.

Lorraine Rowdy, KY


I really did not need to use this I was able to use alcohol instead and it worked just as good.

Joanna Sauk City, WI

Good product!

Cellbone Technology is a great product! I use it often and many of their products! Cellbone Technology is a great product! I use it often and many of their products!

Laurel Eola, TX

I tried

I tried to like this product but it didn’t work for me. It just made my skin bumpy and caused me to break out. Sucks that I keep spending my money on products that don’t work.

Mamie White Oak, WV

SAVED MY SKIN! Updated review. 18 months of use now. No more acne

Updated review 8.30.2013. I have been using this product for about 18 months. Still very happy with the product after using it a year. I have multiple repeat purchases of the product and it is still working well to keep my skin smooth and clearer than it would otherwise be without using this product.I am 37 years old and I have been fighting a pitched battle with my acne prone skin since my earliest teens. Acne is a complex problem with a lot of causes.I have used this product for about nine months. My skin absolutely looks amazing now. It GLOWS. I can actually leave the house WITHOUT MAKEUP and not feel ashamed anymore.By glow, I mean it looks darn near flawless. I am getting compliments on my skin for the first time in my life.I have sensitive skin. A word of caution:Prep Skin Refresher CAN and DOES sting until your skin becomes accustomed to it. Work through it because the results are WORTH EVERY MINUTE of slight (or not so slight) discomfort.The first time I used it I thought I couldn’t handle it. I washed it off with water after about five minutes. I was mad at first but my skin was so smooth! The glow on my skin was unmistakeable and my makeup went on so smoothly I was astounded.I decided to try again the next day. I repeated the process. wipe on, let sit for five minutes, rinse off. I had to do this for a few weeks until my sensitivity subsided.I can now put on the product and it does not sting at all.I use this product on my entire face, neck, chest, and upper arms. I follow with a good clean moisturizer.In the summer, I use it on my legs to make them smoother. It does sting after you shave or exfoliate so plan accordingly.I shave or exfoliate at least 10 to 12 hours BEFORE or AFTER using this product.My other secret weapon is a Glycolic acid pumpkin mask. i use these two products together for smooth glowing skin.

Bobby Belfair, WA

Strong and effective

I use this toner prior to peels and then 1-2x a week in between. It’s strong stuff but effective. I have horrible skin allergies and dry skin, hence only occasional use. But between this and an sulphur cream (plus sensitive skin soap & moisturizer), my breakouts are now few and far between. Will continue to use.

Nicole La Jara, CO

Already Working to Clear Acne!

I’ve been using this twice a day after washing my face for a few days now and I’ve already seen an improvement in my skin! There’s a slight stinging that only lasts a few seconds while it dries which means it is doing it job. I have oily, acne-prone skin and I’ve had a few blemishes that just would not budge and after using this, they have been shrinking and disappearing. I’m talking about the big, under-the-skin pimples so that’s pretty amazing to me! Anyway I’m glad that I gave this a try even though it seems to be a pretty expensive toner. It was worth the price for beautiful skin 🙂

Leticia Hamel, MN

Never loved a product soooo much !!!

Wow!!! I bought this a few months ago for peels. I thought it was jusr to prep my skin, do my peel, then im done! I dcided to use it as a toner two days ago ! Oh my my !!!!!!!!! Then i read the ingredients … Perfect amt of glycolic acid !! No pores, oily skin under control !!!

Kitty Milford, OH

works great

even after cleaning my face with makeup remover wipes, this product finds more to remove. feels great on the skin.

Mitzi Pittsburg, KY


There is no real evidence that this product works. I have not seen its effects on my skin before or after treatment.

Chelsea Huntsville, AL

Awesome company

This is the third time I have purchased from this company, they don’t has as many items in amazon as they do on their website. They are awesome and always send a great large sample size with each order that I have made. This prep solution works great, I use it before my peel. Highly recommended.

Juliana Remus, MI

Highly recommended! Great Purchase

I bought this about a month ago after reading several reviews. I am 24 years old, brown skin african american and suffer from old, and sometimes new acne scars on my face. I purchased this and initially it was to harsh for my skin. It dried my skin out and it seemed at first it was trapping new acne under my skin and I started to break out over my cheeks and forehead. I started to be discouraged, and stop using it. However I don’t believe in wasting so after the new acne diminished I decided to try it again. This time i added about 1/3 of the bottle to my Witch Hazel and now I love it!! Very few break outs and the scars are significantly lighter!! I use African Shea butter as a moisturizer after I apply the Prep skin/Witch Hazel every night and my skin has seen a major improvement and it has only been about a month!! I am so glad I did not completely give up on this product and I would recommend it to anyone having issues with dark spots. It really does help and if at first it seems to harsh like it was for me, Witch Hazel works! But then again everyones skin is different, so just try and experiment with what is best for your skin.

Francine Eben Junction, MI

Best skin product I’ve ever used

I’m a 60 year old woman who has been fighting against extreme oily skin, acne and large pores since my teens. This product has absolutely changed my life. I’ve been using it for six weeks. My skin is clear and radiant in a way it has NEVER been before. I am able to go without makeup now with no embarrassment about red, oily, blemished skin. I honestly didn’t think that would ever be possible for me.The first week I used it, I diluted it 50% with witch hazel because of the way it made my skin burn and tingle. Since then I’ve been using it full strength morning and evening, every day. Sometimes I use it at noon if my nose and chin start feeling oily. During the first week a few pimples emerged, I think my skin was purging submerged problems. However those pimples healed incredibly fast. The spots on my face from old healed pimples have completely disappeared. I no longer have huge greasy pores to contend with. My skin is soft and smooth and radiant. If I feel a pimple start to show up, it heals before it actually gives me a problem!This does sometimes make my skin burn/tingle rather unpleasantly, but it’s only for a couple of minutes before that subsides. It’s well worth the momentary discomfort! Worth mentioning is that even when it feels irritated, I’ve never experienced any redness from using it (which I do with many other products). It doesn’t make my skin dry and there has been no peeling for me. It does burn unpleasantly if you get it on your lips, so I like to apply lip balm before using it.This is a superb product and an answer to prayers for me. I will be trying their other products to see if they are of the same quality. I consider it a bargain at any price and at this price it’s a steal!

Anastasia Burkett, TX


I did buy this primarily as a prep for an acid peel. However, I’ve also been using it every day after cleansing. My skin is clearer than it’s been in years.

Brooke Medon, TN

Definite can feel the AHA in this!

I don’t use the product often, but I can feel the AHA in the product. I use retin-a and do bentonite clay masks so I can’t use it as often as I would like because it is quite irritating, but I will attempt to use it daily in the near future. I also like that the company sent over the face wash with the product. It smells so nice, like melon, and does a good job cleansing too.

Cassandra La Salle, TX

This is strong stuff!

I used this after many reviews and this stuff is strong. I used it during the summer and it sopped up my oily skin but it made my skin dry after a couple of days so use sparingly. I only used 1/25th of it so I have alot left over to use once in a blue. It did nothing to lighten my blemish marks. I like it for spongelike purposes.

Alicia Oologah, OK

great product

I needed a toner for my skin which suffered from occasional acne/ dullness. This product has cured my skin problems. I’m 37 yrs old and have oily skin and often got pimples in the worst places that stayed forver and left hideous marks. Well this productI swear by. I now only have breakouts seldomly and when I do this product nips it in the bud. They go away quickly and don’t leave the ugly marks. it doesn’t dry your skin either. My skin has tremendously improved, texture, clarity, brightness, you name it. Well worth the price. AWESOME!

Kristie Mill City, OR

Excelent product

like all the products this brand make work perfect , is not necesary expend a lot of money for have young skinI completly recoment this brand , come on time too

Sybil The Sea Ranch, CA

Prep skin refresher helps remove dead skin cells, excess oil, and any…

i do love it. i just do not use it twice a day every day, i just try to see if my skin need it or not. it works and i use a chemical peeling every 3 or 4 months too. i use to stop the prep skin 2 or 3 days before my peeling. always read the instructions, be a smart customer.

Jeannette Wethersfield, CT

love it!

great product. i still use it! a great part of a facial cleaning regimin. (? spell check)……love it!….love it! yea

Tabatha Mc Clellandtown, PA

So happy with this!!

I use this all the time… From a day toner to a quick clean wipe with a cotton ball…..and just before peels. I feel it helps anything you use after this to absorb better. It has a slight sting but nothing to bad 🙂 GREAT PRODUCT 🙂

Fern Warwick, ND


Excellent Toner, though I didn’t recognize that what I am buying is a toner when I add it to my cart; I thought it is a Facial Wash, I dont know I just did not concentrate well. But I’m still Satisfied. The toner is wonderful, it gave my skin that fresh glowing clean feeling and look, its perfect to wipe your clean face using it before makeup too I didn’t breakout afterward. The seller sent me ( Collagen Wash Gel) as a sample and I was impressed with the result too, I’m gonna buy it for sure. Deserve the 5 stars. Thank you

Merle Boca Raton, FL

The Best

I love this product; finally a facial product that does what it’s supposed to do. The first few times you might feel a slight tingle but after that you probably won’t as I didn’t. But it leaves your face feeling so clean without feeling stripped and dry. It gets rid of dead cells and within about a week you can tell because your skin will look ‘new’ and refreshed. The seller has the best customer service and love that they always provide a sample of another one of their products. I haven’t had a bad product or sample from them yet.

Catalina Swords Creek, VA

very dissapointed

I had high hopes for this product especially after reading all the reviews. Ordered two bottles (first mistake), Yes it arrived on time applyed it thinking i would feel a lil tingle at the most…. well i was dead wrong. I even made sure not to have broken skin (didnt matter), my face was litterally on fire. It burned my face up. Lots of tiny bumps covered my entire face, it didnt just remove dead skin cells it removed my flesh. This happened few months back and my skin still hasnt recovered. Now my skin is worst with lots of blemishes, Im stuck with an extra bottle of this dangerous stuff so now im trying to give it away for free on craigslist & still NO TAKERS!

Ola Port Royal, SC

Works just like a toner

I don’t see any difference between this and using regular toner. I do like it but don’t think is worth paying more than my regular toner since it does the same job.

Connie Richlands, VA

so far so good

I received this product about a week ago and ichave to say that I see results already my skin and acne has been reduced significantly I love it the only thing is I cant stand the way it makes my skin tingle during and a little after the application.

Alejandra Geyser, MT


I love this, I bought because of reviews and ingredients listed. I used it for the first time and loved it, usually everything irritates my sensitive skin and makes me break out. Before I bought this I never use soap or facial cleansers only water and vinegar with a washcloth and never breakout. But I wanted to try the prep because my skin gets flaky alot. They sent me an awesome free sample of the collagen cleanser which smells fantastic and feels great on my skin. I really love the products they are so refreshing. I follow with a rose hip seed oil and lavender oil moisturizer. My skin feels very soft and smooth and calm.

Beryl Trussville, AL


Love love love this a quick method to clean your face remove all the dirt & oil off your face while your in bed before you sleep. I’m sorry I’m that lazy XD

Brittany Escatawpa, MS

Love This Toner!

I’ve been using this toner for approximately 2 years now and have been more than satisfied. Having oily skin, it’s hard to find products to truly tame the oil, yet balance your skin. Forewarning, it’s 10% glycolic acid so there is sometimes some tingling after applying, but only momentarily. It is truly a great product and I will continue to purchase!

Priscilla South Waterford, ME