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Premium Quality Wheel of 1200 Nail Art Decorations With Silver Gems / Rhinestones / Crystals In Different Shapes By VAGA

rhinestones wheel with different size

Key features

  • To view the full range of nail art products please click on the brand name “VAGA” under the title of this listing.
  • Great value set of nail art decorations for long lasting and stunning designs.
  • Our nail art decorations are of best quality and easy to apply, which makes them perfect for private and professional use.
  • For best results and easier application we recommend using our special nail art tweezers or rhinestones picker pencil that you can find in our shop.
  • Ideal present for a nail art enthusiasts – girls and women alike.

Honest reviews


All the same

I expected this to take awhile to arrive because it ships from overseas. I did not expect that all of the rhinestones would be the same. Same design, same size. Yes, the price is good but I read the description and believed I would be getting different designs and sizes. I would not order from this seller again.

Polly Barren Springs, VA

Love them!

I love Rhinestones and these were a nice addition to my collection, I actually used these to bling out a tee-shirt and they worked like magic!

Valeria Woodlawn, TN


Purchased for our granddaughter along with other items to do fancy nails. She was very pleased and loves the crystals.I also purchased the tweezers to place the crystals on the wet nails. A fun teenage gift.

Natalia Nashville, TN

Perfect shape rhinestones to combine to make designs!

I love these crystal rhinestone shapes! They’re the perfect nail art accent! I used multiple shapes together to make flowers and butterflies. Item received very quickly, much faster than expected! Highly recommend this item and this seller!

Tamera Clara, MS

Pleasantly surprised!!

I didn’t have high expectations for these considering the price but I wasn’t happy to find zero complaints about them!

Brittany Whiteland, IN

Too big for nails!

Nothing wrong with them if ur using for other things but too big for nails the get fought on things and end up falling off !

Emilie Nimrod, MN

Bad with top coat

These are really pretty in the container. Unfortunately as soon as you put a top coat over them they lose all shine and you can’t see a single facet on them. It’s just like a cloudy lump of clear stuff on your nail. I’m not impressed at all.

Kendra Hydes, MD

Not as described

The item I received was not as described. There are not different sizes or shapes, all the gems I received were one size.

Rosalind Dahlgren, VA

Great product

First, this took less than 2 weeks to arrive from Asia…so dont let the estimated shipping time scare you.Second…this wheel is maybe 2.5 inches around. It is smaller than other nail gem cases Ive bought before. I would doubt highly that its 1200… but i will not be pouring it out and counting. There are maybe 50 of the 12 designs TOPS. For me, its plenty to be worth under $2 cost. But, advertising is not true on quantity.Shapes include: 3 difft size circles, teardrop, triangles, ovals, flowers, stars, squares, hearts, largeish rectangles… and one more shape thats kindof bean or comma shaped!?All told, I would wear any of these shapes, and this is a good all silver/clear gem set. I am happy!

Marsha Wakefield, MA

Great value!

Go price these at your local store, you can not beat this price! This product is well worth the price.

Kelsey Waynesville, NC