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Premium Nail Art Quality Manicure Crystal Glass Nail Files Set of 5 by Cheeky®

Set of 5 Crystal Glass Nail Files These Cheeky® nail files are made with a tough Crystal Glass abrasive surface making them extremely long lasting. They can be cleaned using hot water Ideal for natural or acrylic nails. Use to shape newly cut nails ensuring that movement is from the centre of the nail outwards to ensure a smooth finish. Becoming an official “Cheeky Chick” Cheeky® is a lady’s best friend! It is a one stop shop for ladies beauty needs such as: makeup, nails, personal care products or innovative beauty gadgets, all are only few clicks away when shopping on our Cheeky shop. Cheeky’s famous high quality products and services are guaranteed with every purchase of one of our products. After the purchase of your first Cheeky item, you will become an official “Cheeky Chick” and most likely develop severe addiction to Cheeky’s products. You will find that enjoyable shopping experience, excellent service and stylish high quality products can be bought at a fair price. Please note that we offer fast (from the UK) and slow (from China) shipping options for your convenience. Please select your most suitable shipping option according to your needs and budget.

Key features

  • To view the full range of nail art products please click on the brand name
  • The world’s favourite nail art brand
  • We recommend using Cheeky’s complementary nail art products such as: nail gems, 3d fimo decorations, striping tapes and nail art brushes to enhance the glam of your nail design.
  • Extremely long lasting and durable
  • Ideal present for a Nail Art fan – Girls and Women alike

Honest reviews


Crystal nail file

I have used nail tek for years. I wanted to have a few extra files in various locations; so I purchased these due to the price. I think they’ll work good for acrylic nails. These are way to thick and leave frayed edges on my nails; as they are very coarse. They are good if you need a great deal filed; but they I still have to get out my Nail Tek to finalize the job. So far they have not lost the gritty part as I have seen other nail files do. Crystal/glass nail file could last a lifetime and can be sanitized.I do not recommend this brand for natural nails at this time.

Audrey Mark, IL

nail saver

I was pleased with the nail files and they seem to be of good quality. I have botten other products and these seem to be the best and would recommend them to anyone.

Margo Cave Springs, AR

Excellent Files at an Excellent Price – Enough to Share

I’ve used the files before but they do break (left loose in makeup case in purse) and once the pieces are too short to use, it’s time for a new file. The hard box is nice for keeping them safe. I received all of these files for about the price that I last paid for one. The files don’t snag or rip the nail. They file the length down quite quickly so you need a light touch. I gave one to my husband to try and he was impressed – that says a lot because, before using this, he thought a file was a file. Will have extras to give to overnight guests.

Jeanette Quakertown, PA


These work ok, but are a tad thick. The filing part works well, but the ends where one might want to clean underneath the nails are way too thick to accomplish this. The colors on the end are as shown and pretty….

Lesley Chandler, IN


They’re nail files… They are kind of thick and its difficult to get in around the edges of your nails. Other than that they’re cute and girly but I think I’ll stick with something old fashioned.

Alfreda Alpharetta, GA

Great Nail Files

These are wonderful to use. To me they work better than a Emory board and come with a plastic cover for each of them. They leave a smooth finish.

Jeri Bent Mountain, VA

Wow…these are amazing!

I will never buy the regular files again. These work so well and my son doesn’t complain when I file his nails with these.

Heather Crawfordsville, AR

These are the files I have been waiting for!

These files are amazing! They file the nail so smooth and easily, I never thought a file could be so great!

Elise Montgomery, VT

Must Have For Nail Professionals

This is a great deal for these new files. Crystal files are relatively new to the nail industry. They are better for your nails. They are fully sanitizable, reuseable, and do not dull, they may feel a bit weird at first, like breaking in shoes, but they are well worth it.

Karina Paradise, UT

… nail files work really well and are a really good price.

These nail files work really well and are a really good price.

Estella New Castle, PA

great product

If you file your nails often, you need these. They are so much nicer than filing with an emery board or metal file. You can also wash them after each use which is nice.

Jean Fruitland, MD

Omg will never go back to other files

My husband bought me these files, they are amazing. They are really affordable, each individual files has its own holder, so you put these in your purse. I have one at home, one in my purse, one in my car and one in my office. They are sturdy, and will not wear down. Another advantage is the effect they have on my nails, Nail files made of steel usually make the nail chip or to crack because they are too rough on the nail. These files on the other hand, help reduce the amount of chipping, splitting, and peeling when used on a regular basis.I highly recommend these!

Consuelo Zachary, LA

I’m Impressed!

Once you use these, you realize how terrible and gritty most nail files are… these stop splitting in the nail. The grit is so fine that you get a smooth finish on your free edge. They also file FAST. After using it, just rinse it off and it’s ready for the next time you need it. BUY THESE. You won’t regret it.

Imelda Manset, ME

Cute and Handy

I follow a lot of nail blogs and many of them recommend to use glass files to avoid shredding your nails. So far these have worked great for me, I keep one in my purse, two at work, and two at home with my nail care items. They come in cute and bright colors and are easy to clean and hold. The shape of the tip is nice as well, I use it to remove the excess shavings from under my nail after I have filed across the edge. I have avoided glass files in the past because a long time ago I bought glass files for all of my friends and me and half of them broke within the first couple of uses! Been using them for a couple months now and no breaks here, even the one floating around at the bottom of my purse.

Jennifer Lawler, IA

Perfect and Pretty!

What can I say? These are just nail files…NOT. They are very pretty glass nail files, which I had never tried before, and probably would have never considered, if not for all the great reviews from my fellow Amazonians. They feel a little weird to touch, if you are sensitive to that kind of thing, but not much worse than touching a standard emery board…a bit "chalkier" feeling. They work great, are stylish and colorful, and are reasonably priced as well. The only downside I can imagine is that they will break if dropped on a hard surface. Still worth it…just have to be extra careful. 🙂

Mellisa Solway, MN


These were a great price and I just had to have them. I was able to put one in my purse, car, and locker at work. I also gave one to my bf and still have an extra. While these are a bit more coarse and thicker (which is actually a good thing) than my other crystal glass file I have, it still does the job effectively.

Brandi Midway Park, NC

Wonderful Solution for Problem Nails!

It seems as though when I hit 66 regular emory boards stopped working for my nails. They ended up jagged and yukky.A friend had one of your products, so I quickly found them on Amazon and ordered them.They are – literally – a blessing from God. Solved my problem immediately!(HOW LONG DO THEY LAST?)Cyndi White

Candy Prairie View, TX

love these!

I love these. Shared them with my mom, she loves them too. They are pretty and convenient, and in my opinion, they prevent snags as well as smoothing them out beautifully. They just do a great job, and I also love that they come in individual sleeves to keep them clean and unscuffed if you toss one in your bag. Definitely would buy these again and recommend the Cheeky brand for quality glass nail files- not all of them are worth a dime.

Melisa Woronoco, MA

Favorite nail files ever used.

BUY THESE THINGS PLEASE! They do wonders for your nails and files so well. I prefer these to the Sephora ones!

Cortney Orchard Park, NY

Five Stars

These are high quality nail files at a fabulous price!

Natalie Folsom, WV

Great Feeling Files

Will order more Have them in every room No more scratchy emery boards Easy to use and easy to clean Love these

Natasha Wessington, SD

these are great….

SET OF 5 NAIL FILES AT INTRODUCTION PRICE!!! Premium Manicure Crystal…Cheeky…these are great ordered several sets. Super price as well.

Roslyn Brighton, IL

Really work!

I was skeptical about a glass nail file, but my husband and I both love these. They leave a nice, polished edge, and have stayed sharp, unlike the metal ones.

Velma Phillips, ME

Buy these!

These are the best nail files I have ever bought. I originally looked and bought these because of another reviewer, a man who had the most hilarious review ever. I am a sucker for making me laugh so I went ahead and purchased them. I have not been sorry! They work great, are easy to clean, and are so much better for your nails! If you are looking for glass files, these are for you.

Clarissa Riverdale, CA


perfect, for price, and use. Male/Females, etc… I have given them out to family members and they luv them, especially those that have thin nails. no tears, or pulls, just clean edges.

Tricia Eureka, SD

I am a believer!

Before using these, i was a gal that mostly used just plain emery boards. But i saw these while browsing amazon, and fell in love with the pretty colors. i had to have them.When i first opened the package, i was not disappointed. the colors were vibrant, and the size of the file was perfect. and then i tried them. i was a bit hesistant. the board didn’t feel coarse enough. i wasn’t sure if i was making progress.and then i saw my nail. it was smooth, and perfectly filed.i now have one of these in my car, at work, in my purse, in my bedroom, and my living room. i use them about every other day and don’t have a single complaint.BUY THESE!

Jaclyn Winterport, ME

Set of 5 Crystal Nail Files

The files came in a pseudo book box. They were in indentations so that they are protected. Crystal files seem to lastforever. These files did not have individual wraps, but I carry one in my purse without protection and with no problems. I bought these as gifts and everyone liked them. I have a crystal file I bought 2 years ago and it looks and works as though it is new.I recommend the crystal files highly.

Maura Taylorsville, GA

keeps my nails from peeling

I’ve had problems with my nails peeling for a while now, despite using a strengthening base coat religiously. I read that a glass nail file would take care of this problem, so I bought this set of nail files. I love them! They’ve drastically improved the quality of my nails! I have stopped using clippers altogether and simply use these files to take of length and shape my nails. They don’t wear out, either! Just rinse them off with water when you’re done to clean and they will stay in great shape. If you’re looking at these files as a way to clean under your nails, you might want to go with a more traditional metal nail file, however. They are very thick, as I think all glass files are, so they’re aimed more at reshaping the nails than cleaning underneath them. LOVE these files.

Doretha Oxford, NY

Great files!

I have now ordered two sets of these files (not because they break or dull, but because my cats are brats who keep stealing and hiding them.) I have only broken one of these (accidentally sat on it), and they hold up very well. The filing surface has never dulled on any of them.

Nona Spencer, IN

just what i needed

I needed some new files and I wanted something that wouldn’t wear out in a week. These are amazing! They work really well and they’re much more durable than emery boards.

Rena Mountain Iron, MN