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Premium MASH 1200 Piece 12 Color Nail Art Nailart 3D Design Tear Rain Drop Rhinestones

MASH is proud to introduce its second set of rhinestone accessories for Nail Art! These new rhinestones have an elegant rain drop design to increase the amount of nail art options available to you. Same great MASH quality you have come to expect, with a price that cannot be beat. These premium rhinestones are so beautiful, and so affordable, you will never chose another brand again! Each package contains 100 rhinestones of 12 different colors for a total of 1,200 rhinestones! These premium MASH rhinestones can be applied with top coat or glue. AUTHENTICITY WARNING: The only Authentic MASH Nail Art is sold by MASH and/or Amazon directly. All other sellers are offering low quality counterfeit products.

Key features

  • AUTHENTICITY WARNING: The only Authentic MASH Nail Art is sold by MASH directly. All other sellers are offering low quality counterfeit products.
  • Introducing a brand new MASH Nail Art Rhinestone! These rhinestones are of the highest quality
  • Designed by MASH’s team specifically to create top quality, beautiful nail art
  • 1200 total rhinestones with 12 different colors. 100 of each color rhinestone
  • Use your imagination to create any combinations of nail art work you desire. Can also be used on other accessories such as mobile phones, ipods, books, laptops, and other medias

Honest reviews


are fun

they came nicely wrapped. easy to put on. just need to make sure you have a really good sealing polish for them otherwise they come off as easy as pie. and careful of moving the disc where you want it sometimes things fly out!

Myra Miles, IA

Great but didnt come in the storage case it came in a wheel

Nice colors but in packaging they got a little mixed and were in a loose rhinestone wheel but didnt mix so much so it was fine and great for nail art and not expensive at all. Great buy for your money.

Bridgette Rectortown, VA

I dig ’em!

Easy to pick up with fine-tip tweezers. Really vibrant colors. Would have liked if some of the MASH products would come with a glue to apply, but a dot of top coat on a piece of parchment paper and a wood stick are magical things. The container is a little large and makes it look like you got hosed on the quantity though – they could do with a smaller wheel.

Kristina Rhinehart, LA

Not good

The rhinestones are awesome, but they’ve got all mixed up in the container during shipping.I didn’t sort them out like other people did, but it’ll be pain in the neck to pick up the same color from different sections.

Earline Forkland, AL

Great buy

These are great little gems that look nice and were easy to apply with topcoat. I’m not gonna count, but just by looking it’s obvious that there is not 100 of each color. It looks closer to 50 each. Even for half the number, this is definitely worth the price, and I will happily buy more when I run out of these.The only other issue I experienced was that my gems showed up in one of those wheel holders, not the (much handier) clasp holder shown in the picture. These build up static electricity, so the gems kinda get everywhere and mix together when you open the container. It’s not the worst though, I’ll probably just buy a new organizer at a craft store.Overall, still a great buy. 🙂

Miriam Locustville, VA

Nail Gems.

Bought these for my daughter and she loves them. She uses them when she’s doing Acrylic Nails and absolutely loves them.

Becky Lothair, MT

perfect, lots of uses

this is a fantastic product for anyone interested in a little sparkle and uniqueness to their makeup, nail art, crafts. i was a little hesitant at first just given how cheap it was, but it came quickly with over 100 pieces of most colors and in a great sturdy storage case. i love the tear drop shape too as a little something different from the usual round rhinestones, makes it easy to make some cute shapes too by using a few (bows, hearts, etc). overall, definitely recommend, and even ordered myself a 2nd right away 🙂

Phyllis La Russell, MO

Great Purchase !

This was such a great purchase for the price , not to mention shipping was super fast it came three days before the estimated delivery date . I was upset to see that it came in a wheel instead of the case shown in the picture but it’s okay atleast for me . I would purchase again .

Lucy Pinellas Park, FL

A little bit bigger than I thought

This is the third set of rhinestone I’ve purchased and these are the biggest. The color is vibrant and the shapes are well-defined, but they are a little too big to do any designs on my nails. One or two single stones are good, but more than that started to look a bit gaudy. I will use these on my toes.

Autumn Iron Ridge, WI