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Premium MASH 100 Pc Nail Art Nailart 3d Manicure Design Sticks Rods Stickers Gel Tips

Premium MASH 100 Pc Nail Art Nailart 3d Manicure Design Sticks Rods Stickers Gel Tips

Key features

  • These sticks retail up to $1 dollar a piece!
  • Bright colors and creative 3D designs make these fimo slices very eye catching.
  • Use your imagination to create any combinations of nail art work you desire. Can also be used on other accessories such as mobile phones, ipods, books, laptops, and other media.
  • Fantastic gift ideas for friends and family who love to do nail art.
  • MASH, top quality nail art supplies, guaranteed!

Honest reviews


must buy for nail fanatics

[…]Mine came a few days ago and I just tried using them. I used a razor blade to cut them and practiced on a few of the uglier sticks. I used the Hello Kitty stick and the blue bow stick in the picture above. I also used nail glue just because my first attempt with OPI top coat ended up smearing the purple nail polish.[…]These are the 100 sticks I received although they were in a plastic container originally. I had 1 deformed stick and about 10 sticks I will probably never use but the rest are great and very detailed. As you can tell by the picture, I had ZERO repeats! Considering how thinly you can slice these sticks, they’ll probably last me a life time. It’s definitely worth the buy and the designs are really cute!

Nina Beverly, OH

Great price, great canes!

These are offered at a fantastic low price and includes a great variety. The canes are even all the way through, and the lengths are pretty consistent. I would happily ordered these again!

Harriett Pacoima, CA

Mash 100 pc 3D sticks

I was very pleased with the sticks, they were all very cute and and I would say all different in someway. It was all true to picture, they are tiny enough to fit on your nails and cheap enough to start practicing with. These were a great buy! I would buy them again!

Freida Chama, NM

I love them but…

I didn’t get 100. I got 91 – almost a full 10% less than what’s claimed. I also have a few that have breaks in the outside of the design, hopefully that won’t cause issues when I get that far down those sticks. Most of the designs are very pretty and detailed. I did receive one that is a bust of a woman and it’s a bit creepy, not sure when someone would want that on their nails. The only doubles I receive were of the orange, other than that each one is at least in a different color, if not unique to the pack.

Claudine Chunky, MS

Useless to me!

I have no idea how to use these. I have searched many tutorials on Nail Art and there is nothing on what to do with these and they came with no instructions. Very disappointed they took forever to get here, again no way of knowing when products are shipping from overseas.

Nola Grinnell, IA

Really cute!

These rods are very tiny but so cute. Even though they are small all of the patterns are easy to see. Especially like the variety of flowers. I bought them with card making in mind and at first thought they would be too small for that. But since the patterns are clear I can still use them for my cards. Nice for anyone who needs tiny accents. Since there are so many I’m not sure I will ever use all of them and may share them.

Tamra Susquehanna, PA


This took sooooooooo long to come. Then I got these random sticks of religious icons; NOT COOL. One ven was the devil.

Aurelia Dillingham, AK


a few were shorter than the others but they are cute i would have liked more of a variety tho

Kimberley Herrin, IL

great product

Premium MASH 100 Pc Nail Art Nailart 3d Manicure Design Sticks Rodsgood quality, nice design, easy to use, It’s worth the money.

Francesca Montgomery, AL


So I only gave these 4 stars because I like the ones from bundle monster more because the designs are more vivid. Dont get me wrong these are nice and I only got 2 doubles but the ones from bundle monster are made with brighter colores and the designs are a little bit more crisp. For some reason some of my stix go from big to tiny like a cone effect and 3 of my stix have a small chunk missing on the side in the middle of the stick. So I got 98 designs and about 7 are messed up.

Ora Somerset, TX


Each cane is approximately 1/8-1/4″ diameter, and 2″ long. None of them were broken, none of mine were exact dupes–for instance, I have 3 dragonflies, but they’re all different colors. I’m very pleased with the detail and variety of patterns. There are some that I don’t recognize, but I’m sure I’ll find a use for them. I have fairly small hands–women’s size 4 ring–with a high curve to all my nails, so unless very thinly sliced I imagine it would be difficult to place them, but I’ve had a lot of experience with Fimo clay, so that wasn’t a problem for me. I do suggest practicing on the ones you don’t like if you’ve never sliced before.

Kellie North Metro, GA

To many alike

It took so long to get these I forgot about them. The canes suck. They were to many alike, to many ugly fruit, and the canes were not worth the wait or the money. I would tell others to skip buying this set of Mash canes.

Rosa Mound, TX


I did not get the designs in the picture maybe like a couple. However, I did get mostly flowers which is cute enough for me! 2 bows pink and red perfect for hello kitty designs for young girls. My fruits were a bit deformed and did not look as cute which is what I was looking forward to besides the flowers and you get many other random designs. I do however believe that fimo art is great and this are nice stick rods but next time I would order from another seller just to see how designs differ since I will only be using about half of these rods.

Malinda Warrensburg, NY

If you don’t mind getting half of what you pay for this one’s for you.

Let me start off by saying that they gave me a nice variety (with a few repeats) and they also included the slicing tool. Moving on to what I don’t like and find inexcusable. These people say you get a 100 fimos but what they don’t tell you is that they cut the original cane in half. So they are basically giving you half a product but making you pay full price. I buy fimos from both amazon and eBay and know what the canes should look like so when these came in the mail I knew I wasn’t getting my money’s worth. Need proof? I’m uploading pictures of fimos I’ve bought from both amazon and ebay and showing you how they should look but don’t. To be honest I slice half of my canes to give to my friends, not the other way around. How would you feel if you payed for a full cup of coffee and only got half? This isn’t worth returning since they took around 3-4 weeks to get to me but I won’t be doing business with people who do this to their customers.P.S. I got these from the seller “Good&Idea;” and they came in a zip lock bag without the “Mash” logo.

Lacey Saint Croix, IN


their good for nails tip @ everyday uses.great for kids.if my children where here i would love to do their nails!

Cherie Pinsonfork, KY

HORRIBLE- EACH CANE IS 2cm and really tiny. Smaller than my last finger. Smaller than an eraser.

I was extremely disappointed about the size of this product. It is nothing at all like the pictures. I measured it and each cane is 2cm. Really horrible and I ordered 2 sets which came in 1 package. The shipping came on time, but the canes are a disaster. Don’t buy this, it is smaller than your pinky finger and very skinny. Each slice is about the size of a tiny stud/ earring. I HATE IT- This is smaller than an eraser. It is similar, close to the size of a coin. This came in 2 ziploc bags, because I ordered 2 sets.Although the patterns are nice, you cannot begin to imagine how disgusting it is! Very small

Susie Accomac, VA

cool but a pain

You get a lot, but they are a pain in the ass to deal with. Get something better if you can.

Patrice Pawnee, TX

Not what I expected – too many duplicates when ordered from outside seller. Product directly from MASH was great!!

Although the canes are “unique”, the colors were not vibrant and the designs were not clear and there were too many duplicates in the order I received. They did not come in the “MASH” packaging. Instead, they were just in a plastic baggie. . I received the following:16 fruit–> 3 lime slices–> 5 orange slices–> 1 “unknown”–> 2 identical “unknown”–> 1 orange slice–> 1 strawberry–> 1 grape–> 2 apple (identical, but different sizes)2 flags6 cupcakes (5 identical)12 butterflies1 teddy bear18 flowers (7 unique)15 hearts–> 5 duplicate white (with a bat inside – maybe)–> 4 duplicate purple (with a peace sign – maybe)–> 2 identical white outlined in blue–> 4 unique hearts2 “I Love me”1 smiley face6 angry birds (2 duplicates)1 leaf1 Christmas present1 ying-yang18 (I can’t describe)I’ll give the duplicates to my children and grandchildren. I will order the next set directly from MASH and hope for better results.Update:I ordered a second set of rods directly from MASH. The order was exactly what I expected. It was packaged in a MASH container, the canes were clear and the colors vibrant.Keeping the three stars because first order was not what I ordered.

Mae Gypsum, OH


When I placed order it said the canes would be 2 inches, I was not very happy when I found they were 1 inch! Please be aware they may only be 100 of the one inch canes although there were some cute designs I would not repurchase.

Virginia Fraser, MI

Not as long as i thought but after awhile i am happy with them!

Only reason i gave 4 stars cause the picture made them look larger then what they are. The measurement are 3/8″x2″. The package could fit in my hand, about 4″x5″ but after i was looking at them, i found out the are perfect for small nails like for children.My count was exactly 100 which follows as:33 flowers, no doubles or damaged5 leaf, no doubles or damaged6 Yin&Yang;, no doubles or damaged6 butterflies, no doubles or damged5 bows, 1 double( red) no damaged6 holidays, 1 double( snowmans, which i will use up) no damage6 animals and characters, no doubles but 1 damage( white face Minnie mouse, i think)19 fruits, 4 doubles, no damaged14 randoms, no doubles or damagedIncluding6 Channel logo1 BMW logo1 deck of Ace cards1 cupcakeI do feel this will last a long time, tho i think i would buy another set of them but from another maker so i can get different designs. I am happy with them and cant wait to put them on my childrens nails and one daughter had made me a list of the ones she wants on her nails. I do wish i got a orange slice and a frog in my kit but happy for what i got tho i wouldnt pay for a $1 for each roll. $3.99 was a perfect price for 100 mix match rolls. Buy them cause they are wonderful way to add color to your nails.

Della Home, KS

Great for all kinds of projects!

I originally got these to do nailart and they work fantastically. You can choose how thick or thin you want to cut the designs and mix and match to your heart’s content. My 5 year old found another use for them, as well, getting me to cut some slices for him to place on his pictures; a little glue and the extra design is there to enhance his drawings and give them a little extra pizzazz. I will definitely order more of these in the future for all of our hobbies.

Earnestine Cherokee, AL

Awesome Deal, Super Speedy Delivery, Nice Product to work with.

Totally amazed how fast the shipping was from Hong Kong! I order a lot from London and Hong Kong and recently it just seems as though the speed has tripled! I love it. I like the Nail Art set and thanks for the razor blade. I wasn’t expecting that. Great job, nice variety of designs and colors. Time to be creative!

Morgan Ypsilanti, ND

They are great no repeats here

I ordered these along with other Mash products and they came quick and packaged well yes they canes are small they are about 0.3-0.5mm but fimo canes come in a variety of diameters I like these to go with my other fimo canes that are about 3 to 5mm in diameter they look great yes you do have to cut them yourself but you can order about 10 fimo blades for 2 dollars on ebay so its not expensive.

Bobbie Newtown Square, PA

These look like fun

I ordered these thinking they were alot bigger. But, in a way I am kind of happy they are smaller. Easier to fit on the nail I guess. Overall, they arrived on time, and even came with a tool to slice them with. Very pleased.

Pam Ojibwa, WI

Great little sticks

These are quality fimo sticks. None of the images in mine are all smudged or anything. Very clear. The sticks are only about 2 inches long. But I will get lots of slices from each stick. I recommend these sticks!

Abbie Chimney Rock, NC

It has nothing to do with the product.

I don’t like it cause I assumed it were stamps. I was to fast with the purchase and didn’t pay attention on how to use them.But a 5 star anyway because: It feels like good quality. It allows to even cut the pieces with a scissor, knife, or other sharp things.And, there are 100 different pieces in the bag. Some are the same, but have a different color. For those who are familiar with rod sticks: Do the purchase! You’ll love it.

Ophelia Axson, GA

Great Designs

There is not to many of these sticks I could imagine not using. I am new to these so the one that I was least impressed with I used for practice cutting. I quickly got a rythm and was using them the same day they arrived and got plenty of compliments.

Cleo Bellwood, IL

my new hobby

i’ve recently gotten into doing my own nails. my attempts at creating my own designs weren’t that great.searching for nail art i stumbled upon the MAsh Sticks and immediately got some!Not a single one of the designs is repeated in the get 100 different cute designs that go from flowers, bugs, hearts, food, kittys, all in the cutest colors.The sticks are easy to cut and you just use nail glue to stick it on your nail. the longest i’ve had mine on was 1 week 🙂 this is perfect for keeping me entertained with my nails.

Elvia Patterson, AR

perfect beautiful fimo

i got them all only one was defective but other than that they are beautiful designs and you have to cut them 🙂

Caitlin Dresden, KS


I didn’t have any duplicates in my bundle. All the images were cute and none were disfigured. I only had one rod that I can’t tell what it is…the rest are awesome!

Terra Union City, NJ