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Premier Dead Sea Vitamin Concentrated Facial Serum, Vitamin E and C, 1.6907-Fluid Ounce

A newly developed, vitamin enriched and anti-aging serum

Key features

  • Contains anti-oxidants^Counteracts free radicals^Removes the evidence of wrinkles^Slows the process of aging^50 ml

Honest reviews



This facial serium is the best product. I’ve used expensive products from chanel before and it is nothing compared to this product. The skin absorbs it and there is no greasy feeling to it. It is light and easy to wear under the makeup. And I could see how the appearance of my skin improved. It is not dry anymore. I would buy this product over and over again.

Reba Harrisburg, MO

I’m in love

I’ve been using this for almost a month and I have people asking me what I’m doing differently. YAY! It leaves my skin feeling smoother.

Laurel Ellerslie, GA

Great Serum

This is a nice, fast absorbing serum and I really think it has helped erase fine lines. Been using it for about 8 months and will continue to purchase. It goes on a bit oily – but quickly absorbs into your skin, leaving it very soft and smooth.

Eva Vernonia, OR

Feed your skin

Premier Dead Sea Vitamin Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamin E and C is great for your skin. While you shouldn’t replace your regular moisturizer with this product, start feeding your skin by using this serum under your moisturizer. It has all the good stuff in it. It goes on smooth as silk and is absorbed quickly into the face and neck. It doesn’t burn, sting or smell. If you’re fighting aging, and who isn’t, this product is a great weapon to add to your skin preservation arsonal.

Shanna George West, TX


I think this is a great quality product. Makes my skin super smooth. I went through 2 large bottles and plan on getting another! 🙂

Maxine Palm, PA

Premier Dead Sea Concentrate

I really love this and love theprice compared to what they sell it for in the malls. Am very happy with my purchase

Lila Fieldon, IL

Not sure yet

I have mixed feelings on this serum, thus far. I love how it feels WHILE applying it. And I love how it feels for the first 20 minutes. I’ve used it about 6 times now and each time, after about 20 minutes, my face suddenly feels hot and turns red in spots. Like a heat from within, if that makes any sense. Embarrassing, to say the least. For all I know it’s hot flashes starting, but I’ve never had one so I’m not sure what that feels like. And, I don’t get that any other time but after using this serum. Weird. Anyone else have this issue? I’ll keep using and see if anything changes and update.

Shana Lake Tomahawk, WI