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Premier Dead Sea Skin Toner for Normal/Dry Skin, Blue, 8.4535-Fluid Ounce

A gentle antiseptic toner to delicately remove last traces of makeup while soothing and comforting the skin

Key features

  • Leaves skin feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed^Specifically designed to complete the daily cleansing process^Balances the pH level of the skin^For normal to dry skin^300 ml

Honest reviews


Quick clean

I use this in the morning to clean up then apply the Dead Sea Mineral Enriched Moisturizing Cream. I clean my face at night and also apply the moisturizer. It does a beautiful job. Plus the facial peel is an important part.

Clarissa Tuscumbia, AL

I just hate the way they leave my skin feeling like it …

I know so many skin care programs include the use of toner. I just hate the way they leave my skin feeling like it needs to be washed. Tried it several different times then I just ended up throwing it out.

Kenya Moran, TX

Just watch where you buy it from…..

This works pretty nice along with my other Premier Products BUT, I purchased mine from Cosmetic4less and when it was sent it had leaked. Not much, but what got me what the shipping charges. I ordered 2 of the toners and they sent both of them (in the same package) but charged for 2 separate orders. I will update as I continue using this product. It does smell good and feels good. But, the seller will not be helpful if you have a problem.Told me they didn’t think I would be happy no matter what they did.

Addie Sieper, LA

Worth every penny!

This stuff is "True Gold" in a bottle. It is heavenly. I love the scent. I love how refreshing it feels against my skin. It really helps replenish and is a wonderful toner. It was worth the price and the wait. It will last me a long time and gives me radiant, glowing skin! So thankful I bought this!!

Janine Catawba, SC


I wanted to try something different because the weather was changing. So i purchased Dead Sea over Gratiae simply because it was cheaper. However after compering the 2 i prefer Gratiae.

Angelina Langdon, ND

its like water

this product was the worst toner I ever used, it did not remove any of my make up, I bought dior and also had a left over lush toner and made the comparisment, would have given it zero stars if I could have.

Rosie Tivoli, NY


This toner is just so so. I don’t see what the hype is all about, honestly. While it didn’t bother my sensitive skin, I gave it two stars for the high price. I had better results with the Glytone toner. Won’t purchase again.

Deena Plato, MO