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Premier Dead Sea Para-pharmaceutical Exfoliating Facial Gel, Brown, 4.25-Fluid Ounce

A high performance pH 5.5 soap-less exfoliating, cleansing, and peeling gel

Key features

  • Contains micro-plant seeds^Clean and exfoliate the skin^Balances skin tissue^Contains aromatic oils^130 ml

Honest reviews



This stuff scrubs so well. And weirdly enough, it feels like it’s doing a much bettter job when I scrub with my bare fingers, instead of with the washcloth. My skin is so smooth, foundation when I put on my face looks way smoother now and like don’t need concealer. Won’t be disappointed with this one.

Dionne Centerburg, OH

very nice

arrived on time I like this product it leaves my skin so soft you would really like it too this company products are above the others try them

Ramona Meeteetse, WY

Bad product

Do not like the Premier product here. Does not do anything. This scrub is not any good. Doesn’t do anything.

Millie Medina, OH

Love the Scrub

This is an amazing facial scrub..You can see the difference from your first use. My face looked so clean, bright and soft.

Susanna Monticello, SC

Good Product

I have to say that this is the first exfoliating gel that leaves my skin smooth and soft. Most of these type of products tend to dry out my skin, but this one seems to manage to avoid that. It rinses off easily too. I like to alternate this with the Premier Dead Sea Milk Cleanser.

Alyson Gentry, MO

read the ingredients!

Be aware, it contains parabensAmazon should probably ask the sellers of cosmetics especially to disclose the ingredients of their products, that would be fair for customers and they would actually take the decision to buy a certain products knowing what is the most important thing about : what it contains.anyone could check the safety of the cosmetics here : […]

Carmella Grinnell, IA

Exfoliating Facial Gel

Product smells great but a little harsh on my skin. Feels like sand paper rubbing across my face. Maybe not a good product for sensitive skin.

Janet Helmsburg, IN

It’s not bad but it isn’t great

On the positive side it has a lovely feel to it, however there are too few particles to really polish my skin so I think there are better options out there that really work and are much less expensive.

Deborah Lackey, KY

Love, love, love!

Normally, I wait at least a month to review a product, but I’m so astounded with this product that I have to review after using it ONCE! Let me start by saying that I have combination skin. I have extremely dry skin around my mouth and oily skin on my cheeks and nose with large pores. I’ve tried many products for combination skin, but like EVERY other product out there, it either leaves my cheeks greasy or around my mouth dry. My main issue is my large pores that are very noticeable.My skin routine consists of washing my cheeks, forehead and nose with a pore refining exfoliator. Then use a wash cloth to scrub my nose because it’s prone to black heads. I avoid washing around my mouth with anything other than water because it’s so dry. When I dry my face, I’ll scrub lightly on my nose again with a towel. I then use toner on my cheeks, nose and forehead, again avoiding around my mouth. Then I moisturize my face. After that, I moisturize around my mouth again and sometimes put lotion on that spot if it’s still too dry. After letting it dry, I’ll put on makeup.Now that you know the crazy routine I go through, let me tell you that the only thing I changed was the exfoliator. I didn’t realize this when I bought it, but this is not made with soap. I have shampoo like that for my pets (soap-less shampoo) but it never even crossed my mind that they can do that with cleansers and exfoliators. I thought it was perfect, I NEED something that doesn’t have soap! This time I washed my entire face with this.I have never felt my face so clean before! I mean, I do at home facials and use masks, but I have never felt it like THIS! Usually after washing my face, I can feel right away that around my mouth is dry. I didn’t feel that this time, at least not nearly as badly. I also didn’t feel the need to scrub my nose with the towel. I did the toner, as usual. This time when I moisturized, I only had to do around my mouth ONCE! And my cheeks didn’t look greasy, like it actually did the day before. My skin was so even, it was glowing. It improved the appearance of my pores so much that if I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought I was wearing makeup. I actually sat there and stared at my skin because I couldn’t believe the transformation of my pores. Seriously, I went from orange peel to almost normal.I’m so impressed with this product, it’s almost like they made it specifically with me in mind. I couldn’t dream of anything more perfect for my skin. I actually forgot how much I paid for it and saw that I actually pay just as much for my other exfoliator that is specifically intended to improve the appearance of pores. That exfoliator does a fraction of the performance this does. And it smells so good! I couldn’t recommend this more for people with large pores and combination skin!

Gladys Lake Helen, FL

Exfoliating facial cleanser

Love this product. Smells great. Although gritty texture, feels good to face & neck when applied. Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh after use.

Marla Cuba, OH

great product

I use the entire premier care collection. this scrub is great! I use it a few times a week. it really cleanses the skin.

Maude Hannibal, NY