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Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask, 2.04 Fluid Ounce

The award-winning Miracle Noir Mask. A firming mud mask, oxygen mask, purification mask and an exfoliating mask all in one

Key features

  • A true miracle that provides immediate remarkable results^Contains powerful anti-oxidants that will leave your skin looking and feeling younger^Contains Dead Sea mud and minerals, Liposome Complex, oxygen, and vitamins^Nourishes the epidermis while simultaneously reviving skin cells^Contains mud mask, mud block, and an application spatula

Honest reviews


Great mask

This item may seem expensive at Amazon. But a few years ago, the same jar of Dead Sea formula was available only at luxury cosmetic kiosks in malls, and at high-end cosmetics stores — for a great deal more money than they’re now offered directly from Amazon.Concerning the price I paid for this item, I feel definitely ripped off. It was more than twice as much. And after my unhappy experiences at those luxury cosmetic mall kiosks, I will never overpay for cosmetics again.However, the mask is very good at cleaning the skin, yet leaving a moisturizing oil base, direct from the Dead Sea. Laugh if you will, but Dead sea cosmetics do have a healing property that many other products claim, but do not deliver.I would not recommend overpaying for the Premier Miracle Noir facial mask, but I do recommend it. Used once in a while — it leaves your skin with a clean, healthy glow. Highly recommended.

Dayna Irondale, OH

highly disapointed

okay. so i watched the little video that accompanies this product and i was all excited because it looked so cool. well its not. i really dont think it did anything for me at all. i like the problematic mask much better

Tisha Hudson, NH

I see great results

I am almost 30. Not much wrinkles yet. But I do have some, some blotchy areas, large pores, dry and sensitive skin. No acne. When I use this product I see a difference in my skin. I live in a very dry climate in Northern California at a high altitude. I also have hard water. Ever since I moved here I have been battling dry skin. I was given a demo of this product at the mall. I am so glad I did not fork over $175 at that time. I found this on Amazon and was thrilled to pay a reasonable price. I see people complaining about the oily residue. A lot of people don’t like thAt aspect of it. But contrary to evey face wash commercial you have ever seen: oil is GOOD for your skin. We all have natural oils that are being stripped from our skin when we wash it or expose it to the elements. A good way to use this product is before bed time. You are not meant to wash off the oils. So do this at bedtime and let it absorb overnight. I go this and in the morning all I do is rinse with cool water as to not remove the oils. When I sleep with it on, I feel it gives the oils time to absorb. I wake up with smaller pores, plump skin, and even skin tone. Maybe the magnet is a bit of a gimmick, but I can’t argue with results. Do the mask evey 1-2 weeks. People compliment my skin on a daily basis (but I suppose a good portion of that is just plain genetics). I also moisturize with 100% organic virgin coconut oil at least every other day.

Brandy Oakland, KY

Great Product

These item is a miracle worker and gives great results! If the way the mask works with the magnet is amazing but my sking feel and looks healthier and makes improvements to the skin.

Frankie Big Bend, WV

Miracle mask is just that

My daughter tool me that I would be amazed with this mask and she was right. It will last me forever.

Chelsea Snellville, GA

Love Premier Dead Sea products

I just love everything from Premier Dead Sea products. I have side by side the ones I purchased from the mall and the ones I purchased from Amazon. They are identical. One difference is the ones from Amazon at 70-90% discount from the mall. The black mask is very different from any other mask products I used in the past. It leaves my face moist even after I wash my face. What not to love about the products. Ladies with mature skin, try them. Your skin will thank you.

Gwendolyn Northfield Falls, VT