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Premier Dead Sea Eye Serum, 1.2-Fluid Ounce

A secret composition of soothing active ingredients specially adapted to nourish the sensitive skin around the eye area

Key features

  • Liposome Complex^Oil free^Reduces wrinkles^soothes and smooths skin^Restores skin tone and reinforces facial structure

Honest reviews


wanted as a birthday gift but was spilled in box!!!!!!!

The reason why I gave only 1 stars for this product is: first it was opened, which means u can not give it as a gift and second when I opened the box serum was spilled. thats really sad, coz every time I order something they have various problems!

Elva Sherburne, NY

Not seeing the results other see…

Been using it about 6 weeks. I see no difference at all in the area around my eyes. (I’m in early 50’s).I’m going to keep using this until it’s gone. Will post an update if I see any improvement in fine lines around eyes.

Dina Sun Valley, NV

Eye Serum

I really, really like this serum. It’s so soothing, hydrating and helps ready your eye area wonderfully. The pump on this particular serum doesn’t work well (maybe because the serum is quite thick). You have to pump more than once then you get too much product. I just open the bottle and retrieve what I need and forgo the pump on some days. The serum is excellent, especially for the price. Will definitely reorder!

Rita Zortman, MT

Love it!

This is my 2nd order of this eye serum. I use on my eyes and throat area and definitely see a positive difference. I love this Premier line for the face and receive compliments on my skin on how pretty it looks. =)

Kerry Conetoe, NC

Very Good

I put this in the frig to apply cold and it works well in the morning. Wakes me up and soothes the under eyes.

Ruth Verbank, NY

Partially Effective

Initially, the serum will smooth the under eye area, however, I find a highly emollient eye cream is also necessary lest the area will dry out soon after application. Four stars because the effects are not cumulative.

Renae Rio Rancho, NM


I don’t feel it has done anything for my eyes and the dispenser is HORRIBLE! You cannot control the large amount that squirts out…..not a good product design at all.

Adriana Harbert, MI


I have used dead sea products, in fact they were the very first serum that i tried. I thought all through my teens and early twenties that i couldn’t use any moisture because of my oily skin. I tried the serum’s and fell in love–I am so glad i can find them on amazon

Angelita China Village, ME

Great for the neck and face

Wasn’t impressed for under the eyes but se this product on you whole face and especially neck…. and you will say wow!

Adrienne Ridge Spring, SC

premier dead sea anti wrinkle eye serum

Don’t waste your money. This is just a typical moisturizing serum and nothing more. It does not do what it promises.

Anne Hancock, VT

premier dead sea anti wrinkle eye serum

This stuff is the best serum you will ever find! It feels light and grease free when you put it on, and it really does help to keep your face younger looking. It moisturizes and does not give you a heavy greasy feeling. I love this product!

Catherine Oakley, MI

nice consistency, but

once you get some on your fingers it is impossible to just get a little and as other reviews say the push spout causes you to waste the product – I put mine in another jar hoping I wouldn’t waste it so fast, but each time I put my finger into it a lot comes out on that one finger – a large drop because of the consistency – unfortunately I didn’t see anything it would doing to help not show fine lines – it does feel good putting it on and nice looking jar – just doesn’t work well and couldn’t see any difference – it’s a sort of glycerin consistency.

Kasey Oak View, CA