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Premier Dead Sea Eye Serum, 1.2-Fluid Ounce

A secret composition of soothing active ingredients specially adapted to nourish the sensitive skin around the eye area

Key features

  • Liposome Complex^Oil free^Reduces wrinkles^soothes and smooths skin^Restores skin tone and reinforces facial structure

Honest reviews


No kidding

Generally speaking, I am the last person on earth to think about beauty products, make up and face creams. But about two years ago, while traversing a New England mall with a loving family member, I was unwillingly lassoed into stopping at a Premier luxury cosmetics kiosk to play guinea pig.”You won’t believe it,” I was told. Okay, so the sales woman flashes before me a royal blue glass jar of whipped face cream, dabs some over and under my eyes and asks me to rub it in.Voila, a genuine difference appeared in the mirror.Next, she issued a dab of this under-eye anti-aging serum, and asked me to rub it in lightly, under each eye. Voila, again, an amazing decline, instantly, in wrinkles.I confess that I am still in shell shock over the amount I spent on Premier cosmetics that day. But I still have all the items, and the jars are still more than half full.Now that the kiosks are gone from the malls, and Premier’s prices have tumbled by more than half, thanks to online selling from many internet stores, these products are a genuine value.They look expensive. But this little jar that will now run you maybe $30 formerly cost $99. And it will still last you years.The value comes when you look in the mirror and see that your skin really is more supple, less wrinkled and younger than it was before you indulged yourself a little.

Marguerite Emlenton, PA

Not firming just oily

I would not recommend this product to anyone. It does not firm its very oily so if you have dry skin its great. Bio oil would work just as well as is a whole lot cheaper. Boy I’am glad I didn’t pay full price for this item.

Edythe Florence, MO

Great product — even greater here

I paid (gulp) well over $100 for this at the mall three months ago, and I was happy … then I started looking for a way to replenish my stock and found how much cheaper it is here. Now I’m ECSTATIC.It goes on smooth and works for hours. I can detect no fragrance and it’s not at all greasy. And really, it truly does diminish the lines around my eyes.I’m subtracting a star for the bottle. The “top heavy” shape is misleading. I thought the bottle I bought in March was going to last forever and then, once I used it past the round portion at the top, it started running low at a fast rate. Also, the pump is a little unreliable. Sometimes I get more than I wanted.But it works. It really works. And I’m going to keep using it as long as I can find it at these less-than-mall-kiosk prices.

Dayna Palmyra, IL

premier dead sea eye serum

contains vitamin c that really dries your skin out. My dermatologist recommends using vaseline around the eyes. So so much cheaper!

Deanna Pilot, VA

Great product, great price

The first time I got this was in paying a ‘discount’ price at a kiosk in Beverly Hills – NOT! However gullible that makes me, I love the product and actually use it on other sensitive areas on my face. It produces instantaneous and visible effects. It speeds healing on sores and blemishes where applied, and it enhances exfoliation. This product is more natural and helps with removing toxins via the Dead Sea salts, although there are some solvents in it that I am not sure about.

Helen Hogansville, GA


A little fragranced, but manageable. It feels good putting it on, and my eyes look younger; fewer wrinkles; less sag.

Olive Bethpage, NY

Good product

The eye serum was easy to use and apply, made my skin feel very moisturized. Was a great deal for the price

Jenny Parker City, IN

Premier Dead Sea Eye Serum

This stuff is terrible. I used it for a while, and didn’t notice any difference. It cost a lot too.

Tanya Wounded Knee, SD

Love the product, great if you have sensitive eyes!

Like some of the others the only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because the pump dispenses too much at a time. I too was introduced at a kiosk that was a killer ripoff. I’ve been ordering from Amazon with no problems and feel it is the same product but of couse the stores tell you that you are getting something else. I use the eye serum and the eye cream and these are the only 2 products I’ve been able to use around my eyes without any irritation and I’ve tried all of the major department store brands. In my opinion Premier does put out some great products, the eye serum is my favorite.

Rachael Black River, NY

It feels great

I have been using this, the Premier anti wrinkle and the Premier Face creme and I have been getting all kinds of compliments. I have tried to get rid of my wrinkle and sun spots/age spots for years and I guess this is working. I have used Olay, Porcelain beauty cream, All kinds of expensive creams and exfoliates. I figured this was anther money grabbing product I was tossing my money away to. The ONLY reason I didn’t give it a “5 STAR” is because the pump on every single one of these (so far) dispenses way too much product. It is very difficult to use. It seems you waste more than you use every-time you use it. But, I just put the extra on my face.

Marla Elysian Fields, TX

Eye serum

Used this product along with the matching eye cream as indicated by the directions no major improvements or changes to my eye area and left a slight greasy feeling around my eyes making it hard to apply makeup.

Ernestine York Haven, PA

Best under eye serum.

This is the best product by miles as anything you see on the shelves of the stores. And it is so inexpensive. It is light. Absorbs completely. Makes my skin look younger and firmer. I highly recommend.

Camille Berryville, AR

Feed your skin

Premier Dead Sea Eye Serum is silky smooth and instantly absorbed into the eye area. It doesn’t burn, sting or feel greasy. It is a great product for the price.

Terrie Azalia, MI

Only one problem…

I am on my second bottle of this very nice and effective serum. I would not be halfway through the first bottle, except thatbit dispenses far more than you need–you only need a drop to cover both eyes.Since using it, I have notices the crepiness on my eyelids has diminished, and the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes are less noticable.I used the excess on my hands, and they have also become much softer and smoother, so even the problem has become a benefit 🙂

Tracy Calvert, AL