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Premier by Dead Sea Premier Luxury Collection Milk Cleanser, 8.5 fl oz

A very effective deep balancing cleanser which is enriched with special conditioners to provide essential moisture for the skin while gently cleansing and protecting it

Key features

  • Moisturizes while cleansing^Gentle formula^Soothing and nourishing^Protects skin from elements^250 ml

Honest reviews


Fantastic cleanser

Here’s another of the Premier Dead Sea products — once upon a time sold exclusively at high-priced mall kiosks — that I bought from one of those kiosks at an ultra-high price.I can’t say I’m happy to have paid what I did, but the cleanser itself is an amazing item that I have used for years. A dab goes a very very long way, and is far preferable to drying soap. And it is truly amazing to see the grime that comes off on the small cotton-ball used for application.The delivery issues with this provider, I can’t address. But the cleanser itself is genuinely terrific, and at this price — which might seem high, but is less than half its former retail tag — this is also a great buy.

Libby Rices Landing, PA

Don’t like the way this product feels on my skin

Don’t like the way this product feels on my skin. Just give me a good mild cleanser such as Purpose so my skin feels clean and fresh.

Heidi Hickory Valley, TN

Premier Dead Sea Milk Cleanser

I am on my second bottle of the Milk Cleanser. The creamy formula does a great job of removing my makeup and leaves my face very soft. It has a nice soft scent too. My only issue with the product is that the plastic bottle tends to tip over from time to time.

Natalie Lost City, WV

Produce review

Very creamy cleanser does not dry out my skin, pleasant scent. Only have to use a little at a time, thick cleanser very refreshing.

Olga Cummaquid, MA


I would purchase Premier Milk Cleanser again. It is creamy feeling, smells great, and provides gentle cleansing for my face and neck.

Abbie Protection, KS

Favourite thing from Premier

I really love this product. This is my favourite thing from Premier. All you do is smear a layer of it on your face and wipe it off with a towel. It removes all dirt and makeup from you face. The reason I know this works is because I use a cotton ball saturated with toner afterward and the cotton ball reveals to be cleaner than when I was my face with water. The person that said it doesn’t feel clean, obviously didn’t check to see if her skin actually was clean.The real reason I love this is because it only takes like 2 minutes and I don’t have to use water. I hate washing my face before bed, usually I just skip the whole thing. If I wear eye makeup, I’ll just rinse my eyes with water, but not actually wash my face. I know it’s not good to sleep with makeup on and that it ages the skin, but I just hate it. I’m glad I found something so simple and easy to solve my problem. If I could, I would buy a life time supply of this so I’ll never have to be without.

Stefanie Campo, CO

Another ‘Meh’ product

As with the toner, I don’t get what the hype is about this cleanser. I so wanted to love this. It is nice and creamy, but heavily scented and never feels rinsed off. In addition, I have to wash my hands with another soap to get the cleanser off. Otherwise my hands feel greasy, so of course it doesn’t feel rinsed off my face. It reminded me of Ponds Cold Cream, but with a heavier scent (do they even make that anymore?). I’m rather bummed I spent so much on these products. Live and learn.

Monika Wingate, MD