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Pre de Provence Classic French Soap Box, 25g

Can’t decide on a single fragrance? Pre de Provence Gift Box with 9 Soaps provides a cleansing and fragrant treat for those who can’t make up their mind. Each Box contains one Lavender, Sage, Milk, Linden, Coconut, Honey Almond,, Verbena), White Gardenia, and Rose Petal 25g soap… These best-selling soaps are quad milled in Provence using the old-world methods. They’re enriched with natural shea butter to cleanse and soften, and infused with natural fragrance blends to add delicate aroma. Equally wonderful for gifts, guests and personal care. This box of 9 guest soaps is a perfect gift on the go.

Key features

  • Set of nine 25 gram guest soaps in clean, herb smelling scents – a great way to sample and find your favorite Pre de Provence scent
  • Makes a great gift, perfect sized soaps for guests during their stays or to add to bathrooms and kitchens
  • Ideal set for homes or housewarming gifts – place one soap in each bathroom
  • Soaps are quad milled shea butter enriched
  • No animal testing – Free of Parabens, Ethyl Alcohol and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Honest reviews


What a treat!!

I bought these as a treat for myself and they are amazing. French soaps are very rich in fragrance and these are no different. The lather is luxurious and so gentle on my skin. You get to try 9 different scents and they are all wonderful and the scent is actually printed on the little bar. I expected these to be much smaller than they were and they lasted for about 5 showers in a draining soap dish! Just lovely and not even that expensive. Will grab these again!

Madelyn Hays, NC

9 Bars, 9 Scents…

With a Net Wt 0.88oz for each bar, seven bar combination is priced lower than nine bar combination due to the popularity of scents but regardless both are excellent start for deciding which scent will crown the championship.Developed by French soap makers in the 1700s the French milled soap’s triple-milling process is only available to commercial soap makers with the appropriate stainless steel rolling equipment, unlike handmade, hand-poured soaps, which can be made by amateurs. After the soap is made, it is dried into crystals. Rolled at least three times between large stainless steel rollers until a paste is formed, the paste is then pressed into soap molds, and triple milled high-quality type of soap is created that is completely uniform and smooth, without impurities, and is longer lasting than other types of soap.Always made in France with a typical combination of a fatty acid (oil or fat) in reaction with lye (sodium hydrochloride), with different scents, 8oz usually goes for $3.99 in conventional form and double the price in organic form. Pre de Provence is a very popular brand with scents like, La Mer, Lime Zest, Sunflowers, Agrumes, Grenade Pomegranate, Mint Leaf, Peony, Green Tea, sandalwood, Lemongrass, White Gardenia, Honey Almond, Rose, Linden, Verdena, Lavender, Sage, Milk, Coconut and much more.This is not organic but it is a good soap with the least amount of ingredients. Getting all these bars with different scents together offers one option where you will not get by only buying one scent bar soap when it comes in making a shaving cream. Grate some of each bar so it would add up to half of a soap bar, add EVOO and castor oil, add distilled water, mix well, apply low heat, stir till water evaporates, add EVCO, pour mix in a small container with a cap for a day. For the best homemade organic shaving cream you will need organic soap but French soap already come with different scents where you will not need to purchase any scent. If you want no scent then you need to go to unscented soap.

Germaine Waverly, SD

small cute soap set

This set is a great way to try many of these great smelling soaps – they are very small but they have lasted me a month each!

Nanette Hunt, TX

Beautiful Fragrance

Purchased as a gift for my daughter-in-law, and was very pleased with the wonderful fragrance of these pretty soaps. Be aware, they are quite small, but very attractive and the fragrance is marvelous. She loved them, and I hope the fragrance is as lasting as other buyers have indicated.

Minnie Kinston, AL

The best guest soaps!!!!

Coconut, Rose Petal, SageMilk, Lavender, VerbenaHoney Almond, Linden, & White GardeniaThis is a really nice set of 9 small, long lasting, lathering, soaps. They come in a beautiful box for gift giving. They are similar in size and width to a dispenser of square Glide floss. All the scents smell wonderful. Perfect for the guest bathroom when you don’t want a big old bottle of liquid hand pump soap.

Ingrid High Point, MO

Perfect size

These delicious smelling soaps are perfect for guests. They come packaged in an adorable box that would make them a great gift too.

Ilene Little Lake, MI

I’m happy with it

I like that I get to sample different scents, so I can decide what to buy a full bar of later. There were two I REALLY didn’t care for, but I think I can find someone else who might. They aren’t bad, just not for me. I get about 1 week’s worth of washing out of each mini bar.

Marta Carlsbad, CA

Little soaps with a powerful punch

My friend gave me these 1 ” soaps for Christmas. They are small, but powerfully scented. I had my stationery laying on top of the unopened box of soaps and my previously unscented stationery acquired a pleasant aroma. The soaps are now all out in the open and in the restroom where I can smell the whole thing down the hallway. Good thing it’s a nice, fresh scent.The box includes lavender, lemongrass, agrumes, sage, milk, fig, honey almond, ginger root, grenade pomegranate and verbena scents. The colors and the scents blend beautifully. I still have the empty box, which I open occasionally to catch a whiff of the soaps. It’s a very nice gift. Even though I’m not a bath and body person, I love these soaps.

Hope Spencer, OK

Nice but Pricey

I purchased this soap set for a gift. It’s nice and the soaps are high quality, but I still think it’s too little for the price you pay. I would have paid $8 max for this. It’s still a nice gift, so I don’t regret the purchase, I just wish the price was lower. The soaps are small.

Brandie Greenville, SC