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Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids

ChromaSilk VIVIDS are the most vibrant, long-lasting colors available anywhere. These Semi-permanent colors and are applied directly to clean, dry, pre-lightened hair and is not mixed with any developer. Ten pulsating shades including: Silver, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Violet, Green, Blue and Wild Orchid

Key features

  • ** see direction below to achieve desired results**
  • Amazing Violet Vivid hair color
  • 3 oz hair dye tube

Honest reviews


Love it but need additional product.

I absolutely love this color. It is the best pink I have found. But, when you get the package and read the directions printed on the inside, I discovered you need a pravana shine to mix with this. Where most semi permanent colors do not require to be mixed with anything. If you don’t mix it, the color washes out after one shampoo:( so buying the 2 products together ends up costing over $30.

Lora Bellefonte, PA

People with hair…BEWARE

Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids (Green) is used by professional stylist everywhere. My sister’s been in the biz for years & recommends this brand above all others. Trusting her I order it to give my hair a little kick. First issue the packing was a joke, there was no box just the tube in the envelope and a squished tube. Yep, thank you USPS I received an envelope full of teal ick. Yeah, even the color was misleading more blue than green. So I contact the company to request a replacement. They allowed me the privilege of returning it & paying for the return myself. Yep, very classy and consumer conscience of them.Moral of the story: While Pravana might be the best product out there for color get it from your stylist or a beauty supply place. Whatever you do, do NOT order it from this place. They could care less about customer happiness and are more concerned with taking your money than building repeat customers.I’ve now been told Sally’s offers this brand. What do you bet Sally’s actually comes with a box, sealed & everything?Update 10/16/13The company has contacted me. They sincerely apologized for the packing mistake & issued a full refund. WOW, who knew anyone paid attention to the reviews besides customers? Will I buy from them again? Possibly yes if they continue to provide great customer service.

Cheri Satsop, WA


I saw someone in a youtube video use this and i thought hey, ill give it a try. I first bleached my hair then put the red in. I left in in for way more than 20 minutes. I sat in it for pretty much an hour or 2. I dyed my hair over a week ago and the color is still as vibrant from when i started. Ive used l’oreal hicolor in red and it was good color for the first few days. After washing my hair once, the L’oreal easily washed out. I was so shocked when this color still stayed in. I think I’ve found my permanent brand.I HIGHLY SUGGEST IT. I dyed streaks of red into my really dark hair and i love it. Now I can be the Little Mermaid when i go to disneyland or be a pirate. It really works for either :p. Just a fun little idea but i do really recommend it. I have my best friend ready to copy my hair tomorrow because she likes it so much.

Doretha Elliott, MS

Silver….isn’t silver. Ugh.

I’ve been toning my bleached white hair every 6-8 weeks or so, to give it a faint gray-silver color. I wanted something a little more permanent, and darker- I was hoping for a more gunmetal silver.I followed instructions to a T the first time. I also did a vinegar rinse afterwards. It came out hideous. It was splotchy periwinkle blue in some spots, and still white in other spots. I’ve been dyeing my hair for 13 years- I KNOW I saturated it perfectly and even used a mirror to make sure it was perfect in the back.I was a hermit for two days, and shampooed it several times to try to make it look less bad. The blue stuck. On the third day I didn’t shampoo it, and then on the fourth, I tried again. This time I used a protein rinse from Sally Beauty because I thought maybe I had weirdly porous spots (and I don’t really think I did. My hair is super healthy with no split ends). Left it on, under a cap with heat applied sporadically, washed it out, vinegar rinse, conditioner….Still hideous. My hair just looks drab periwinkle, with darker periwinkle for about three inches from the roots. I’m going to try the dark blue to try to even it out, otherwise, guess I’m going back to ash brown :(I’m going to point out too- this is pale lavender-gray in the tube. I’ve talked to other users of it and they say it should be much darker- a blackish purple-gray that most people actually dilute. Did I get a fake? My Aveda Blue Malva conditioner (to get rid of brass) is darker than this stuff!

Kristin Mancelona, MI


I didn’t care for the pink shade. It was more like a pastel color, and I wish I had just got red and magenta and made a pink myself. I mixed half of it with conditioner to make for lighter ends and it did a good job, but I wish the color was more neon or dark. I saw photos online that seemed vibrant but I used it on platinum hair extensions and it came out a tad lighter (pastel) than the swatch shown on Amazon.

Helene Oriskany, NY


Words cannot describe how much I LOVE this hair dye. I’ve been looking for this type of color for months now and came across it on youtube. I originally tried the Ion Color Brillance hair color. It was nice but to get the color I wanted I had to mix two colors. The pink I mixed with it ended up showing up more and it faded faster. Make sure this is a color you’re okay being stuck with for awhile. It says in the directions that it cannot be lifted with bleach or anything else. No wonder it’s for professionals.Things I love:-doesn’t wash off a lot in the sink. the Ion dye almost ruined my bath tub. this barely even washed out-more of a stain and not a dye which means it’ll last longer and won’t bleed-Vibrant and bright-doesn’t take long to stick to hair-doesn’t have to be mixed with anything-it is a true purple. no blues or pinks are showing up-bright bright BRIGHT!!!!You do have to be careful or you’ll be whatever color your using for awhile. I would not wash his out with your full body in the shower. I do have African American, previously dyed black hair. So I did have to bleach my hair previously. If i didn’t do that then I don’t think the color would be as bright and vibrant. Overall I love this color it now has my heart.UPDATE!!!!So it’s been over two months and I’m still in love with this dye. it did however turn all my brushes purple. It, also, washed out in the shower every time I conditioned my hair, but each time the color got better and better. I received many compliments on it. I just tried manic panic and I love that, also. Again I would not wash this out in a bathtub that is white. I have spots that I’m still trying to get the purple out.

Lois Warner, NH

This arrived quickly and is a super vibrant color

This arrived quickly and is a super vibrant color! I wish it was slightly more permanent. I only wash my hair twice a week to prevent fading, the newer colored hair faded quickly, and after about 7 or 8 washes the rest began to noticeably fade. This fades slightly faster than the "Raw Color" dyes seem to on my hair. But this dye has such an amazing vibrant color! Overall, I’m very pleased with this product and will purchase again!

Yvonne Walpole, NH


bright and vivid!!!! amazing!

Manuela Frohna, MO

smells great & lasts as long as you take good care of it.

this is a semi permanent hair color, but if you have used the Sally brand which smells terrible, then get ready to be impressed with how lush the pigment is and how much better it smelled. I left mine on for well over the recommended time (60-90 minutes under foil) the color came out vibrant and lasted for weeks. In combination with a high quality sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner, you can take good care of your color and reapply every 4-6 weeks, or sooner depending on how intense you want it. My hair is processed lighter, so this color was easy to see the reward.

Gena Honolulu, HI

Pretty blue

I’m a manic panic girl for 20+ years. But I think they changed the formula and I wanted to try something different. This works the same as MP. Didn’t last as long despite the reviews saying it did. Not for me. The color was great, though. Really, really pretty blue. I love my MP but I may have to use this again sometimes.

Alisha Marion, IN

Nothing stays longer than Pravana!

When I use straight blue, this is by far the longest lasting dye I’ve ever tried. When I mix it with green, it doesn’t last quite as long but it does make a beautiful teal color. Blue on its own starts out as a navy blue when applied to bleached hair, but fades really nicely into the beautiful royal blue on the box. I’m 2 months out with every other day washing and it’s still a nice color.I’ve also tried Raw, Manic Panic, and Special Effects. Manic Panic is the worst for staying power but the color is beautiful. Raw smelled the best? hehDon’t take baths. Do not let your hair sit in hot water of any type. The cooler the water you wash your hair with..the longer this will last.

Tammie Houston, OH

Silver but hair must be white

Nice color and leaves hair soft. I have not had any issues with this particular color transferring to my pillow case, etc. and I’ve been using it for about a year.

Melanie Nelson, MN