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Prada Prada Candy Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 2.7 Ounce

Add a little sweetness to your fragrance collection with Prada Candy. Introduced by Prada in 2011, this women’s fragrance features a light scent that’s well suited for a romantic occasion. With a combination of benzoin, caramel, and musk, it’s the perfect perfume when you’re looking to turn a few heads. Wear it out on that first date or for an anniversary meal with someone you love, and you’ll make an impression that your partner won’t soon forget.

Key features

  • Design House: Prada
  • Fragrance Notes: Benzoin, Caramel, And Musk.
  • Year Introduced: 2011
  • Recommended Use: Romantic

Honest reviews


Powdery Perfection..!

You’ll love this fragrance if you like powdery-notes. I use lots of fragrance.. as in many sprays-per-morning. This lasts all day and even my olfactory-challenged husband can smell this and he loves it as much as I do. I use Philosophy scents mostly; Pure Grace, Baby Grace and Falling-in Love. If you have used any of those products and like them you will also enjoy Prada Candy.

Charmaine Masardis, ME

very overly potent scent

Basically this scent is way too strong and gave me a headache. Its VERY sweet smelling!! Gross. Smells like an old lady who eats too much candy. Please go text at your local department store before buying!!

Maude Central City, NE


I have not bought from this seller, but I have been in love with this scent since it came out. I get compliments on it every day, everyone asks about it. The scent is balanced, feminine, sensual, and elegant. There is nothing “cheap” of “sugary” about it. I do have to say, however, a scent smells differently on everyone. What may be a great fit for one person, smells awful on another. I suggest you get a sample and try it at home, not at the cosmetic counter. Nordstrom stores will make you samples of anything – all you need to do is ask. 🙂

Irma Bosque Farms, NM


I know it’s Prada, but the name is not enough to sell me on this perfume. I don’t think this scent at all lives up to expectation. It smells like a blend of Bath & Body Works fruity lotion and Love’s Baby Soft. If that’s your thing, I say go for it. If not, you are probably like me and expected a heck of a lot more from Prada.

Brigitte Shungnak, AK

Huge bottle!

I was so shocked by how big this bottle is! Good value for the $$! Loved the scent from a magazine insert and bought on Amazon without ever seeing the bottle size in person so I was surprised!

Leslie Orosi, CA

I’m sooooo in love with this fragrance

This fragrance is for you if you like others like Clean or Philosophy Amazing Grace or Michael Kors Sexy Amber. I got a sample and love it so much that I spray it before bed. It’s scent lingers and is great to put in your hair too. They sell this at a large beauty retailer nearby, but Amazon’s price was better. Very soft, fresh, clean scent.

Maura Kaw City, OK

Not cloying as name suggests, lasts all day

This is one of my favorites. I remember smelling this perfume for the first time in magazines and thinking it must smell different in person as a lot of perfumes do, but thankfully it was true to the samples. It’s not cloying and I never get tired of wearing it- and I don’t even usually go for sweet scents, except in the case of Henri Bendel’s Wild Fig (which unfortunately they seem to have done away with). I’ve made the mistake of spraying more on throughout the day because I thought the smell had faded so much so that only I could smell it and nobody else. I found out later that that was unnecessary- it lasts all day and stays strong enough for others to smell it (in a good way, I’m told). It also came with a hot pink bracelet, which my daughter loves. Would repurchase when I run out.

Neva Patterson, LA

Prada Candy- Love it!

I hesitated about buying this perfume online because I’m always paranoid that the perfumes are counterfeit. I am happy to report this is the real deal! Believe me, I wanted to purchase this perfume for approximately 6 months before taking the plunge (given that I have an excess of perfumes). I became familiar with the perfume because I would spray it on every occasion I could (i.e. during visits to the mall and other perfumeries)… long story short, the perfume I received is 100% real.It’s a very sweet scent…like candy… but not too heavy or overwhelming. i love this scent and I always receive compliments while wearing it. I will say, some days I feel like it wears off quickly but as the day progresses someone will compliment me and ensure me that the sent is there :]I really would recommend this fragrance to those who love sweet smells. I will say, it’s a sophisticated sweet. Hope this helped!

Chelsea Grayling, AK

Love this perfume!

I can’t get enough of this scent. This is my forth bottle and I love it. Smells very nice and I get tons of compliments. Shipping was super quick!

Karen Fort Thomas, KY

So Sweet.

Just as it’s name implies, Prada Candy is a VERY sweet perfume. I love sweet perfumes so this was a hit with me. The only thing I did not like about this perfume is the bottle nozzle. It seems to squirt the perfume out at you and doesn’t mist/spray like other perfumes. This can be quite annoying. Not sure if it’s just mine that is kind of flawed…haha. Either way, I find a way to rub this lovely sent on myself. It’s a great price and I was pleasantly pleased with this purchase. I would buy this again. =)

Tammi Argyle, NY


I ordered this product for my wife on Christmas. It is a little pricey but she absolutley loves this fragerance. Being a man, I must admit many womens perfumes smell bad to me, but this one smelled very nice

Opal Kings Canyon National Pk, CA


If u enjoy sweetness, this is a parfum must! Whenever I wear it, which is often, I get compliments all day. Men and Women stop me as I walk by, and ask me "what are you wearing it smells nice?!"

Jeannette Gadsden, AZ