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Prada Infusion D,iris By Prada For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 1.7-Ounce Bottle

Prada Infusion d’Iris was introduces in 2007 as oriental-woodsy fragrance. The name of this fragrance was inspired by the old method of producing iris extract which took six months of soaking until the sweetly fresh iris notes were extracted.This modern and elegant fragrance opens with notes of mandarin, galbanum, orange and orange blossom which lead to the heart composed of iris, cedar and vetiver. The base is composed of incense and benzoin.The fragrance was designed by Daniela Roche-Andrier of Givaudan. It is captured in an elegant glass bottle reminiscent of retro perfume bottles.

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Honest reviews


Nice but smells a little old

I was passing by at a departmental store when the SA gave me a small card with this fragrance on it. Of course I didn’t rest until i went back for the full bottle. Unfortunately, after a few months of light use our love affair waxed cold, and I just could not understand why I always shied away from using it. I discovered it had this old smell 🙁 same one that I associate with my one time favorite as well- Chanel No. 5. My sister loves the Prada so I gave it to her.

Bianca Sheldon, SC

Lovely Prada Perfume

Absolutely love this scent. I’m not a fan of “citrusy” and overly “fresh” scents in general, and I love oriental woodsy warm and sweet perfumes (Lolita Lempicka being my all-time favorite). However, I find that this perfume combines warmth, citrus, freshness and sweetness – all in one bottle, in a wonderful harmony. Yes, it is a fresh scent, but it’s a very “warm fresh”. And yes, it is citrusy also, but it’s a lovely “sweet citrus” (as opposed to many citrusy perfumes smelling outright SOUR, which I hate). I first smelled Infusion D’Iris at Macy’s a while ago and kept thinking about how beautiful the scent was, until I had to buy it. Of course not to mention that price beats all the others, combined with super fast FREE shipping. Thanks Amazon!

Sherri Abbeville, LA

Clean and Fresh

I have been using Prada Infusion D’Iris for a little over a year and I just love it. It is a very light, floral scent that stays with you. I work in an office with a number of people who are affected by colognes and I have never had a single complaint. As a matter of fact, I have had a surprising number of compliments on the fragrence.

Trisha Rawson, OH

Fresh! Love it!

I tend to love fresh, clean scents or spicy scents. This is very clean. I smelled in a magazine months ago and finally splurged and bought the gift set. Very fresh!

Joy Ohiowa, NE


WOW! How can I praise this fragrance? In my OWN words this is most feminine, fresh and sexy fragrance out there! I am a BIG perfume lover and I have tried and still do try every fragrance out there. This one remains in my TOP 3 for several years now. I am a female in my late 20’s and honestly I have progressed from poison like smelling scents to fresh and clean floral scents and absolutely love this one. The scent lingers on for long long time and after you put it on, about a minute later it starts smelling even better once it diffuses a bit in the air. My other top two along with this one are Chancel Tendre and Cashmere Mist and they are all in the same category. The design of the bottle is extremely simply and classy and it’s not bulky at all unlike some other 3.4oz bottles. Fits in my purse, makeup bag and easy to take on travel. I usually stock up on this before it’s even finished and I wear it nearly every day! Always getting complements on the scent too wherever I go.

Lizzie Harbor View, OH

Great scent

I’m generally not a fan of super woodsy perfumes, but this fragrance is the exception. The cedar notes aren’t overpowering and balance nicely with the iris scent, which is lovely. The perfume is also very long-lasting, and a little of the product goes a long way, so you don’t have to constantly reapply throughout the day. I definitely recommend this fragrance.

Leann Greenfield, OK

Rain falling on cedars…

Though classified as a floral scent, Infusion D’Iris is much more sofisticated and unlike anything else you can find in a department store. It has that “small boutique” feel. When I spray the perfume on my body, the most recognizable top notes are iris, cedar and incense, balanced by greenery. The resulting olfactory sensation evokes a memory of being caught in a warm rain in a cedar wood with the ground covered with blooming irises. Warm, pleasant and light, but long lasting. On occasion, I can feel it linger thru the following morning, while I undress for a shower.There is a difference when someone says to you “you smell so good”, vs. “your perfume smells so good”… When wearing Infusion D’Iris, the first compliment is the one I get most often. The perfume does NOT overwhelm the person. Which is great if you work in a tight environment. Your co-workers will thank you ;o).The only downside I can think of is that the scent is now gaining in popularity. My consolation is that its prevailing notes do seem to change significantly depending on the individual wearer’s body chemistry (unlike Eternity, for example, which is VERY recognizable, regardless on whom it is). It is a light scent that is warm enough to do well in the winter months as well. Enjoy!

Leanne Saukville, WI