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PPbean Disposable Eyelash Mascara Brushes/Wands 50 pack

Disposable Eyelash Brush Mascara Applicator Wand Brushes.

Key features

  • 50 wands/brushes per pack Long head for added convenience
  • Black plastic handle
  • They are designed for the professional who demands the best in quality, sanitation and performance
  • Long head for added convenience

Honest reviews


Waste money

I don’t what to say. Tried one and get rid of the rest of them. Totally wasting disappoint! Don’t buy

Adele Petersburg, VA

Just what it says on the tin

They’re little, they’re functional, they’re cheap. What else is there to say? I use these when dying my eyebrows and I won’t be running out anytime soon.

Felecia Sarepta, LA


i love these because they are highly portable. So if your mascara starts clumping you can just just use a wand and then toss it.

Juana London, OH

got these for my mom

we are always searching for brow aids. this one lets mom add a bit of wet shadow to her brows and color them in just a bit more than they grow naturally.

Wanda Le Roy, WV

Works great.

I’ve been using these to help shape my eyebrows. They work well, and you can’t beat the price for how many you get.

Liz Hastings, NE

Great Quality Mascara Wand

Great quality mascara wands – brush head is perfect for easy application.

Edythe Faber, VA

A brushs for everything…

Seller was prompt and you get lots of brushes i use thes brushes to add a little shine to my mascara with just a touch of baby oil on the brush also brushes help with eyebrows….

Jeanine Bandy, VA

Love love

I use mascara everyday and love having these spoolies around which can help with clumping mascara or combing eyebrows. Definitely recommend this product.

Katherine Montrose, CO

Four Stars

Handy for many jobs and great value for a whole bagful.

Susan Mozier, IL

great to have

These can be used for all sorts of things. From applying lash dye to cake mascara, to curling lashes, these little babies have a million uses.

Katy Meredith, NH


Nice and firm. What more can I say? Does what brushes are supposed to do. Good value for what you get.

Sara Ventura, IA


Love these for eyelash dying. Use a clean one for moisturizing eyelashes with olive oil. Keeps everything clean and sanitary

Marisol North Chicago, IL


Exactly like the ones I had in makeup class. They work, without being flimsy. What more can I ask for?

Kasey Emerald Isle, NC

A Makeup Artist”s Must-Have

These were an absolute bargain at the price I paid. I have bought from other places and paid a lot more for a lot less.I use them for tinting brows and lashes, but they are also great for applying mascara.They separate lashes well, and because they are disposable , they help keep your mascara free from germs. A must for professional makeup artists or anyone who wants to keep their mascara free of contamination.

Beryl Lester, IA

Wonderful Wands!

These wands are what I always needed but never knew I needed! I use them every day to groom my brows, and I just used them to color my brows – instead of the wood sticks that came with the color. What a perfect solution! These wands can be re-used and washed many times – they’re just great, and very portable – they fit in any size purse easily. What a find!

Lynnette Ghent, MN

Nice quality wands

I bought them to apply oil to my lashes at night, they work very well for that and also I’ve used them to comb through clumpy mascara and that’s a super use for them.

Bridgette Campbell Hill, IL

Just Perfect

Just the thing I needed. I’m so glad I bought these. They make shaping my eyebrows much easier. I recommend these.

Ericka Norman, OK

Cheap and work great

Great price and they were as expected! They came in two plastic bags tapped together. I’ve used them to apply eyebrow tint and they work like a charm.

Adriana Hingham, MA

Great buy

Wish there could be some made out of metal, or wood, or even rubber. But, if you are in need of some quick eyelash work, these are great! They are sturdy and get the job done. I personally got them to dip in castor oil then to apply to my eyelashes so they grow.

Ester Cassville, WV

Really Like These!

Wasn’t sure what to expect from these Disposable Eyelash Mascara Brushes, but they’re great. They provide a lot of separation, nice stiff bristles. I’m impressed.

Gwendolyn Eden, GA

Just what I wanted.

great for eyebrows, an every day must! and great for combing through eye lashes to separate and de-clump too! lots for a good price! with a wand that is long enough they are not hard to hold and don’t get lost.

Paulette Hinsdale, MA

Nice brushes but wash before using

Nice brushes and well made. Took a long time to get them. They do stink. Wash them before using them. I took them all out of the bag and washed in antibacterial soap, let them air dry and got a new bag to store them in. They are great for breaking up clumps of mascara after applying your mascara and for brushing the eyebrows into place. I also used a couple of them as general cleaning brushes for small items and for cleaning jewelry. Lots of uses. Just remember to wash before using.

Queen Blue Mound, IL

good for the price

these are actually pretty durable. i havent lost a spooly in the mascara tube yet. will probably repurchase this in the future.

Myra Mathews, AL