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Poshe Super Fast Drying Top Coat, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Poshe Super Fast Drying Nail Top Coat is a new generation topcoat. Dries manicure completely in 5 6 minutes. Enhances nail color for looks that are on the go.

Key features

  • Dries to the touch in 1 minute
  • Dries to the nail in 5 minutes
  • Chip resistant protects nails

Honest reviews


doesn’t dry fast, thick and goopy and just a mess

This top coat is terrible. It dries fairly fast, but I still have had my polish smudge after almost 10 minutes of dry time. With Seche Vite fast dry polish, my polish is rock solid dry after 5 minutes. This top coat also shrinks: a day after a manicure I will notice what looks like tip wear (which I never have, my polish usually chips before then), and I finally realized this thick, goopy top coat was to blame.The other thing missing is the SHINE! With Seche Vite my nails looked wet for a couple days after my manicure. The Poshe looks okay the day of, and then dulls.It is less expensive than Seche Vite, but not worth it when my manicures don’t last as long and only looks so-so. I also found that the formula thickened considerably, making it impossible to put on, after only a month after purchase.

Colleen Davis, NC

One of the best

This is my 2nd favorite fast-dry top coat (Jessica Brilliance is my 1st).It’s an excellent top coat that dries fast & doesn’t peel off, chip or shrink the way Seche Vite unfortunately does. I like that the consistency of this is a tad thicker than most other top coats (but not as thick as Seche Vite), which I prefer for smoothing out gritty glitter nailpolish without too many coats. Thin top coats just don’t do anything.A bottle lasts a long time & doesn’t thicken up until I finally get down to the very last 1/4 of the bottle. I find the tapered bottle easy to use (reminds me of a pear shape).Not too expensive & easy to get, this is a must-have in my polish collection.

Justine Wheeling, WV

I love this stuff!

A friend recommended this product to me. It is fantastic!!!My pedicure lasted a whole month! And I was wearing closed shoes cause we’re in winter right now…

Effie Jasonville, IN

Didn’t work for me…

I tried this because of the great reviews I read. I had been using Seche Vite but found that I had serious tip wear, shrinkage, and peeling. Poshe dried just as fast as Seche and was just as shiny but I had chipping the very next day. I have since switched to Out the Door top coat paired with Essies’s protein base coat and I am going on day 5 with one tiny chip that is barely noticeable. I don’t have any shrinkage or cuticle lifting. Poshe has worked for many, I just wasn’t one of them…

Matilda Vandalia, MI

The Best

I love Poshe products and this one works great. It goes on smoothly and dries very quickly, leaving your nails looking and feeling great.

Felecia Gays Creek, KY

love it

gree with previous reviews – Poshe isn’t lying when they say that their topcoat is shiny and "super" fast drying. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that because I’m very impatient and can’t easily put life on hold for an hour waiting for my nails to dry. It really is dry to the touch in a minute…although I wouldn’t necessarily go and wash dishes after five minutes in spite of their claim that it’s completely dry.

Jana Sand Lake, MI

Peels fast on my nails

This is my first top coat I’ve tried. I like the shine it gives your nails. Also it dries quick! Ive used it ontop cheap polish & high end polish but it always peels within the first day or two, taking my polish with it. Im a stay at home mom so nothing major is being done using my hands. Everyone’s nails are different, unfortunately this didn’t work for me.

Jimmie Calumet, MI

it’s ok

not bad, but color chipped within 2 days. I like it though, for those days you are in a hurry and you want your nail polish to dry quickly.

Eddie Cartersville, GA


I like Poshe top coat better than most others. It dries SUPER fast <2 minutes, and it is super shiny.

Young Sunapee, NH

Great top coat

I’ve been using this nail top for about 1 yr. Gives a thick layer with great shine. Helps keep your polish on much longer. You will love it..

Mavis Tyner, NC

Awesome – it really works!

This is the best top coat ever. It actually dries your nail polish rapidly! It also makes your nail polish look as though a professional manicurist did your nails.

Shelley Clearwater, MN

So far, so good!

I needed a replacement for Seche Vite because it does NOT work with Zoya nail polish (which I’m just recently getting into). I tried the Zoya "Armor" top coat and it takes forever to dry… Way too much time for someone that doesn’t have 2 hours to wait for her nails to fully dry. But that’s for another review.This stuff is just about perfect.1) Works with my Zoya and other 3/5-free nail polishes.2) Dries quickly (almost as fast as my Seche Vite)3) High shine. I’d say shinier than Seche Vite because it doesn’t do that weird ripple thing I sometimes get with SV.The one thing I will say is I seemed to have more tip wear with this top coat. However, my nails have been peeling a bit lately so that may be the cause.Overall, I would recommend.

Blanche Charlemont, MA