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Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes, Original Fresh 30 ct

Removes All Traces of Makeup + Leaves Skin Feeling Hydrated Perfectly clean and fresh in an instant with Pond’s Original Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes. No other leading towelette is better at removing impurities and gently lifting away makeup than these soft, textured cleansing cloths. Infused with Vitamin E and a Triple Anti-Oxidant complex, they revitalize skin while leaving it perfectly clean and makeup free. Key Ingredients Vitamin E—Known to prevent water loss from skin and help promote overall skin health. Triple Anti-Oxidant complex—Helps to revitalize and refresh skin. Directions Wipe around the eyes, face, and neck to remove make-up and impurities. No rinsing needed. Tightly reseal after each use. What’s in the Box Pond’s Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes, 30 Count. Pond’s Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes At a Glance: Soft, textured cloths work gently without drying skin Dermatologist tested Hypoallergenic Safe for contact lens wearers

Key features

  • Appearance of lines and wrinkles start to fade from sight
  • Now with textured cloth
  • With vitamin a, retinol, and collagen
  • Soft, textured cloths work gently without drying skin
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Safe for contact lens wearers

Honest reviews


Not Very Good

I recently tried the Ponds Clean Sweep Wet Cleansing Towelettes. I like the convenience of cleansing towelettes but I was disappointed with the Ponds Clean Sweep towelettes.The Ponds have a stinky smell to them instead of a clean or pleasant smell. They are also a little too dry to be a wet cleansing towelette. They claim it removes all makeup, even waterproof mascara but after I used the towelette I still had traces of makeup left on my face. I had to use another cleanser to remove all my makeup which kind of defeats the purpose of a convenient towelette.I do not recommend the Ponds towelettes. There are much better and cheaper ways to clean your face.

Kelley Bloomdale, OH

2.7 stars, so I rounded up!

OK, first off I purchased this because it claims to be the “best” make-up remover towelettes and removing impurities. UMMM…disappointed in this. Makes me not want to buy any other brand towelette either. I had makeup still left on my face and my regular mascara didn’t completely come off.

Sandy Pearl City, IL

Great wipe for a great price!

I found these for less than the generic brand that I was going to buy. I was using Boots face wipes for a while and was looking for a less expensive alternative.I found these and was elated (they were even on sale!) At first I was concerned that they were too ‘wet’ and left too much on my face. It evaporated quickly and didn’t make my skin feel dry.These are excellent at removing powder, foundation and lipstick. Although I had no problem with ordinary mascara, it wasn’t all that great with waterproof. (Although to be honest, I have never found anything but specific eye makeup remover to do that well).These are refreshing, easy to use and stay moist in the package.

Eugenia Moscow, IA

Great Towelettes

I love these Ponds Original Fresh wet cleansing Towelettes. I have used them for years and they do a great job getting off my makeup. I highlty recommend them.

Cathryn New Athens, IL

Great for taking off make-up

One cloth will take off a whole day’s worth of make-up- it will take stuff off you didn’t even know was there! Even works on eye make-up. These are scented- its sort of powdery and floral but not super chemical smelling like some pads and wipes. I’ve used Stridex and my kids ask me “Why does your face small like that?” That can’t be good, right? Anyhow, these have a nice weave to them so they have lots of surface area and are not so thick and quilted as, say, a diaper/baby wipe. Also, no alcohol smell like those hand cleanser towlettes. No parabens, does contain chammomile, white tea, green tea and vitamin E among other things.When I have finished wiping my face with these it feels very similar to after having washed my face with one of my department store cleansers.I tried Nutragena and they made me break out terribly.. These seem like a good deal but I could be fine without the fragrance. At least no one is scrambling away from me saying, “What is that smell?!?” 🙂

Adrienne Dayton, TX

I use it to clean my face

I like to use this towels as soon as I get home to get rid of my makeup, including eyes makeup. Now, is not the only product I use to clean my face but is the first step to the cleaning process.Im glad I can get a 4 pack through Amazon because I used to buy it at the end of the month in the Supermarket, and since I order them online I dont have to worry for at least 4 months, which is cost effective to me!

Sabrina Bamberg, SC

Love Them

I have used these Pond’s cleansing towelettes for many years to remove my makeup. They do a wonderful job and leave your skin feeling soft.

Nancy Eskridge, KS

Favorite face wipes

These are my abosolute favorite face wipes. I have really sensative skin and have had bad reactions to a lot of face lotions and waskes but this never has given me any problems. Buying it on amazon is the way to go too because it saves you a few buck. I highly recommend these face wipes

Kristy Crystal, ND

great for sensitive skin

these work really well even on waterproof mascara. they clean deep but don’t dry out my skin. I have pretty sensitive skin and these have never irritated it.

Kristi Waterbury, CT

Removes makeup, but still have to cleanse afterwards

I use these to remove my makeup and sunscreen before cleansing my face. The cloths are sufficiently moist but not drippy, and they’re perfectly-sized; one sheet is plenty for your face and neck. The scent, although pleasant, is a bit strong. That said, nothing in these irritates my skin or causes any reactive breakouts, so I’m not particularly bothered by the fragrance. Others may find it to be too much. The pack is supposed to be re-sealable, but I find that the adhesive ‘wears off’ shortly after opening. (I have to store them in a zip-loc baggie to prevent them from drying up, because the flap no longer sticks shut like it’s meant to.) I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable using these on their own for facial cleansing, but that’s just my personal preference; I like to cleanse afterwards with Cetaphil so that I know I’m getting my face clean and not simply removing dirt, makeup, etc. from the skin’s surface. I’ve tried other facial wipes, and these Ponds Original are the only ones that don’t cause irritation and still do the job. Thumbs up!

Queen West Dummerston, VT

Love these

I don’t know what I would do without these makeup removers. I am always too trashed at night to wash off my makeup and these are the only way I can keep from sleeping in my makeup.

Leah Convoy, OH

Gentle Enough for Daily Use

My wife reviewed this product:I use these towelettes every day – sometimes twice a day. I have combination skin and these towelettes are gentle enough for daily use. I wear makeup during the day and these wipes do a great job of removing liquid foundation, eye liner, eye powder, and mascara. Fresh scent.

Christie Mount Upton, NY


I usually use another brand of make up removing wipes and am pretty well satisfied, but I saw these at the drug store and decided to try them because they were cheaper and claimed to work better than the brand I use. Not so. They wipes are too dry and they don’t work well for removing eye make up. I like that the cloth is thick and feels good, but the performance isn’t what I expected. 🙁

Marsha Mount Vernon, MO

Sensitive Skin Friendly, Very Handy for Moms on the Go

I’m one of those busy moms who often lets her own needs fall by the wayside in favor of the needs of my family. Sleep is a luxury I can’t afford to induldge in as much as I want to so sometimes other stuff has to give for the sake of my health and sanity. After a few months of misery living with a newborn who did not get the concepts of day and night I had to start finding ways to help myself perk up in the morning. Coffee is great but one of my favorite parts of getting up after being well rested is getting washed up, putting on make-up… ya know… all that stuff that makes YOU feel human. But with a baby who needed feeding and diaper change and all that stuff there was simply no time so I bought some of thePonds Wet Cleansing Towelettes, Morning Refresh, 30-Count (Pack of 2)to at least give me a clean face I could pull off while holding the baby. I LOVE them!After enjoying those for months now I decided to give the original cleansing clothes a try, mostly for mornings when I have to rush out, for post-gym and for make-up removal at bedtime. My skin is really sensitive and I recently found out I have mild rosacea so I’ve been watching what I use a little more carefully. These feel great, they’re very moist, I live in a very dry and windy climate and haven’t noticed any increased dryness even though these do contain alcohol. Overall I’ve been really pleased. I’ve had no trouble removing mascara easily (with no eye irritation) but I don’t care for waterproof formulas so I cannot speak for the quality there.While I don’t intend to use them everyday I really like the convinience and quality of this product for those times when a sink and time for a good washing just aren’t available.

Jacklyn Kanona, NY

120 days of face cleaning bliss

Good old Ponds has a nice smell and gets the hardest of makeup off in a very gentle way….Even the 24 hour lipstick comes off….AND I get to use the name brand at the cheaper brand price….A win-win for sure….Will buy more…

Catherine Cokeville, WY

Nearly Perfect

Least offensive and stinging of the several I have tried, also most effective. Heavy eye makeup removal requires a bit of liquid makeup remover on a corner of a sheet to get that off. Heavy makeup may take two. I usually follow with a splash of water. I use them every day, morning and evening even though I do not usually wear make up to remove sunblock and the stuff in the air and dead skin. I get many compliments on my skin at age 66. Cetaphil is my preferred every-day cleanser, and it works well with these pads, also.Cost effective when bought in bulk and better than ones by makeup brands. Less reddening than Neutrogena. Avoid the specially scented ones. These do have scent, but not bad. I don’t know what odor they are covering up with scent.

Erma South Boston, VA

Great cleanser for dry sensitive skin

I had ordered the 4 30-count packs but they must have run out so they sent 8 15-count packs. I like these because I am a frequent traveler. Not all overseas hotels have face cloths in the bathroom. These are sturdy enough to take off my makeup, rinse off and reuse to remove the excess cleanser. The cloth is patterned so it can gently exfoliate. The 15-count pack is more convenient for travel.

Lidia Fort Myers, FL