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Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes, Luminous Clean 30 ct

For Beautiful, Luminous Skin Get luminous anytime, anywhere. These soft, textured cleansing cloths gently draw out trapped makeup and impurities to instantly revive dull skin. Keep a pack at home and one in your purse for on-the-go convenience. Key Ingredients Soft white Kaolin clay—A natural mineral known to act like a magnet to gently draw out deep-dwelling impurities. Moisturizing ingredients—Effective emollients such as glycerin which draws moisture from the environment, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Directions Wipe around the eyes, face, and neck to remove make-up and impurities. No rinsing needed. Tightly reseal after each use. For a soft and smooth finish, use with Pond’s Dry Skin Cream. What’s in the Box Pond’s Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes, 30 Count. Pond’s Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes At a Glance: Soft, textured cloths work gently without drying skin Dermatologist tested Hypoallergenic Safe for contact lens wearers

Key features

  • Draws out trapped make-up and impurities to brighten dull skin
  • Soft cloths work gently without drying skin
  • Enriched with soft white Kaolin clay and moisturizing ingredients
  • Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic
  • Safe for contact lens wearers

Honest reviews



These towelettes come out of the package very wet, which, in the winter, equates to very cold. Because they’re so wet, there’s a lag time before you can do anything else with your face because you have to wait for it to dry. Instead of feeling clean, I feel like something’s been left on my face and I need to wash it off. They are heavily scented. Even after I washed my hands, I could still smell the scent on them. Despite all that, I used them several times and didn’t find any benefit over using soap and water. They may be convenient, but that doesn’t make up for the negatives.

Lakeisha Riverhead, NY

Not for All Skin Types!

Not for my skin, anyway. Granted, this is old, sensitive, and dry skin I’m walking around in. These Ponds Luminous Clean towelettes say they will “…work gently without drying skin,” but the results for me were otherwise. After using, my face turned beet red for a few seconds, then I watched in astonishment as the skin crinkled up like tissue paper with dryness, a dryness so intense it hurt. I needed to slather moisturizer on my face to recover its normal texture. In the past, I have tried astringents that produced the same reaction.The towelettes have a texture that perhaps aids in exfoliating (though nothing is said of this on the package), and claim to draw out “trapped make-up and impurities to brighten dull skin.” I have one problem area on my nose that I was hoping would look better after using this towelette (I bravely gave the towelette a 2nd chance just applying it to my nose), and noticed no difference at all afterwards. So while this product may be convenient and useful, and work the way it is supposed to for some less sensitive, oilier skin types, it did nothing for me. I can also smell the re-sealed package from a few feet away, so the fragrance is also a little heavy, and maybe this is what aggravated my skin. It’s nicely packaged, and stands up in the little box it comes in, for space saving. A very convenient item, if only I could use it.

Belinda Benton, AR

Rough and packaging does not seal.

I’m a long time user of Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes and I have tried some other brand but I always go back to Neutrogena. In this case the towelettes are this odd almost netted material that feels rough on my sensitive skin. They are also not very effective in removing makeup, especially eye makeup as I’d have to "scrub" my eye area with this rough towelette which is very unpleasant and then I’d still have makeup on accompanied by my now raw feeling skin. My other issue is the packing doesn’t seal so they are left to dry out and become useless. I tried taping over the seal with tape with no luck.I will be going back to the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes as they are more effective, cheaper, and more pleasant to use overall.

Maryanne Bolckow, MO

Cleans some but not all…

Previously, I was using Equate (Wal-mart) brand cleansing/makeup removing cloths (compare to Noxema), but I put them aside to try the Ponds for a week. It is fine to remove foundation and eye shadow, but it was inferior to the Wal-Mart wipes at removing my waterproof mascara. Since this is what I most am interested in removing, I have to give this product 3 stars. The Equate brand makes me work for it, but it does eventually remove the mascara, where Ponds wipes only smudged it. Meh.

Luz Erbacon, WV

Helped with Health Issue… Updated 2/28

I THOUGHT I WOULD TAKE THE TIME TO REPORT THAT I SUBSCRIBED TO THIS PRODUCT UNDER AMAZON’S NEW PROGRAM AND AM EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH THE DELIVERY PROCESS. I HAVE BEEN USING THIS PRODUCT FOR A NUMBER OF MONTHS NOW AND STILL LOOK AT MY FACE IN WONDER SINCE MY FACE IS CLEARER THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN…AT LEAST FOR ME, THIS IS MORE THAN A PRODUCT TO REMOVE MAKEUP…ONE OTHER COMMENT RE PACKAGING…THIS LAST TIME, THE ENTIRE PACKAGE HAD BEEN TOTALLY REWRAPPED. I HAD BEEN AFRAID OF LOSING THE WETNESS IF I GOT THE PRODUCT TOO FAR IN ADVANCE…BUT WITH THIS ADDED LAYER, I AM RESTING EASY REGARDING THAT CONCERN!I have been using this product for almost a month now and decided to go ahead and submit my review. I have been impressed with the product and would recommend it to anyone.Since I haven’t used soap on my face for years, I found the wet towelettes to be so much easier to use than any type of cream. They fold out nicely into a small cloth-like, refreshing bit of material…and then you just toss them away.Now, I’m somewhat unusual for a user since I am at home, retired, most days and so rarely use makeup. Yet every day, there is some sort of dark color appearing that proved in my opinion that the product continues to deep-clean daily. Yet when I have used makeup, there is sufficient strength that nearly all has been cleaned with just one towelette.For me and maybe for others, the biggest thing I noticed was that it helped to hold back the appearance of Rosacea, which is a reddening of the cheeks and nose area, the latter being the worst spot. My cheeks have been clear most of the day, with a reduction on my nose area. Before I start using this, I normally looked like I had rosy makeup on, when I didn’t. I’ve also noticed that the “adult acne” problems I had been experiencing off and on have almost disappeared…both of this without any other produce use. Now I did experiment a little with adding Olay’s renewal, which helped even more…but it appeared to me that this product has been the most beneficial.Easy, Effective, and…it did give my face a glow… Wow!GABixlerReviews

Jewell Parks, NE

Disappointing (D Grade)

These wipes did nothing for my face and I found them very lacking. I had to use 2 or 3 at a time to create enough foam and soap to wash my face. The towelettes are very skimpy and really don’t get the job done. I would stick with another cleanser or a soap instead.Katiebabs

Christine Guadalupe, CA

Great new product

In comparison to Wet Ones, or other wet wipe brands I have used, these are much more moist and have suds and have a much stronger fresh floral smell that last for a long time. I like especially the lightly quilted texture. They do a marvelous job removing grime from my skin. As an experiment, I worked outside and got mud all over my hands. Other moist toilets I have used tear easy, or I need to use a very large quantity of them. With these I got my hands mostly clean while only using 3.The soap suds on them may want to give you the impression that you need to rinse your hands off, but they moisturize at the same time and are none drying.One final note, I have very sensitive skin, and had no issues with these during or after use like burning skin or reddening.

Maude Beulah, MI

Pond’s makes the best makeup remover wipes. Hands down.

I think I’ve tried every makeup remover wipes known to man, and I always come back to Ponds. The texture of this one is perfect. Super soft and completely non-irritating (some of the other brands I’ve tried are scratchy). There is the barest whisper of a lemon scent (which I love), and the last cloth was just as wet as the first one (again other brands tend to dry out so that by the time to get to the last one they are practically dry). I didn’t notice any extra luminosity to my skin, but they are fantastic for removing heavy eye makeup and leaving my skin feeling super clean.

Cristina Jamestown, VA

Perfect, especially teens with mild acne problems

I have been using this product for a week. It cleans better than any other “cloth” type cleanser I have used in the past and makes my skin feel very smooth without feeling raw or overly dry. I have not felt this with the myriad of other cleaning towelettes and pads with which I’ve experimented. It does not leave my face looking red and raw. I do apply moisturizer after use, but I do this after using any cleanser.For the teenagers who have been slacking off on the multi-step cleaning routine, the Pond’s towelettes have been awesome. They don’t even have to turn the water on. They love that there is only one step and have once again become faithful in the twice daily cleansing of the face. We have noticed a clear diminishing of acne issues in just one week.Note: The towelettes are huge. For the teens with acne issues we cut them in half. For those with balanced skin, we cut them into quarters. After cutting up a weeks supply, I put them in a sandwich size Ziplock baggie. So for those concerned about the cost effectiveness, this could bring the price into a reasonable range for you. I haven’t been able to do this with other cleanser towelettes, I have needed to use the entire cloth and didn’t see as much dirt being picked up.Final analysis: These are mild enough to use on dry skin as long as you use a moisturizer and strong enough to help with mild acne. They have worked more effectively than any other product of this type that I have tried, and I’ve tried quite a few. I didn’t expect to be so happy with these.

Estella La Junta, CO

By far the best face wipes.

My wife and I both use these. She uses them for her make up. I use them to wash my face before I go to bed. Previously, I just used a wash cloth, but my wife gave me one on vacation and I liked it so I just kept using hers. Unfortunately, these are hard to find in our local stores and, as a result, she will sometimes buy other brands. None of them do as good a job of lifting dirt without drying out my skin. She also prefers the Pond’s for make up removal. I don’t know what else to say other than they just work better than any of the half dozen brands we’ve used. I guess the clay makes a difference.

Casandra South Carver, MA

facial wipes

These are very good facial wipes. I use every AM to clean face before moisturizing. Cooling and refreshing. Help with puffiness.

Ruthie Brookville, KS

Excellent product, exactly as advertised.

I have tried several facial cleansers and this one is excellent. It does not leave a dry feeling as do some of the others and there is no irritation in tender areas, even around the eyes.I am very pleased with this product and will be ordering it when I have exhausted the very generous supply sent as an Amazon Vine promotion.

Terra Logan, UT


I love these clean wet towelettes. The feel is fresh and clean. It has that really good refreshing and cleansing feel. I’ve used them for both make-up removing and for just face washing.I use these things all the time. They sure are convenient, as well as clean and refreshing. I use these and love them so much; I can never get too many of these.These work really well. Highly recommended.

Bettye Bone Gap, IL


After using Pond’s Luminous Clean Wet Towelettes, I am left feeling refreshed. They smell nice. They leave my skin clean and smooth. If I had time to bask in my refreshed feelings, I would! LOVE THEM!!!

Charlene Akers, LA

Just what I’ve been looking for

I can’t count how many different brands of facial cleansing wipes I’ve made my way through. They’re too dry, or they make my skin too dry, or they smell awful, or they leave those horrible little fibers in my eyelashes and eventually my eyes/contacts. Ugh!!This product solves every one of those problems. They’re moist enough to feel like you’re actually cleaning your face, and leave my skin soft and luminous. The scent is pleasant, and no lashes full of fuzzies!! I can use these to take off my eye makeup without misery.I already use Ponds moisturizer (still the best), so I’m really pleased to add these wipes to my skincare routine.

Chasity Cairo, OH

They’re Handy For Travel

I like these Ponds Luminous Clean Wet Towelettes, especially for traveling. I always feel bad about getting makeup all over someone’s white washcloths, whether I’m staying in a hotel or at someone else’s house. These towelettes get *most* of my makeup off and leave my face feeling clean and soft.Mascara’s another story, though, and I’m not even talking about waterproof. Just regular mascara. I tried using these towelettes exclusively a few nights, and even though it looked like it got my mascara off, when I’d wake up in the morning, I’d find that the mascara residue the towelettes left behind was now smushed all over, under my eyes. That’s too bad. But when paired up with a good mascara remover, these towelettes get the job done.The reason, then, that I’m giving them four stars instead of five, is that the reason I’d buy this product is for the sake of convenience when I travel. In order not to have smeared mascara residue on my face the next morning, I need to pack a mascara remover and some cotton balls, along with these towelettes. That diminishes my convenience a little bit. Otherwise, for travel, these are pretty great!

Carolina Morgantown, KY

LOVE it!

I am loving this product! I use the POND’S Luminous Clean Towelettes for a quick clean and freshening up of my face whether I’m in a hurry to go somewhere and get out the door or to take with me! There is no need to rinse after using these towelettes and your skill feels so soft and clean… not to mention that it smells so good!

Essie Creve Coeur, IL


These are handy for those oops moments when I screw up doing my makeup, for for those lazy moments when I just don’t want to wash my whole face.

Marietta Lecanto, FL

works well

This product has a delightful, yet very light, fragrance. The towelettes are thick and sturdy. They do a great job removing makeup and can be used in place of soap to “wash” your face. I didn’t find them to be especially moisturizing (I have extremely dry skin) but they are definitely not drying. This is a product I will continue to use, replacing my previous one. An excellent buy.

Dina Surrency, GA

Moisturizing and deep cleansing

The pack comes with 30 moistened towelettes. It only took one wipe to get a deep clean. It is surprisingly moisturizing and didn’t leave my face dry nor irritated. It did a great job getting thick mascara off. The resealing pack doesn’t stay completely closed, but the cloths haven’t dried out.

Louise Frontier, MI

Great for taking off makeup!

I wanted to try this product as an alternative to regular makeup remover towelettes. Pond’s Luminous Clean Wet Towelettes are soft to the touch. The package itself is well immersed in cleansing ingredients that you can actually see some tiny bubbles. The back of the package says it contains Kaolin clay (the word “kaolin” itself is Chinese for clay) that’s supposed to draw out “deep dwelling [skin] impurities and makeup”, and moisturizing ingredients.I normally wear foundation with loose powder, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick daily to work. The package says they are wet cleansing towelettes . That being said, I used this product mainly to take off makeup. I have never tried it yet on an unmade-up or sweaty skin (say, after vigorous exercise), so I don’t know if it performs well under these conditions. One towelette is not enough to take away all of the foundation and powder on my face. It takes me two towelettes, using both sides of each sheet, to cleanse my face completely without leaving any makeup residue. If I use 1 towelette, I still have to wash my face with some very mild soap to get all makeup off completely. Using 2 towelettes, all I have to do is rinse my face well afterwards. There are no directions on the package that say you still have to rinse your face after using it, so I guess you can probably use several towelettes until the last towelette you use comes off clean and not have to wash or rinse your face after. However, seeing as the towelettes inside the package are very well moistened with some type of gentle soapy material, I didn’t feel comfortable not rinsing my face at the very least after using them. I just didn’t want to take the risk of having an allergic skin reaction because there was some soapy residue left on my face. I have never used the towelettes (and don’t intend to) to take off my eye makeup. I still think the eye’s skin area needs to be treated gently and should be cleansed with eye makeup remover instead of towelettes, no matter how moisturizing or gentle or soft they are.The verdict: I’m very satisfied with this product. It does leave my face smooth and not feeling tight or squeaky clean after using it and following a water rinse. The kaolin in it might also act like some gentle exfoliant, and the moisturizers make sure my skin doesn’t dry out. I don’t recommend it for the eye area, just the face and neck, and they’re really great at taking off layers of makeup!

Aline Cabin Creek, WV

Want great skin? Use these Pond’s towelettes

You know how you are tired at the end of the day and you don’t want to take the 5 minutes it would take to wash your face? Well, Ponds has the answer with these towelettes. THEY ARE FAB! You can wash your face with the towelette and chuck it in the bin when you are done. These are safe enough to remove eye makeup and mascara without hurting your eyes.They are convenient to tote around (think airports, think campgrounds, think fitness center) and gentle enough on your skin to prevent breakouts. These are a true find for those who want to take care of their skin, without being high maintenance, and great for those of us with sensitive skin

Jade Audubon, MN

Amazing for the price!!

I have used many different makeup towelettes…some 5 times as expensive and this is by FAR the BEST ever! The towelette is larger, thicker, and has more product on it than one that is out by a well known skin care line at 5 times the cost. I am impressed as it is also a skin treatment rather than simply a makeup remover…it leaves the skin with an almost resurfaced micro dermabrasion..gentle yes, but noticeable. I’m hooked!

Eliza Schiller Park, IL

Easy to use

I’m not always as good about taking care of my skin as I should be. Sometimes I’m just too tired at night to do much. What I like about these cleansing cloths is that they are extremely easy to use. They leave my skin feeling clean and smooth. The product doesn’t leave my skin feeling irritated in the slightest. The only thing that slightly concerns me is that the towelette looks pretty clean when I’m through with it. I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but I do wear some, and I’d like a little more visual evidence that it is off my skin. However, like I said before, my skin does look and feel clean.

Antonia Pennington Gap, VA

great little product

I don’t wear alot of makeup and some days none at all. I use this product at night, before bed. it cleans the oils off my skin. i use it when i wake up, before i shower. this product has a very nice scent, it makes you skin feel clean and moisturized and even your hands feel good.i carry these to work and in the middle of the day, when i’m sweaty or just need a little pick me up, i use them.after this package runs out, i will get another to carry around.great product

Lisa Tridell, UT

Work surprisingly well

These are soft, wet cloths with a quilted texture. They have a nice scent and do a good job of making my skin feel clean. I have red, itchy areas at the sides of my nose, which felt better after using one of these. They do have a tiny bit of “foam” on them, but do not leave a dry feeling on the face. They are really useful for when your face is feeling a bit greasy and you want to feel clean without the drying proprieties of many soaps. I also used one on my dog’s face and it cleaned up his tear burn nicely. I was not a huge fan of Ponds in the past, but this product and their face wash (both made with Kaolin clay) have changed my mind about them.

Margot Lawtey, FL

Pleasant, but unnecessary luxury item

I am pretty simple in my "upkeep," and don’t buy a lot of extras or unnecessary items, which I consider to be expensive luxuries. With that in mind, I was glad to try these since I would probably never buy them on my own. Right off the bat, I was delighted at the smell, texture and look of these facial cloths. The smell is so perfectly fresh and mild, they feel soft, damp, and ever so slightly foamy, and the texture on the cloth can be described as open-weave or "lacy". I enjoy using these facial wipes; they make my skin feel cleaner, softer and fresher when compared to straight washing, they are convenient, and have not bothered my eyes or sensitive skin. I’m not sure if they are designed to remove makeup, but I experimented and they did remove my eyeshadow, light powder, and some mascara. Overall, these might be a nice product to have in your bathroom for a quck clean-up, but I probably wouldn’t use them daily.

Frankie Moseley, VA

Good Product but Can’t Take the Scent

These towelettes are very moist, and have a nice thick quality. They effective remove skin oil, leaving your skin feeling soft. I read that some people thought the towelettes were too wet, I disagree. There is always some evaporation even within well-sealed packages, so the wetter the better for me. My only complaint, and why it is not a 5 star review–is the scent. I cannot stand strong smelling products. Women use makeup with a scent, soap and shampoo with a scent, hairspray with a scent, then add perfume. It is too much. These towelettes are way too strongly scented for me to to continue to use them, it chokes me. But – if they sell an unscented variety, I would love to have these around on an on-going basis.

Herminia Fordoche, LA

Happy Face

These Pond’s Luminous Clean Wet Towelettes are a great way to remove your make-up. They are lightly scented and non-irritating (I have sensitive skin). They are large enough to do a couple of swipes meaning you can get all your foundation and eye makeup off with one towelette. I was really impressed with how well they removed my mascara (ultra waterproof blackest black). Better, there’s some kind of conditioner in there that makes your skin look freash and glowing the next morning.

Mari Severn, VA

Ponds Luminous Clean Wet Towelettes

This is a great product. The Ponds people have been around a long time and they are very reliable. My wife is the user and she has told me that since she recently had eye lid surgery this is the ideal thing for her face. She had a problem with making sure that she did not wet the areas where she had stitches. Ideal for this purpose. Also, ideal for her facial cleansing. Very satisifed. Highly recommended.

Erica Canton, ME