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Ponds Flawless White Re-brightening Night Cream – 50gms

The night cream is a special service every night. Care to help restore skin that has been attacked in daily activities and work to clear fully. When you sleep during the dark spots and hyperpigmentation of the skin to reduce fading. Color, smooth consistency. You wake up with skin bright and clear away spots. The date on the product is the manufacturing date and the product is good 24 months from the manufacturing date.

Key features

  • 50 gm
  • Moisturizes, for soft and smooth skin.
  • Protects against the sun’s UVA/UVB rays
  • VAO-B3 complex fades away dark spots and blemishes.
  • Visibly lightens skin, gives it a natural flawless radiant look.

Honest reviews


Don’t be afraid to try this cream on oily skin

This cream is not very moisturizing, so if you have oily skin and are on the fence about this product I say go ahead and take the leap. Drier skins should go for the lotion. It does help with my overall skin clarity even though I am a very fair skinned Caucasian, and helps tone down redness and hyperpigmentation that I get from breakouts. I wish it were more readily available here in America since it seems to work so well for caucasian women too, but that will never happen as long as tan is in vogue here and pale is all the rage in Asian countries. If it has actually lightened my overall skin, I can’t tell because I am naturally super-pale to begin with, but it has helped to improve my skin condition with fewer breakouts and an overall smoothness in tone that I have never had before. If you’re not so concerned with lightening and just want smooth skin that isn’t blotchy, this could be the product for you. Minus one star for lack of availability here in America.

Deloris Livingston, LA

Nighttime Skincare Staple

This item has been part of my everyday nighttime skincare routine for years. The product: evens overall skintone, lightens pigmentation from post acne and sun damage, smoothens the skin drastically, and whitens the whole face. Some people like to compare this to the Shiseido White Lucent range, but I personally like this better. Although it doesn’t give the translucent look to the skin, it whitens the skin faster and more drastically. Initially I was worried about the scent because it is a little strong for my sensitive face, but once you actually apply it to your face, it goes away. Also the product does not break me out at all, so acne-prone people shouldn’t be afraid to try this out. I highly recommend this to everyone!

Chelsey Mazomanie, WI


It’s OK, but really does not live up to the hype. It’s not an expensive item, but I don’t plan on buying this again.

Nicole Littleton, CO


When I placed my order, I was a little anxious bc of all the good reviews and research I’ve done…i couldn’t wait to use it and see the results…when I got the night cream and foam wash within a week I was very impress and gave 5 star rating to my seller…right away that night, I used it and kept my fingers crossed BC im tired of looking for products to help the crazy and over productive worst case of dark spots all over my oily young Asian acne skin..when I got up the next morning, for the first time, my boyfriend said” your skin is so soft”… I Ran to the bathroom and no breakouts..but surprisingly the dark spots got one shade this point my smile is from ear to ear..I know everybody is different and products work differently for everybody but I wanted to share this review BC It works for me and it may not work for the next person but don’t feel discourage cause there is something out there for you..just keep looking and wear a lot of sun screen

Leah Sigel, PA

Super-smooth, lovely

I like the lovely little smell, the super-smoothness and absorption. No change in complexion, but didn’t really expect that, was just hoping.

Hilary Fallon, MT

Always love it

This is a great product, little pricey but I can’t live without it. Leave my skin smooth and smell so good.

Myrna Riverside, OR


I have used this cream every night for four weeks and seen no results.At first I thought MAYBE,….JUST MAYBE it was lightening the dark rings around my eyes.But no such luck.I guess there’s no getting away from products with Hydroquinine.SUNBLOCKS really do not prevent tanning. EVEN SPF 100 seems to allowa tan.Also this cream, did not moisturize. Quite honestly, I don’t see that it did anything.

Catherine Wyoming, RI

Does not work

I bought this product to lighten my freckles and even out my skin tone. It didn’t. Save your money. Don’t buy it.

Robin Brooklin, ME

I bought the day and night brightening lotions and

I bought the day and night brightening creams and I preferred the night because when I used just the night one, my skin wouldn’t breakout as much, and it really evened out the skin color all over my face. The day cream caused my pores to clog or some kind of allergic reaction but the night one didn’t, so thats good! But not good enough because I was looking for a brightening lotion and not a lotion that would even out the color of my face. So that’s why 3 stars. Hope it helps 🙂

Brittney Titusville, PA

Good Product

I have not had enough time to really evaluate this product. Cream is not greasy and is used at night.

Wendi Sneads, FL

Great brightening cream!

I use this with other products in the line and have been enjoying them. Much cheaper then some of the other brightening brands.

Sharlene Taft, OK


I have used this product for 6 months now. I wanted to wait to write a review. This is best night cream I’ve ever used. I noticed that Ocean Discount no longer sell this item, which is too bad bc I had such a good experience with the order. I ordered the same item from another seller and the item was expired. This seller shipped me an item that was new and great. The shipping was fast and I highly recommend this product.What I like about it:1. does not clog pores-no break out2. Very VERY light. I’ve used other lines from Shiseido to Chanel…and nothing quite this good.3. Good price4. Evens out and brightens your tone5. smells like heaven.

Sara Port Edwards, WI