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Pond’s Dry Skin Cream, 10.1 oz

Rich hydrating skin cream. Deep hydration for smooth, soft, radiant skin. Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin, won’t clog pores, and dermatologist tested. Made in USA.

Key features

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Won’t clog pores

Honest reviews


Don’t stray from the classic

I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to prevent my dry skin for a while. It seemed like everything either broke me out or looked like a greasy mess on my face. I’d passed Ponds up in the cosmetics aisles for years because that’s what my mother used and thought surely something new and innovative had been made since then. It hasn’t. Ponds is still the best, it doesn’t look or feel greasy and makes my skin noticeably more moist. The extra hydration has also seemed to prevent some of the breakouts I had a lot of before using it.

Elsie Chattanooga, OK

Best kept secret!

I’m 22 years old, and have been using Pond’s Classic Dry Skin Cream since my freshman year of college. My skin was really dry during the winter time and my roomate suggested I try her Pond’s Classic Dry Skin Cream. I did, and 4 years later I am still an avid user! Not only in the winter, but year round! I use it heavily around my eyes, in the inside and outside creases, not only does it help my makeup glide on/stay on but I believe it helps fight wrinkles too! I’ve heard older women swear by this cream as the ultimate wrinkle fighter! For the price, you can’t beat it. And I’ve tried expensive facial creams, this one works better than them all. Also, if you buy the big jar, it will last you close to a year. Try this! You won’t regret it!

Manuela Logan, UT

MIRACLE …. for SOME people

I tried this product for about 2 months and it just wasn’t creamy enough for my super dry, flaky skin. So I gave the jar to my younger sister who has pretty skin for her age, but not as bad as mine. I came home after about 2 months of her using it, and omg…… I have NEVER FELT SUCH BEAUTIFUL, SOFT, SILKY, CREAMY, SKIN!!!! ARGHHH I’m so jealous I just wish it was my skin!!! Before this, my sister had okay but dull skin with a couple of blemishes. Now her skin is glowing, smooth, ULTRA SIKLY and honestly… I just couldn’t stop touching it bc I was amazed and very very surprised it worked on her [bc it didn’t work on me].So yeah, this product works WONDERS and MIRACLES but the catch is that it didn’t work for me. We all have different skin types and some just work better on others.

Tameka King, WI

review and comparison – for dry and flaky skin

I used to have super oily skin. Then one day it became combination of super oily and super dry. As soon as I turned 41, my skin became super dry. I mean dry and flaky from chin to my eye area. My T-zone became “normal” skin. I’ve been searching and trying different brands and types of moisturizers and creams. I was very happy to find Clarin’s HydraQuench Rich Cream (for very dry skin or cold climates) because I didn’t have to slather layers of creams and moisturizers on my face. All I need were an anti-aging serum, a facial lotion and Clarins’s cream. I still had to do some touch-ups a couple of times throughout the day. Then I discovered Pond’s The Caring classic Dry Skin Cream. The texture is thinner than Clarin’s, but it hydrates better than the Clarin’s. I put this cream on top of my facial lotion (IOPE Moisture Lasting by AmorePacific) in the morning. For more than 12 hours, I don’t have to do any touch up throughout the day and don’t feel any dry or tightness around my mouth. And No Flaking, either! I am very impressed by this humble cream. And talk about the price difference: 1.7 oz. Clarin’s $48 and 30.3 oz. Pond’s at less than half of that price. I highly recommend this to anyone with dry skin.

Tamra Duncan, SC

Why In the World Do We Always Look for Something “New”?

I’m 44 years old and normally have combination skin. I noticed just last night that I had a rough patch near my chin and on the sides of my mouth. I used a facial scrub and moisturized but just a few hours later, I was annoyed it still felt the same – dry and rough. We’re in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy here in New Jersey and I’ve been pouring out money on food and other incidentals daily since there’s no electric so I couldn’t hit a department store for something fancy but I couldn’t stand the dry patch so I headed over to the one open supermarket and fortunately there was old faithful – Pond’s. I bought a tub of cream and came right home and used a little facial scrub and then slathered it on while my face was still moist. Only hours later, my skin feels dewy and fresh. Those who say it’s a bit too greasy, the trick is to leave your face wet, not just a little moist. As soon as I rinse my face I just massaged in the cream and just minutes later I had a fresh and dewy complexion without the shine that mineral oil can leave behind. Don’t forget your neck (all the way around) and chest. It’s really a treat. Put the humidifier on at night and it’s over – wake up to skin that’s ultra soft and glowing!I can’t help but wonder what is it that makes we women rush out to buy the latest and greatest – when half the products that came out only a few years ago don’t even exist anymore. They’ve either been “reformulated” or discontinued, which should tell us something. Pond’s products don’t change and mature women who’ve used them for years swear by them.How wonderful that something so good and inexpensive does just what it says it does. As my skincare needs have changed and I’ve come to need a more moisturizing “official” night cream, Pond’s will be it. Inexpensive, smells good, works and that’s that. What more do we need really?

Monique Belle Fourche, SD

Best Facial Moisturizer!

Don’t let anyone fool you – cold cream is the BEST facial moisturizer and it does a great job at loosening makeup residue! You can skip the Neutrogena.A little background – my skin is dry with cheeks that are prone to breakouts. This is the only product that helps the dryness. It isn’t oily and does not clog my pores. My face feels fresh after applying.

Gilda Merom, IN

Old Reliable

If you get dry skin this works wonders on it without making you feel as if you’re ready to be roasted. It also has a pleasant but not overbearing fragrance.

Bernice Morehead, KY

I Love Ponds!

I’ve been using Ponds since I was 14 yrs. old and I’m now 58! I attribute the fact that my face is aging gracefully (very few wrinkles and good tone) to Ponds and no tanning. I tried other more expensive facial creams and they did not work, so I went back to Ponds. My daughter has also been using this product since she was in her teens and she swears by it. And this is a good deal compared to the prices at the drug stores!

Germaine Sharpsville, PA

Very welcome addition to my skin routine

Like most have said of this product, it hydrates the skin without making it feel greasy. I use this for my night time skin routine but not in the morning since it doesn’t have an SPF. The first time I used it I had to pat my face down with a towel because I accidentally used too much, not expecting it to be so rich and creamy. The texture of this cream is very thick. I love it!

Mayra Mary Alice, KY

This is the cream for winter

Every winter I whip this out and use it on my face and neck. Does a FABULOUS job of hydrating and moisturizing. If you have very dry skin this is the cream. Also its a classic that has been there from my grandmas time.

Violet Graham, NC

long time user

My husband has dry skin and no matter what he used nothing seemed to work. I bought this at target several months ago and his problem has gone away!Now I found this pack in amazon and I got it for him. It is cheaper and convenient.He has sensitive skin too, but this cream didn’t give him any rashes.

Nadia Diaz, AR

ponds dry skin cream

This stuff is so highly fragranced that my allergies went through the roof with the eyes watering and dark circles. Wish they made it in fragrance free.

Callie Joseph, OR

The best cream ever

This is the best cream ever. It can be used as a night cream, day cream and a body cream. It is very light, like a lotion. My skin love it and glow. I prefer to use it at winter, my skin is especially dry. Highly recommend it.

Latoya Ridgeway, VA

Love it!

This is my favorite skin cream of all time! I have been using it for years, and even if I diverge and try something else, I always come back to this one. This is my ‘every day’ moisturizer, it goes on smooth, feels soft on my skin and has a nice, delicate scent. I can’t imagine ever switching to anything else.

Sonja Ailey, GA