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Pond’s Cream Cleanser, Luminous Clean 6 oz

For Bright, Luminous Skin Get luminous. Gently draw out trapped impurities and makeup to brighten dull skin. Best if used in the morning before applying your favorite Pond’s facial moisturizer and in the evening to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. Key Ingredients Soft white Kaolin clay—A natural mineral known to act like a magnet to gently draw out deep-dwelling impurities. Moisturizing ingredients—Effective emollients such as glycerin which draws moisture from the environment, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Directions Smooth over moistened face and neck, massaging gently, and rinse with warm water. What’s in the Box Pond’s Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser, 6 Ounces. Pond’s Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser At a Glance: Hypoallergenic Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) Dermatologist tested

Key features

  • Draws out trapped make-up and impurities to brighten dull skin
  • For bright, lumious skin
  • Enriched with soft white Kaolin clay and moisturizing ingredients
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic

Honest reviews


Nice product

Used this product yesterday and I found it comparable to products that cost twice as much. It left my skin feeling soft and moist, removed makeup well. I will definitley be purchasing this in the future, and recommend that you give it a try for the price.

Flossie Tierra Amarilla, NM

Fabulous and Affordable!

I found this cleanser looking for a replacement for my longtime cleanser St. Ives cream cleanser. I wash my face in the shower and have tried others and they always burn my eyes. This cleaner is an excellent choice! I have fresh, clean skin and all eye make up removed with this product. I never have skin breakouts, so it clearly cleans my skin well. And a little goes a LONG way! I put about a nickel size amount in my hand and then apply it to my face with my hands and then rinse it off. PERFECT!

Trina Antioch, CA

Clean !!

It’s my second tube and I love it !! I will never use another face cleaner, this one is a full package..cleaner and a facial mask !!! My face isn’t dry after the wash and it feels sooo clean. It washes off all my makeup. I highly recommend this product.

Susanne Maplewood, WI

I love this product!

I am loving this product! I use the POND’S Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser both in and out of the shower! It always leaves my face feeling clean and fresh and my skin feels so soft afterwards! One of the biggest things I like about it is that it doesn’t smell like a chemical or cleanser! It has an awesome fresh smell that I love!

Marci Summerhill, PA

Glowing skin

This product is an excellent cleanser that leaves your skin glowing. I have been using it for about a week now and can see am improvement in my complexion. I an also using another product in this line, the make-up removing wipes. I have been using them for over a month. I will gladly endorse this entire line of products. They contain some type of clay (kaolin?) that is said to draw impurities from the skin. However they work, they do work, really well. I’m a fan.

Elda Suring, WI

Very impressed!

I rarely use drug store type face products, whether it be make-up or cleansers, so imagine my surprise when I actually liked the results from using Pond’s Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser. I’ve been using it once to twice a day for the last week and my skin is considerably less dry and less blotchy. I have very fair, sensitive skin and finding a product that doesn’t leave me red and itchy is quite a feat. It also leaves zero residue. Every cream cleanser I’ve tried has left my skin feeling sticky and not all that clean. This one rinses clean!This cleanser delivers the results I want and has me considering giving up the more expensive brand I was using prior to giving it a try.

Frieda Butte, NE


Good cleanser, removes all my makeup, doesnt leave skin tight ,and despite its wonderful scent hasn’t bothered my sensitive skin and roseacea. Can actually say it does make skin luminous if massaged for 30 seconds or more after a weeks use noticed less roseacea bumps and soft smooth texture with a bit of a glow. On my second bottle thanks to those results. Actually liked it more than my Elizabeth Grant cleanser.

Ila Odell, IL

Nice Feel

This is a smooth and relaxing cleansing lotion packaged in a tube. A little goes a long way so use it sparingly. I like the way it feels on my skin…smooth and cleansing. It offers no miracles but provides what I need it to do….cleanse my face without drying it, and leaving it feeling smooth.

Bernice Camp Douglas, WI

Works wonderfully

I’ve been using this cream for a few weeks now and I haven’t had a problem at all. The smell isn’t too strong for me, it has a nice, pleasant smell to it. I can sometimes get an oily forehead and this helped with that without drying my skin out. And after I use it, I can definitely say that my skin feels soft and smooth.Definitely recommended!

Nancy Wrightstown, NJ

Gentle wash for facial skin

I am pleased with this product — it gets my skin clean without drying it out. It has a nice, fresh scent and you don’t have to use very much of it. I do use makeup remover first, especially around the eyes. This isn’t the heavy cold cream for which Pond’s became famous; it’s a light, gentle cleanser to use after you’ve removed your makeup. I have “combination” skin, and this works well on both dry and oily areas. The 6-ounce tube should last a long time.

Genevieve Lake City, PA

Overall, dogbreath approved! 🙂

Sometimes I think I should stop believing marketing ads on products. I’ve used this for a week now but haven’t noticed anything different.HOWEVER its a pretty decent cream facial wash. Neutragena has that creamy facial wash in a tube and it works about the same. This product did nothing to "brightnen" my skin but it removes makeup & made my skin feel clean wo overdrying it. Id use it again but definitely not going to think its going to give me better skin. Its good at removing makeup wo harshness after effects so I can’t complain

Judy North Hero, VT

Pond’s Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser

This is an excellent cleanser. It has a pleasant scent, foams just enough while using, and does not clump up. It cleans off all of my makeup, even the waterproof mascara. After using it my skin felt soft and smooth for many hours. This morning I did not experience any negative reaction to this product, so I will definitely keep using it. Thank you Pond’s!

Lana Wood, PA

Excellent Product

I gave this to my spouse and asked her to give me feedback after she used it so that I could write a review. She provided the following comments:The odor is very mild and not ojectionable at all.Squeeze only an amount the size of a quarter into your palm and it will be enough to do your face and neck. You will get many uses out of one tube.It removes eye makeup which was an unexpected but welcome surprise.After using this product it is recommended that you use moisturizer.This is a five star product.OK, she is pleased. Me too.

Marquita Ida, MI

I don’t think I’ll even use up the tube

I got this cleanser because I’ve really liked the daily exfoliating cleanser in this same line, and it seemed like the two would complement each other well. I figured I’d use one in the morning and the other at night.I do find that it’s pleasant to wash my face with this cleanser; it’s nice and smooth and just generally feels much better than regular soap. I was less happy with the results, though. Maybe a week after I started using the cleanser, I had one of the worst breakouts I’ve had in a long time. I think the combination of both cleansers, instead of just plain soap in the evening, was somehow too much for my sensitive, acne-prone skin. There was also one evening when I washed my face with this cleanser and after about half an hour felt like there was still something on my face, so that I went and washed again with plain soap and water.I keep thinking that I should give it one more try, just to be sure–maybe the breakout was just a coincidence? But I really feel no desire to use this product again.

Donna Oakville, WA

pond’s skin cleaner

i gave this to the wife to use. she used just a little bit on her face while taking a shower. after he shower i asked her how te cleaner did. she said that the skin cleaner worked really well. it got alot of the deep dirt out of her skin and it felt softer. i touched her face and it did feel softer. her skin also looked shinny(er). she said she would recommend this product for a deeper cleaning. she gave some to her young neice, ( who triles on the make-up ) the neice said that her face felt softer, looked cleaner and was shinny(er). she said she would buy it to help get the excess makeup residoooooooooooooo off her face. so here yah go from a grandma to a teeny bopper they say it is great stuff for cleansing of dah face

Bettie Shadehill, SD

decent cleanser

I don’t enjoy the smell but the cleaner is nice and makes me feel refreshed. I like Ponds BB cream though!

Holly Dennehotso, AZ

Review on fantastic Pond’s Luminous Clean

Well if you have thinking about this Pond’s product then please read what I have to say about it. I know that I always do research on products before I buy them because even though I see the commercials on products I dont always believe what I see because those people in the commercials are paid actors. I got a chance to buy and check out the Pond’s Luminous Clean and I have to tell you I love it. You see I have oily skin around my forehead, eyes and nose. I always have trouble finding a product that helps me with that problem and I have finally found it. I truly love how clean and refreshed my face felt after using it. My face felt really clean and not tight like some of the other cleaners I have used before. I have recommended this product to my mother already. After I used it for about a week now I can actually say it is a product that I will continue to buy. Pond’s has always been a product that i trust and recommend this to anybody who would love for their face to feel clean and renewed but not have that dry, stiffness that some cleaner can leave your face feeling like. This product has not irritated my skin at all, I even caught my husband using it too.

Earlene Ogden, IA


I had never tried a Pond ‘s product so I had no idea what to expect. I liked this a lot – it left my skin clean without any feelings of tightness or dryness. I’d give it 5 stars if the scent was less strong and perfumed.

Angelina Webster, WI

Good price point, leaves a good feeling

With cleansers it is hard to tell how good they really are. Basically if you have decent skin and you use a cleanser, you should expect to maintain your skin and not have it get worse. That is how it is in our family. Fortunately we are not troubled with acne or big breakouts, so all I can say for this Pond’s cleanser is that it maintains our skin. It definitely did not dry it out and during the winter, and that is a good thing. It is clearly a huge step above hand soap, which has been resorted to on occasion, and your face feels like sandpaper afterwards. This is nice, but isn’t enough to make me switch from my regular Cetaphil for sensitive skin, I really prefer a gentle, gentle cleanser. Still, when my teenager tried it, she liked the feel of it, and if I were to keep buying it, she would use it.

Lindsey Westline, PA

Too harsh

Nice scent, but not as mild as normal cold cream. You do not want to get this near your eyes.

Carly Kendall, NY

Love it

I just received this today and have used it once. I like it very much. If you add a little water after you spread it on your face it makes a very small amount of lather and you can rub it around on your face easily. I removed it by splashing then with a warm washcloth. I liked it better than any cleanser I’ve used. I don’t like cold cream as I always feel that it is leaving a residue on my skin. I have always washed my face with Dove soap but am trying to switch to something gentler. Noxema is a good cleanser but it does leave a tight feeling. So, I believe that I’m going to like this very much. I’m 77 years old with very nice skin so I hope this doesn’t harm it any. I’ll report back later if I have any problems. 2 weeks later: Well, I am ordering more so I’ll be sure not to run out. I have not been able to find this anywhere else in stores or on line.

Stacie Okarche, OK

Works well

This cleanser works well, even removing waterproof mascara, but it’s kind of messy, so I probably won’t be buying it again.

Angelina Windsor, ME

jo jo baltimore

Good foaming creamy effective cleanser, doesn’t dry out the skin, but seems to clean it thoroughly, and doesn’t dry out the skin!

Della Carnesville, GA

POND’S Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser, 6oz

I have been using this product for 1mth now and have seen a difference in the tone of my skin, it leaves skin clean and refreshed without over drying. This is a great makeup remover as well, I will def be repurchasing and recommending to friends and family.

Brooke Hazel, KY

Cheap Thrills

Pond’s knocked the ball right out of the park with their Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser. While this product is the new kid on the block, Pond’s has been a trust brand for years. This cleanser removes makeup and exfoliates without leaving skin feeling dry. I have dry, sensitive skin, but use this cleanser daily without any irritation. It has a pleasant smell and leaves your skin feeling soft. This one is a keeper.

Natasha Vassalboro, ME

Good cleanser for many skin types and won’t blow your budget…

If you’re in my age bracket then the word `Pond’s’ probably brings to mind memories of greasy cold cream that was guaranteed to clog your pores and cause your skin to breakout. But this is not your mother’s `Pond’s’; the brand has definitely expanded on their product line.This creamy cleanser works quite well to dissolve make-up and oil and leave your skin squeaky clean, but not tight and dry. (I should note that I do use a make-up remover before I cleanse). About a nickel sized amount should do the trick; you don’t need a lot of product. The 6 oz. container should last a long time. It rinses away clean, with no product residue left behind. There is a slight floral/rose water scent that is not overpowering, but definitely noticeable.This worked really well on my combination skin, which is usually oily in the t-zone but is overall much drier now that the weather has turned cold. Those with oily and/or acne prone skins might find the product a bit too creamy. I would NOT recommend this for anyone sensitive to fragrance.Recommended as a good all-around cleanser; good value for the money.

Avis Dixon, MT

Sensitive skin is the worst!

I have extremely sensitive skin on my face and I was so looking forward to this product! Sadly, it was not to be. After washing my face, I was happy to feel a cool refreshment to my skin but before long, I noticed the same tightness, burning and red spots that appear after I use any kind of soap on my face. It was passed to my sister who does not have the same problem as me and she loved it! I gave it three stars because of this.

Deanna Alexandria, VA

Pond’s Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser

I usually use L’Oreal age perfect cleanser which I love but it became quite pricey so I thought I would try this one the smell isnot so great I have sensitive skin I felt it dried my skin to much I did like the exfoiliating beads in it though

Merle Shambaugh, IA

Good gentle cleanser

Although to be fair, I don’t wear heavy makeup, so your mileage may vary. The Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser does get my face clean without a dry after feeling, but I can’t exactly same my skin is glowing (a bit too old for that). The cleanser is fairly creamy, so takes a bit of extra rinsing (or use a washcloth to get it all). I’m very sensitive to strong smells, and while this product is scented, it’s very light and pleasant. My only quibble is the packaging, with the upsidedown tube, the product leaks out into the lid causing some of it to be wasted. I’d have preferred a push dispenser. This is a product I would definitely buy again, I’ve always used Neutrogena, but they’ve gotten a bit heavy handed with the added scents.

Maritza Grass Range, MT

creamy and lightly scented

I am particular about the facial cleansers that I use. I found this product to be nicely scented..nothing overbearing. THe consistency was nice. It was very creamy and thick so a little goes a long way. It lathers nicely, washes off clean and removed all makeup easily. As far as the claims of making my skin more lumonious..didn’t notice any of that. It’s facial cleanser after all.

Gloria Garland, NE