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Pond’s Cold Cream the Cool Classic 3.5 Oz

Thoroughly deep clean without drying your skin, leaving it looking and feeling touchably soft and radiantly clean. Removes hidden dirt and makeup, even stubborn waterproof mascara. Softens as it cleans, so your skin feels smooth, never tight or dry.

Key features

  • Deep Cleans and Removes Make-up
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Won’t clog pores

Honest reviews



every once in a while i use this to remove every trace of makeup if i am feeling really grimey…but if i use on my eyes too often they get allergic and swell up so i do not do that anymore. maybe its the strong fragrance. the mineral oil also makes vision blurry for a minute if you get any into the eyes, but mostly everything does that. i remove with a hot wet washcloth and then wash my face as usual. i feel it is slightly clogging and that it should not be used daily. its great if youre skin is crazy crazy dry especially with the wash cloth which provides exfoliation.

Jacquelyn Reelsville, IN

Nothing else compares to Pond’s!

I have been using Pond’s Cold Cream nearly my entire life, and that is no exaggeration. I took dance from age three, and once I got older, I became introduced to “stage make-up,” which just mean everything is over the top. This is what my mom used to remove her make-up every night, and what she used on me to remove my dance make-up after recitals. Once I started wearing every day make-up on a regular basis, I used this as well, and still use it to remove make-up to this day (nearly 10 years later!). My mother has dry skin, so she just uses the Pond’s and then a moisturizer (she likes Nivea in the big blue jar). I have oily skin, so I use Pond’s to remove my face and eye make-up and then follow up with a regular cleanser (Neutrogena Naturals) and a light, night moisturizer. My eyes are sensitive too, and this is the only thing I’ve used that doesn’t make them burn. I also feel that it removes make-up and impurities better than my cleanser alone. When I am lazy and don’t use the Pond’s, there is always make-up residue on my towel.Also, please do follow the directions on the back–it says to remove with a warm wash cloth & that is what works best. Some friends have complained that it doesn’t come off, but it will not rinse off by just splashing your face with water. This review seems a bit long, but that just goes to show how much I appreciate this product.

Noelle Truman, MN

I cannot go without this product

There are a couple of things on my list that I feel that I should have in the event of being left on a deserted island somewhere.Pond’s Cold Cream is one of them.I can go without any other beauty product if I have Pond’s.Don’t think for a minute that cold cream is just for the cleansing of dry skin. It is for the cleansing of any skin–it is gentle and thorough.By the way: I have combination skin. Pond’s works when I have breakouts, or when I have dryness.

Jean Richland Springs, TX

Pond’s cold cream

It’s the best cream to remove makeup, especially the eye makeup. I have been using this Pond’s for 42 years, and it is the best!

Kay Chattaroy, WV

ponds cold cream classic

Man this is so highly fragranced that my allergies went through the roof. Watery eyes and deep dark circles! They need to make it fragrance free!

Maude Lake City, SD