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Playboy Glitz Celebrity Sunless Golden Glow Self Tanning Lotion, 10.1 Ounce

Rich moisturizers along with vitamin A and unique botanical blend of green tea and kola extracts keep your skin looking and feeling its best. This innovative formula combines an immediate bronzer along with an advanced, odorless self-tanning ingredient providing you with a long lasting natural golden color, without the sun, that looks as good as a real tan.

Key features

  • Fresh and clean fragrance leaves your senses awake and your skin deliciously fragrant
  • A gorgeous bronze body to be envied by all
  • Fragrance: uplifting fresh and clean
  • Dries quickly
  • Long-lasting

Honest reviews


Great for winter months!!

I decided to try Glitz sunless tanner after reading great reviews. I can say that this sunless tanner is okay but not great. I don’t think that I would use this during the summer because it’s not very dark. I use sunless tanners all year round and this would be fine during the colder months when I don’t need as much color. I wish it was darker because the smell is great. No sunless tanner smell at all. The price is also great for the amount of product that you get. The color is nice, not orange. This could work for someone who just wants a lighter tan.

Lea Sayreville, NJ


I like this product and I’ve purchased it at least twice. I like the color that it produces and especially like it because the bottle contains 10 ounces. It has gone up in price lately so I’ve purchased other similar products with regret. I will definitely purchase this product again in the future.

Jeanette Custer, MI


I really don’y like the smell of this lotion which deters me from using it more than the one time I already have.

Lenore Killduff, IA

Playboy GLITZ Sunless Tan.

I will apply this to my skin and it does look great but it only last a until you take a shower/wash.I have been using it on my face also & it looks alright.I would buy it again even tho it does not stay on the skin after wash.

Luella Northfield, CT

One of the best!

I only needed one or two coats to get the tan that other brands do in 4 coats! The tan is brown, not orange. Best one so far.

Josephine Surrey, ND