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Pixi Lip & Line – Nearly Clear

What it is: Lip liner & lipstick duo pencil in lip tone enhancing colors. What it is formulated to do: This twin lip contour liner and stay-on lipstick is the ultimate “lazy” lip must-have! Never again will you have to try and match your lip liner to your favorite lipstick – these are perfectly matched to look natural with ultimate lip care and definition. The lip liner formula is waterproof with anti-feathering properties to keep your lipstick color in place. The lipstick formula is long-lasting and packed with anti-aging ingredients to provide maximum hydration. Preservative free, mineral oil free, paraben free. No animal derived ingredients, not tested on animals. Beneficial Ingredients and what they do: 1. Vitamins E to treat and protect lips 2. Vitamin C to fend off free-radicals and energize

Key features

  • Pixi Lip & Line Primer duo creates a perfect treatment canvas for your lips.
  • Waterproof Lip Liner specifically designed to line just around lips to create a barrier for color.
  • Lightly tinted Lip balm primes & neutralizes lips for a blank canvas.
  • Smart, no-need-to-sharpen duo pen eliminates feathering and prepares for a stay-put, flawless finish.
  • Pixi Lip & Line Primer – No 1 Nearly Clear (Neutralizing primer & clear lip liner)

Honest reviews



I was totally disappointed in this product. First, it changed the color of my lipstick. Second, the lipstick did not stay after one cup of coffee.

Sharron Silver Lake, IN


I have NEVER heard of this brand or this product but it is GREAT! Lipstick that bleeds and comes off will STAY put ALL day with this stuff.. One end is a primer and the other end you line your lips and apply liner and lipstick and it locks it in place.. NO concealer needed here to clean up…I need to order a couple more of these!!!

Naomi Dodge, NE

Impressive product

I had never heard of Pixi lip products so I didn’t have high expectations but when I tried it I was floored. The primer works better than my Urban Decay or my Two Faced primers. It goes on smoothly and is a little tacky feeling. The lip color sticks very well to the tacky surface and holds the lip color much longer than I had expected. The clear lip liner keeps my lip gloss from migrating down my chin like sparkly drool. One important note: I did NOT find that either the primer or the liner prevented lipcolor transfer from my lips to glasses, straws, etc. It does keep them on longer than when used without but don’t expect regular lipstick to suddenly be that 24hr permanent coverage type. Overall it does all of the things the higher priced primers do, plus nudes out your lips, so I give this a huge thumbs up!!

Tracey Sylvester, WV

Decent primer

I’ve been using this primer for a while, though it is hard to really give judgement if it has prolonged the wear of my lipsticks and glosses. It glides on smooth but can be flaky if you don’t use a balm underneath which I recommend. So far seems decent but not perfect.

Angelica Saint Michael, PA

Softens a too dark lipstick

The colored end is great as a primer under a too bright or dark lipstick, and makes it more day suitable. No doughnut mouth, either. No nasty flavor, and non drying! Good stuff

Renae Fleming, OH

Pretty good stuff

I like what this stuff does to my lipstick. It keeps it straight on my lips and makes it last a lot longer. However, it does not smell good. Not such a big deal since you cover it up. There are more expensive liners, but this works just fine. I will be buying it again.

Sabrina Talisheek, LA