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Pink Sugar Hair Perfume, Pink, 3.38 fl. oz.

Introduced in 2004, pink sugar contains notes including cotton candy, caramel, raspberry, bergamot, licorice, poweder, fig leaves, orange, strawberry, and wood.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

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Old bottle

(this is for the Hair Pefume)smelled this scent in Sephora months ago and loved it, but I couldn’t afford it at the time, so I forgot about it. Then I found it on Amazon and was shocked at how much cheaper it was. I purchased it, and the shipping was fast and the packaging was secure. However, I am pretty sure this is the old version of the product.For one thing, the smell is very, very faint. It smells nice, but I can hardly smell it right after spraying, and I can’t smell it at all after the first minute. I thought maybe my nose was just not working, so I asked several friends and family if they could smell it, and they said they couldn’t smell it either. Even when I used a ton of sprays and even resorted to spraying it on my clothes, it simply didn’t last. The one I tried out in Sephora was strong and lasted quite a while.The scent issue wouldn’t have been so bad if this stuff actually did anything for my hair as it claims it does, but it doesn’t do anything. It didn’t tame my fly aways or frizz or make it look shiny.I don’t like leaving negative feedback and I definitely don’t like accusing people easily, so I don’t make this claim lightly. I spent hours researching. I went to the official website of Aquolina and on their facebook page and the bottle they show looks completely different from mine. I went to several different websites, including Sephora, and again, the bottle looks completely different from this one.I am very upset at this, I loved this stuff when I first smelled it and was looking forward to wearing it every day. 🙁

Freda Roland, AR

Too sweet

I like the concept of a hair perfume. My hair can only tolerate being washed every other day, but I still want fresh hair and thought this item would work. I’m sorry to say that it’s too sweet for me. I tried many tricks to tone down the scent, from spraying into my hands and then applying to hair to blotting with a towel after spritzing my hair. That sickening sweet smell was still there. I gave it to my sister, who seems to like it, so I have not wasted money. I’m glad it worked for others, but it was just not for me.P.S. I tried to edit my review and change the number of stars from 3 to 2, but it won’t allow me.

Hallie Buffalo, MN

Oh MY SWEET HAIR I love this!

Pink Sugar is a lovely sweet, cotton Candy, vanilla, soft, fluffy cloud of a scent. The packaging is VERY cute and the product line is so extensive! I especially love the Perfume however the Deodorant is REALLY nice as well. The hair perfume was a MUST try and I was NOT disappointed. This is a wonderful way to wear Pink Sugar! It also has ingredients to help with shine without adding greasiness. I love spraying this in my hair even when I am not wearing my Pink Sugar Perfume. *I also own the body soufflé and the body lotion. Would love to try the body oil! If you love Pink Sugar you NEED this product!!!

Margot Dunbar, WI

Love Pink Sugar.

I love pretty much every scent in the Pink Sugar line. This is no different. Smells just like the perfume, which I get compliments on ALL the time.

Nina Merna, IL

My hair smells great!!!!!

This is my first time using a hair perfume spray, it’s not like putting perfume in your hair, it’s a very light scent, not over powering at all!! It gives the smell as if you just washed it!! Or great for people who smoke and don’t want to stink due to the smoke getting in your hair, lol.. It’s light weight, doesn’t weigh your hair down or get it oily.. When your done spraying your hair with hair spray, let the hair spray dry and just spray some in your hair, I just spray a mist on my left and right side and back, or if it’s been 3 days since I washed my hair, I spray the same and I will brush it through to get it all in my hair and then my hair smells like I just washed it. I paid $15 it’s not a big bottle, but it goes a long way! Cause you only put it on like in the morning or if your going out that night.. I love it!

Billie Titonka, IA

Loved it.

I love this product! I hate when you use a nice shampoo, nice conditioner and then you have to add other different products on your hair to style, you don’t even know what is going to end up smelling. Once I used a product that smelled so terrible on my hair. I wish I had this.Yesterday had a test done, and they didn’t want me to use no lotions, no perfume, no deodorant, nothing like that from my neck down. I remember I had this, and I used it on my hair. All the girls there were like… You you smell so good, we told you no perfumes. I’m like, its my hair. They didn’t know about this ether. They loved it. I have long hair , healthy hair. It is important to me that it smells like it looks. these are there little touches that makes us more memorable than others. The smell lasts.

Erna Hillsboro, TN

This scent is so sweet and amazing!

Lingers for a long time, its sweet but not cloying. Definitely very girly but sophisticated too!!

Ella Shasta Lake, CA

Smells Great & Doesnt Weigh Hair Down!

This stuff makes your hair smell amazing!It is very light and not overbearing at all.It does not wear hair down at all.It smells like cotton candy but not as sweet.I like to spray it in my hair right after I wash it and it leaves a nice sweet scent in my hair.If I wear hairspray in my hair I spray it a couple times after!

Sarah Westover, AL

Hair perfume

I love a clean scent on me always. This product has a great cotton candy scent, but does not linger.

Frances Port Washington, OH

Nice at first then stinks of alcohol.

I love this scent while it lasts. Which is about 5 minutes tops. After the sweet smell is gone, I’m left with a stink of alcohol. It does nothing for my hair, unless you count smelling like an old first aid kit doing something. I’m Very disappointed because it does smell great at first.

Kris Pilgrims Knob, VA

Cotton Candy in a bottle

My daughter loves this stuff. I love the smell too. The bottle is pretty and it lasts a long time. I prefer the smell of CLEAN which is a freshly showered smell more geared toward an adult.

Mindy West Lebanon, NY

Sweet and Strong

This perfume almost always gets me compliments. I use the perfume and the hair perfume. I have been using it for about 4 years. It is my HG perfume. It smells like cotton candy, sugar cookies, and vanilla. People can smell it wherever I go. I have to admit it’s powerful and some people don’t like powerful perfumes, just a warning. I have never been insulted though. People say things like “I normally don’t like perfume, you smell amazing.” or “perfume normally gives me a headache but yours doesn’t! It’s great!” or most common “You smell delicious! Have you been baking?” I like powerful perfume and I am usually disappointed when my perfume does not last. This last and is powerful. I almost always use the hair perfume, even with other scents I try. The perfume I use probably about 5/7 days a week. I don’t wear it to interviews though. If you like vanilla, cotton candy, or sugar cookies you’ll enjoy this. If you don’t like strong perfumes this is not for you. I use it almost every day and a 3.4oz of the EDT typically last me 1 and a half years. The hair perfume I go through more quickly because I have long hair. It’s GREAT!

Kathrine Temple, NH

Scent doesnt last very long

Pink sugar is pink sugar——however the hair perfume does not last that long. I feel like I have to use the spray often. I recommend using it along with the perfume as well if you want the scent to linger.

Earnestine Franklin, NE

Love Love Love

I love this product. The scent is so feminine and fun. I only wash my hair every other day so on day 2, it’s great to be able to "freshen up". I have the perfume as well. I was afraid that at 44, I was too old for this scent but I honestly can’t stand any scents that are maybe a bit more "mature". What the heck! I like what I like!

Janna Thetford, VT

Smells great but makes hair stiff

This stuff smells great but makes my hair stiff. Guess u can have stinky hair or stiff hair. Darn I was hoping for better

Tracy Allen, TX

Love the Smell

This is the 3rd bottle i have purchased. This stuff smells so good, but it’s also one of the best for shiny,silky hair. Always get compliments on how good my hair smells

Noelle Newdale, ID


What’s wrong with having hair that smells as delicious as a cupcake? Absolutely nothing!! This stuff is amazing. If you love Pink Sugar, then you need this hair perfume. It smells just like the perfume only a little lighter, and the oil makes my hair so soft and shiny. Also lasts a long time for me. I can smell it all day long, especially when my hair blows in the wind. If you think that the alcohol in perfumes damages your hair or if you just want more Pink Sugar products to get hooked on, buy this hair perfume now! You won’t regret it.

Beulah Popejoy, IA

Smells Devine!!

I LOVE THIS !! The spray makes your hair so shinny and a sweet smell, It doesn’t frizz your hair or make it dry!!

Luisa Norris, MT

Hair spray

I do like this spray, it was a reasonable cost for the value of the product. When I initially spray it, it does have that alcohol smell to it, which I don’t like. However, once it is in my hair, I do smell the pink sugar and the alcohol scent certainly fades away immediately.

Dayna Hamilton, NC



Kristin Saguache, CO

Expected a lighter scent

This has a very strong, but attractive scent and makes hair smell very sweet and sugary. The only reason why I knocked it down a few stars was because the scent is very nauseatingly strong when it is first sprayed.

Kathi Bladensburg, MD

Love it

Leaves hair smelling very pretty ALL day. Just one spritz is all you need. I love this product! Give it a try!

Ronda Stringtown, OK


So cool to put this in your hair right after you wash it…leaves a fresh, clean, "get close to me" sent. Everyone likes to be around people who enhance their "clean" and this is a super help….SUPER SELLER SUPER PRODUCT

Carolyn Port Republic, MD


I’m on a quest to not wash my hair everyday, so this was a great find for those in between days that you want your hair to smell good.

Sheena Coon Valley, WI

perfect for summer!

This hair perfume is perfect for summer! I love the smell, it smells just like the perfume, like cotton candy! I originally bought it since I have to dye my hair every month, and the hair perfume gets rid of the hair dye smell! I love it!

Susanne Cresson, TX

Must have for Pink Sugar lovers

Love this product! My hair smells and feels great. Does not make your hair greasy or feel weird. Will repurchase again!

Sofia Mount Eden, KY

Exactly what I hoped for!

I originally ordered this because I thought I could use it for "no poo" since I’d miss having scented hair. I can’t vouch for if it will leave any buildup over time on "no poo" hair as I had to cave and shampoo after 2 weeks. I didn’t "clarify" first before starting and experienced waxy hair…but that’s another story.ANYWAY, I have only had this spray for a day but I already looove it. It made my hair smell like vanilla & cotton candy and also seemed to smooth it down and enhance the shine. I have very thick hair, so I put about eight sprays in from roots to tips (lifted my hair in back and got the underneath layers and all) and I still smell it the morning after. It smells better than any shampoo scent I’ve ever used, and that includes the high-end stuff. In fact, I’m glad I’m not in public because I keep grabbing my hair and smelling it. I will definitely be buying another bottle when this one runs out, but it seems like it will last for awhile. I like it when companies give you enough that you don’t have to re-order every time you turn around. Also the bottle is cute, for what it’s worth, and I was even sent a coupon for my next purchase.I will update this review if I decide to do the "no poo" thing again in combination with the hair perfume. Hopefully it will just wash out with warm water and be a viable option for scenting hair.

Saundra Kipling, OH

So sassy ^.~

Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume, 100ml Cute and fun leaves my hair smelling nice and fresh with a yummy sent that makes my boyfriend smell deep and say ur hair smell so.. good SCORE…… haha ^.^ this is a clear fine mist that has a light oil to it and you don’t need much to do the trick and sweet smell lasts all day ^.~ It’s an awesome bang for ur buck. Will I buy this again Yessssss yes I will ^.^

Lorna New Milford, PA

Love the smell

I just love this candy smell. Not too kiddish and not over powering. I use it daily and like the perfume but the body wash is just so-so.

Cynthia Chadwick, MO

It has alcohol in it, which I believe it’s bad for your hair.

I wasn’t sure about this. I just decided to give it a chance but I wouldn’t buy it again. The scent is good, smells like Pink Sugar, but it’s more subtle and lasts less time aaaand it contains alcohol, which dries my hair out. So, I wouldn’t recommend if you tend to have dry, curly and chemically treated as mine.

Colleen Brentwood, NY