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Pink Sugar Eau de Toilette Natural Spray

Experience the surprising sensuality and sophistication of pink sugar. The amazing blend of cotton candy, caramel and vanilla not only transport you to your unforgettable childhood memories, it brings out feelings of joy, passion and flirtation.

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This is my daily/work perfume. I LOVE IT! I get compliments all the time. I smell like CAKE. Cake people! What’s better than smelling like cake all day? NOTHING. I use their partner perfume PS Sensual, layered over it for a quick after work date scent refresher and they complement each other well.

Juana Ruskin, NE

not feeling it

Not sure how legit it is, but the company has perfect ratings.So anyway, this smells musky and dank. Slight vague sweetness, but I get more cotton candy notes from Falling In Love by Philosophy. This Pink Sugar, the infamous Pink Sugar, smells like an old lady. I don’t get it.To be returned.

Kristin Medina, TX


This perfume is 100% FAKE!! Pay a little more for the real perfume at Sephora, this FAKE perfume smells terrible & nothing like the real one. Don’t make the same mistake I made by purchasing this. Save your money & for $10 more you can purchase the real perfume.

Nannie Waynoka, OK

My go to

I love smelling like cotton candy…..if sweet is you’re thing…than pink sugar is for you. Smells sweet but not teeny blooper. I’m a 27 yr old female with a corporate job and get compliments all the time. I used to buy at sephora until I realized amazon sells it for practically half the price. Good job guys!!!

Lara Milpitas, CA

Very Satisfied

Both my wife and my daughter loves the smell of Aquolina Pink Sugar Perfume. During the Xmas season, it was selling for just under a hundred dollars for this size. Then after Xmas, I found it on Amazon for a fraction of the msrp and bought two of the large 3.4os bottles for my wife and daughter. They were completely happy with this after Xmas present.

Angela Carmi, IL

great deal!

Really happy with purchase!! What else can I say, was a great deal. Love the smell and was not a knock off.

Olive Tipton, PA

yummy scent!

I really enjoy this scent! It smells very nice on me. I pass up my Juicy Noir just to wear this 🙂

Louise Talpa, TX

Smells like cake!!

I love the smell, not to strong.. It just reminds me of cake, or candy.. Very nice, not over powering, I’d say it’s in between a body spray and perfume, meaning the strength of it. I even bought the hair perfume which is nice too, it’s not over powering, it’s a very light scent, great for people who may wash hair not everyday, like me, gives your hair the smell of like you just washed it. I used to use Pantene I can’t find it anymore, I would just pump a little bit in my hand and run my fingers through my hair, it had alcohol in it so it absorbed quickly, so no oil..but it smelled soooo good!! I think it was a type of maybe dry shampoo? I can’t even remember it’s been so long… But I love this Pink Sugar!!! I got it at for $20 I think it’s normally $30. The pink sugar hair perfume is $15 not a big bottle but lasts a long time! It won’t make your hair stiff or anything, you just spray a little on after you have put your hair spray on, or say if your going out later at night it refreshes your hair like you just washed it.. Definitely worth trying out. 🙂

Deana Conran, MO


I bought this perfume after reading so many reviews online. I thought this will smell just like cotton candy. The first time I sprayed on my wrist, the smell was just overwhelming. I just couldn’t stand the smell. Mind you, I am someone who absolutely loves fruity, sweet and floral smells. In fact I buy perfumes that has strong staying power considering not every perfume goes well with my body chemistry. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t the smell of this perfume. I have not used this perfume at all!!!! I am not sure whether i will use it or not just because the smell cause me headaches.

Pauline Kennebunkport, ME

Like Sweets? Buy This!

Do you like sugary smells? Do you prefer vanillas over florals? Do you enjoy smelling like a warm delicious pastry? Then hands down you should love this perfume. Now that I’ve finally discovered it, I feel like I have joined this secret club of women I’ve envied for years who always smell so notably sweet instead of the nauseating musk I smell in so many others perfumes. Finally, I smell like a walking sugar cube too – and I love it!!!

Traci Reinbeck, IA

My signature scent 🙂

This perfume isn’t for people who don’t like a strong, sweet smell…but I personally, am not afraid to smell wonderful all day long. A sweet vanilla and brown sugar smell is what this perfume delivers. I’ve had both males and females tell me that I smell "delicious!". Won’t ever leave home without smelling awesome! I keep one in my purse, one in my bathroom for getting dressed and another one in my car…just in case I’m in a hurry and forget. :)(Mine! Mine! Mine! – Finding Nemo)

Karin Jasper, TX


smells delicious! I get compliments all the time! but it is fragrant, so don’t go crazy with it.. Just a couple sprays and and you’re all set.

Margery Empire, MI

Dont like the stages

Dont like the stages . When I put this perfume, it smells strong, licorice . If I use to much makes me sick, so I have to go easy with this. Then after the licorice, you can tell each smell . But at the end, YEEEES, that was the smell I was waiting for. Very yummy! This can be the first thing you do when toy are planning to go out, after you shower. By the time you are done doing your makeup, hair, dressing…. You will be smelling so yummy, and sweet. Another way to do it is spraying tie clothes the night before. It will have a soft sweet smell, that I can’t resist. But, now that I tried the original and the sensual… I prefer the sensual, more of a grown up smell. Even though you are add old as you feel. The sensual, I doesn’t go threw all these different stages that you have to wait for the final result of this yummy scent. Good price, the smell stays for long time.

Katy Purdys, NY

Smells great but….

I saw someone review this perfume on youtube and I was so curious I had to purchase it. A 3.4 oz of this bottle on is $60 dollars, so I jumped on it when I saw it on amazon. I was a little skeptical at how cheap the price was compared to Sephora but considering the reviews I thought I’d give it a go. It does smell like warmth, cookies, cotton candy and any baked sweet thing you can think of.. However, I’ve noticed that the brand Aquolina is nowhere to be found on this perfume, not on the packaging or anywhere else and that was a little odd to me. Since I’ve never purchased this at a store I don’t really have anything to compare it to. I checked out sephora’s site and I looked up this perfume and I noticed that right above the “Pink Sugar” logo Aquolina’s brand name is above it but it isn’t on the one I just received from amazon. Idk.. It still smells great but I just wonder if I’m missing out on what IT ACTUALLY smells like if this one isn’t by Aquolina..??? Has anyone else bought this at an actual store without the brand name anywhere on it? Just curious.

Caitlin Calais, VT

Nice perfume

I liked this product – delivery was on time and the scent was light and pleasant. What really sold me was when, out of the blue, my Husband said he loved that scent I had on. That’s what I like to hear.

Dianna Fishers, IN

Everybody loves this fragrance!

It’s no secret this is one of the most loved fragrances around. It’s hard to pin-down exactly why it’s so fun to wear. The fragrance is like candy: sweet and light. But, it has a distinct high note of licorice to me that is also complex and appealing. It doesn’t seem to have the usual heavy on the vanilla scent, more like deeper, spicy notes. I get components on this fragrance all of the time, and I’m extremely picky about what I wear. One more thing…and this one’s weird…it seems to complement those sweet smelling hairspray as well. I mean, it never fails to make people say how good I smell when I combine the two on my hair. Wear on a first date if you want to get a wedding ring by Monday!!!

Rosemarie Mogadore, OH

My favorite!!!

This is my all time favorite perfume! I love that Amazon sells it so cheaply. I almost didn’t want to say how much I love it, for fear of demand going up, and prices being jacked… but I just love it!

Georgina Swannanoa, NC

The Best Perfume Around!

I absolutely LOVE this perfume, and will not be needing to look for a new one any time soon. Every time I have ordered it from Amazon, it has come within the specified time frame and I have never had any problems. My boyfriend loves this scent and always comments on how nice it smells.

Trisha Mc Minnville, TN



Lana Shavertown, PA

just right

Absolutely addictive. It is affordable and I always have men smelling on me. Women always ask what it is. I love it.

Elsie Fayville, MA