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Pink Sugar by Aquolina for Women – 3.4 Ounce EDT Spray

When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

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Honest reviews


When you’re old enough to know better, but still too young to care

Rarely, if ever, do I care much about packaging, but Pink Sugar certainly is an exception. The cylender containing the perfume has textured, pink stripes on the top and sides– stripes that are 3D & you can feel the slight rubberiness touching them. The observant shopper will notice the hot pepper on the cylender label, indicating the spicy “adult” nature of this EDT. The top comes off easily, revealing a fragrance bottle wrapped with a piece of white cardboard to keep it safe. The cap of the perfume is frosted pink, with fuschia metallic ribbons on the cap and sides of the bottle. The packaging alone will definitely appeal to the kid in you. I will have a hard time throwing it away, if I do that at all. The fragrance itself is fantastic, starting off with that slightly peppery bergamot note on top of the sweetness, then dries to a powdery cotton candy finish after the pepper disappears. 2 hours after applying, it still retains that sweet note– but not so sweet that it doesn’t have an uplifting, fresh feel to it. This is different from any other “Oriental” fragrance I have ever smelled, but gorgeous enough that I strongly recommend it to anyone who loves fragrances in that category, OR anyone who can’t decide between Earl Grey tea and a vanilla cappuccino in the morning. Definitely a fragrance that says that you are old enough to know better, but still too young to care (in a good way).

Nita Stovall, NC

Not What I Expected

I didn’t like this fragrance at all. Based on the the description and name of this perfume, I expected it to smell sweet, fruity and fun. It was none of those things. In fact, my husband thought it smelled like “old people and baby powder.”Who wants to smell like that?

Ivy Antioch, TN

A tale from a Pink Sugar addict…

After years of searching I’ve finally found the perfect perfume. Pink Sugar makes me feel fabulous when I wear it; it’s so light and `warm’ with a base of sensual vanilla. I have the large bottle, body mousse & deodorent at home, and the smaller bottle in my handbag. I don’t get bored with this fragrence, like I do with everything else I’ve tried over the years.The first time I wore Pink Sugar to work one colleague commented on the aroma of drinking chocolate as I was in the lift with her. The next time I was in the lift, everyone commented on my lovely vanilla perfume. After I applied a freshen up spray, another colleague said she could smell cakes! Yet another colleague demanded to know what I was wearing, and where she could get some. Strangers come up to me in the street to ask what scent I’m wearing…No this isn’t a cheesy ad, it really happened!!What do I sense first? Liquorice, a rich aniseed scent that gradually settles into a middle note of caramel. Marshmallow is the first word that springs to mind to me.If you like Angel, Fantasy or Princess you need to give this a try!*Aquolina needs to make Pink Sugar available to the U.K. – Postage and packing costs a fortune!!!

Leola Altus Afb, OK

Pink Sugar

I guess I should never listen to other people when it comes to perfume without smelling it. Sooooooooooooo many beauty gurus on Youtube said how good this smelled. They all said it smelled like a combo of cotton candy & sugar. I wore it once & it was so nauseating & I hated it!!!! No returns on it either. Smell it in the store before you buy it. To me it smells just like Vanilla perfume and I hate the smell of Vanilla perfume, but if you like that smell than buy it because you will probably like it.

Laurie Newport, KY

Sweet Deal!

I love this perfume! Every time I wear it I get tons of compliments. It’s for women of all ages I’m 31. It is the real stuff not watered down so all you need is 2 sprays and it lasts all day. It’s sweet like vanilla and cotton candy nothing like it.

Tamara Diamond City, AR

Okay I guess

I gave this three stars bec ause I am torn. The bottle has 5inches of perfume. The first spray smelt like a mixture of alcohol and candy overpowering., it settled and the aroma of the alcohol smell had lessen quite abit. Really sweet perfume, almost sickening, spray in moderation. Not a grown woman scent, but I will use. Will not purchase again. Ok! After wearing for like six hours the scent has settle down enormously and not sickening sweet. It smells like sugar. Still wont purchase again though large bottle so it will be a long time before I finish it.

Harriett Jefferson, AL

delicious light scent

this is the best scent EVER. its sweet, and heavenly..not heavy at all,,. it doesnt smell all perfumy more of a sweet clean candy smell..its delicious but mature not kiddie like some cheap walmart perfume. its great. and sexy…..YOUR MAN WILL LOVE IT

Marcie Kailua, HI

will be repurchasing it forever

The scent is perfect for me very sweet at first but the dries down to almost a "burnt sugar" scent I just love it (go to sephora and test it out and if you like it buy it on amazon its way cheaper and you do get the real thing just a tip =]). Last for days I can still smell it the next day on my clothes so it has lasting power which is always awesome I hate reapplying during the day. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Hope Winnebago, MN


From reading the reviews I was kind of skeptical if this would be good for me. Heavy scents are not good on me, so I look for the lighter, feminine ones that compliment me personally. This one is very feminine, light & sweet. One note is this scent is sweet enough for a younger teenager, yet still feminine enough for someone older. To me this scent is flirty, feminine, soft & a little bit sensual. Great combination for a perfume.

Candice Stahlstown, PA

Not the best scent ever; but decent enough to still wear.

I purchased this fragrance from Sephora’s website because I needed something more playful and youthful than my other scents. When it arrived and I sprayed it, I was a little disappointed that the perfume smells EXACTLY like the Cotton Candy Fantasy spray that one could purchase at Rite Aid for $5. I am aware that this is supposed to smell like the treat; however, I thought that Aquolina would personalize this scent a little more. Perhaps a hint of cotton candy surrounded by notes of vanilla would have done the trick. Nonetheless, I still enjoy wearing this to casual events, as it is appealing.

Susie Churchville, NY

lovely scent

it can be a little over whelming if you marinate yourself in it, i suggest spritzing some into the air and then walking into the scent, it is a nice fragrance to have on hand. very flirty, smells a bit like cotton candy 🙂

Janna Mason, WV


I love this! Especially the cute packaging. The perfume smells great, very cotton candy, tangy, warm scent with some sandalwood undertones too. Smells like absolute heaven. I loved the smell so much I bought the lotion and body wash as well. Get compliments on the scent daily. Try it!

Ingrid Floyd, IA

My favorite

This is my all time favorite perfume and Amazon sells it for so cheap!!! At sephora its $50 and up. I was excited to see this on here. It smells so yummy. I have a small one for my purse and a large one for at home =]

Juliet Paterson, NJ

Love this stuff!

I’m one of those people that get headaches from strong scents. I had tried so many different perfumes, and had come to terms with the fact I was destined to live a life without a “signature scent”. I’d read a description of Pink Sugar in a magazine and wanted to give it a try. I snagged a sample from the local Sephora. After several days of use I’d discovered I hadn’t had a single perfume induced headache. I bought a full size bottle, and have been using it ever since. I despise floral fragrances and am so happy to find something that doesn’t make me smell like a rosebush. It is sweet smelling, but not overpowering. Love it!

Ester Kirkwood, DE

If you like Cotton Candy……

If you love the scent of COTTON CANDY, you will love this. It really does smell like Pink Sugar with a touch of vanilla.I put on a sample secretly and then walked around the house when company was over, just to see what kind of reaction I would get.Two people immediately said” What smells like Cotton Candy?”People have told me it is a happy,sweet smell- not gaggy. They said it has a softness to it- not overpowering at all.Then again- watch how you apply this. Overkill of any scent can turn people off.I would give it 5 stars if the staying power was a bit stronger.You can smell this through out the day, it just gets more muted as the day wears on. This is a terrific perfume for a reasonable price. Not everyone can pay 80.00 and up for an ounce.

Mattie Durants Neck, NC

Delicious spring/summer fragrance!

The scent is exactly like cotton candy. I don’t know how they captured the fragrance of spun sugar like that, but it’s just wonderful.

Jean Cumnock, NC

“Whose Eating Cupcakes?”

That’s what people always say when they walk by my desk at work. When I tell them it’s my perfume, they are in disbelief that perfume could smell deliciously like pastries. Men and women compliment me all the time, and tell me the scent is sweet but mature. I am on my second bottle of this scent and plan to purchase the entire Pink Sugar collection. Next on my list is Chocolate Lovers.

Elena Harbor Beach, MI

Like it better now!

When I first tried Pink Sugar I was disappointed. All I could smell was liquorice and alcohol mixed with cotton candy.BUT, after using it a few times I noticed caramel, lots of it. Which I love. And the liquorice became sweet and pleasant. I actually started to like it. And then love it.I was a hater, and now it’s one of my favorite gourmands. I am sooo happy I gave it a chance and didn’t just get rid of it. I would have been missing out.

Erica Cave Junction, OR


Such a pretty, girly scent!! I love this! I get tons of compliments when I wear it! Be careful with it though! A little bit goes a long way!

Guadalupe Coello, IL


I really like this smell! Before I bought this, I didn’t usually wear perfume, but now, I make sure to always spritz some on!! Smells like an adult version of toasted marshmallows!

Robyn Morris, IL

Great scent for a woman

I bought this as a gift idea for a female friend who thoroughly liked the scent and this was an immediate approval of its rating, on amazon, as a great scent for women. It is a lightly scented long lasting perfume with a hint of a sweet sugary vanilla mixture and definitely captivated my attention when it was applied (as it lingered in the air)and also later when it also simmered down to its under-lying notes of vanilla.A great buy, for any female, as a gift idea.

Jeanine Brilliant, AL


I’m sixty and I love this fun perfume! It’s sweet and flirty and just makes me feel good when I wear it and I get tons of compliments.

Dawn Twin Branch, WV

First two hours are AWFUL!

After reading all of the wonderful reviews I decided to try this while at Ulta. What really struck me was the plasticky smell that hung around for a good two hours. I think I am also allergic because I got a pretty bad headache. My 10 year old son, my husband and mother-in-law and I all thought it smelled pretty awful. Maybe we just have different tastes. After a bit of time, what was left was a soft cotton candy type smell. Okay smelling when it finally died down, but for obvious reasons, I won’t be purchasing pink sugar.

Billie Ashland, MA


This perfume smells amazing as everyone else has said. I get lots of compliments and my husband loves this fragrance. The bottle is beautiful and BIG! you get alot for the price so its def worth it! 🙂 try the butter that goes with it.

Kendra Homewood, IL

Smells delicious

I love this perfume! It’s a warm, sugary scent, reminiscent of cotton candy and vanilla. I don’t think it’s for everyone, but if you’re into that candy shop smell, this will fit the bill.

Kirsten Tyndall, SD


LOVE this perfume. I am someone that doesn’t like a strong scent. This smells a bit like the old “Love Soft” with a bit more of a floral/vanilla undertone. If you like bakery smells, this is for you. I’ve actually had it on and people have said, do you smell cupcakes? (men LOVE this!) Fresh, clean and for old or young. My mom, who’s in her 70’s loves the shower gel. Cheers you up!

Rosanna Kilgore, TX


I get so many…”Smells good here!”…LOL….Wore it to bed every night the first 2 weeks after I received it. It’s that yummy!

Katrina Orangefield, TX

Love it.

I love this spray! Doesn’t overpower everyone. Can smell it if you are close to me, (very close) I love this smell, it is a sweet cotton candy vanilla scent. So many people (including strangers) tell me how good I smell when I wear this perfume. I have been told I smell like cookies, a Krispy Kreme donut, you name it. Both men and women have complemented me on it. And the perfume seriously lasts all day, especially if you spray it in your hair. Not overpowering, but if you don’t like wearing sweet smelling fragrances, stay far, far away from this product!

Tameka Chuuk, FM


I love perfume and this is definitely a favorite.It smells…delicious. It doesn’t smell fake, it smells like something you want to EAT. I suppose that is where the name comes from. The packaging is pretty and the presentation is really girly in a grown up girl kinda way.It goes on bright and clean, with a bit of sparkle to it, like sugar cookies with pink sugar! It’s well named! It stays true, but softens down so it is more subtle sunny/oriental/floral. I’ve got several compliments on it.

Jasmin Green Cove Springs, FL

A Pleasant Surprise

When I first heard about Pink Sugar a few years ago, I never expected that I would jump on the bandwagon. I don’t like foody scents, generally, and I couldn’t imagine wanting to smell like caramel and cotton candy. But here I am, having just invested in the perfume. It’s not really worth describing the scent- so many people are familiar with it, and so many others have done so. In short, it is the cotton-candy/caramel that everyone describes, and it has a slightly burnt-sugar scent to it. Why do I like it? It’s more sweet and sugary than foody. There’s a difference between smelling like sugar and smelling like baked goods, and this is definitely a sugar scent. It’s also a happy, calming, girly scent. It’s very much a “pink” scent. After a bit of wear I can almost smell strawberry in it. It’s also extremely reasonably priced for perfume.

Rachelle Yukon, OK