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PINK Silky Powder Puff 4.5 Inch


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body puff

Mom had been looking for the body size puffs for months with no luck. She mentioned it to me and I immediately logged into amazon and found these. The reviews were excellent so I ordered two for her. She really likes them. She also likes that they are machine washable. I’m glad I got them when I did because now they are out of stock.

Lauri Sandston, VA

Excellent quality

Very happy to have found this on Amazon. It was impossible for me to find a powder puff in local stores. I purchased one of each color option (pink and white). They are VERY high quality and extremely soft. I also love that they’re washable, and I washed them prior to using (although they arrived well packaged and seemed to be very sanitary, so that probably wasn’t necessary). These are very generously sized and work well. I can see these lasting a long time. Highly recommend these.

Lottie Mc Carley, MS

Great way to appy talcum powder

I like to use talcum powder after shaving, but ended up sprinkling it over the floor, as well as myself. I had been given an expensive talc that came with a powder puff and really liked the ease of use. This puff is great. Not expensive and you can use your own talc.

Teri Cando, ND

Puff Worked Great as Replacement in Bath Powder

My daughter gives me the loveliest bath powder each Christmas and it is very convenient to have an additional puff for replacement so can always have a clean one. Enjoy using after fowling off from a shower to make sure I am dry just before dressing. Can leave the bathroom feeling comfortable and warm even if the house is cool. Love having this handy.

Vera North Benton, OH

Nice, soft and fluffy…

This is a very nice body powder puff, great for using with talcs and dusting powders. The ribbon strap helps it stay on your hand while you use it. It feels very soft and comforting. A funny thing is – I looked at the picture and thought, I wish I could have a pink satin bag instead of a burgundy one, and to my amazement the bag I received was a pretty pink satin!

Rae Athens, ME