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Pineapple Pumpkin Enzyme Skin Peel 1 oz – Enhanced with Papaya Extract & Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Pineapple Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Pumpkin contains a high concentration of beta-carotene, vitamins A, C, zinc, and potassium which fight against free radicals and damage from sun exposure. Pumpkin contains natural AHAs and enzymes (proteolytic enzymes) which encourage exfoliating properties, increase cell turnover rate and promote healthy production of collagen and elastin. Papaya and pineapple contains natural fruit enzymes (papain) and (bromelain enzymes) which gently digest keratinized dead epithelium cells on the skin’s surface, while maintaing protective lipid layers. Professional Skincare Products You Can Trust • Made in the USA • Manufactured in a FDA Registered Facility • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Compliant • No Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates • Gluten Free • Cruelty Free – No Animal Testing on Products or Ingredients • Recycled Materials • Sustainable Raw Materials & Practices Benefits • Papaya is often used in skin products as a natural lift and rejuvenator of the skin • Papaya has been known as a superior antioxidant and powerful immune booster, capable of fighting off harmful free radicals. • Enhanced with botanical extracts which boost antioxidants levels, vitamins, and nutrients • Pineapple has also been well known to improve skin hydration, elasticity, and provide many nutrients to the skin promoting a healthier, more clear complexion.

Key features

  • A Professionally formulated Chemical Peel Treatment. Each bottle contains approx. 15-20 full facial Peels
  • Papaya Fruit Extract provides natural exfoliation of dead and damaged skin cells. Papaya is also a powerful antioxidant, immune booster, and free radical scavenger.
  • Pineapple contains natural AHA’s and Enzymes which enhance moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-fungal, and skin purifying effects. Pineapple also improves skin hydration, elasticity, and essential nutrients, promoting a healthier, more clear complexion.
  • Pumpkin Extract is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. Pumpkin also increases cell turnover rate, and promotes healthy production of collagen and elastin, perfect for smoothing out wrinkles, lines, and improving tone and texture.
  • Guaranteed Quality – Manufactured in an FDA registered cGMP compliant facility. We conduct assay testing, identity testing, and micro testing for each batch to ensure the concentration and active ingredient is present, within spec, and follows USP standards & FDA guidelines. Each batch will have its own unique lot number and expiration date printed onto the bottom of each bottle, as part of quality control procedures

Honest reviews



I love this peel, it is sincerely amazing. I want to ‘second’ the other reviewer who says this is a SERIOUS peel even though you may be thrown off by the fact that it is derived from fruits. (well, weren’t we all ;0).I recently did a “buffered 70% glycolic” at a spa and I find this to be far more effective for far less money. I used the Pineapple Pumpkin Enzyme Peel for UNDER two minutes and WOWZERS, this bad boy works! I am a veteran of skin peels, microdermabrasion, and multitudes of other treatments and this is one of the best. I STRONGLY encourage you to try this peel and to NOT leave it on longer then TWO minutes the first time. I’m tough when it comes to peels and this would have done some damage if I would have left it on for over 5 minutes – just try it in increments. I’m so thankful I limited myself to this because when I ‘washed’ the peel off my face SKIN (old dead skin mind you!) was coming off too and not in miniscule amounts- this is no joke.I was feeling like just about every pore on my face was congested and only one use of this product has made my pores look smaller. I’m hopeful that with weekly use my skin will start getting that beautiful porcelain glow I see on some women.I’m finding it VERY difficult to believe anyone who says they had no results – I just cannot imagine it.

Brandy Abiquiu, NM

very good

It’s a gel-like consistency, easy to put on, easy to wash off. It doesn’t really burn (but I have thick skin and a high pain tolerance) but it is very very effective. It really clears out tons of black heads and refreshes and renews my skin. I love it. It does exactly what enzyme are supposed to do, eat away at dead tissue, dirt and debris. I will be ordering this again. (I am a full time student in Aesthetics, and was a sales rep for a couple of Sephora/Nordstrom brands of skincare)

Toni Dayton, MN

My face has never looked better!

In spite of the fluffy, fruity name this is a serious peel. I did not "peel" but the results from this product are dramatic and phenomenal. I recently saw a friend whom I haven’t seen for a while, and she noticed how young and smooth I now look. My husband also made a big deal about how much younger my skin looks and feels. I am a very fair strawberry blonde with extremely sensitive skin and I’ve been able to tolerate this once every two weeks without a problem. My skin looks even more porcelain and fair than before, but in a good way. The clarity has improved tremendously and my skin simply appears younger. I’m not sure about the lines yet, but they do appear softer at the very least. I highly recommend this product, but if your skin is sensitive I would only use it as much as you can tolerate it.

Mai Collierville, TN


This is a gentle peel, but I still see good results. I like to use this peel when I don’t want my skin to have a lot of flaking and redness like with stronger peels. I alternate with stronger peels depending on the time of year and whether or not I want to have deal with a stronger peel. I only do peels about once a month, but I bet that you could do this one once a week and have very nice results.

Gay Bethel, MN

Smells nice and is fairly gentle

I like this peel, but I love their TCA peel (15%). The pineapple peel has a pleasant smell and you can feel it working right away. It makes my skin smoother and very soft. My skin is very used to peels, so I do no actually get peeling with this one like I did with the TCA. I thought this peel would be great for winter when my skin is a bit drier. I use it once a week on my face, neck, chest, and hands. Skin is really smooth after the peel and I immediately apply some Borage oil…a VERY nice combo!!!

Nelda Taiban, NM

Pineapple Pumpkin Enzyme Skin-Peel with papaya extract &

This Pineapple Enzyme skin peel,which I bought from amazon, is so amazing! I did not quite believe the results of other people, so I had to see for myself. It really is the best the best thing I ever did for my skin!! I use it about once a week for 10 minutes to make my skin glow and look much younger. Get compliments all the time about how beautiful my skin looks. Thank you so much. My skin is pretty sensitive but had no problems leaving it on for 10 min — and WOW! has my skin changed. No more crows feet and wrinkles are going. Thanks Chris T

Jo Pen Argyl, PA

great item, great value

Love the brand , it delivers and the value is great. Im 40 and i always take care of my skin and now it shows, no body thinks im 40 they always asking me what i do to maintain my skin so clear and no wrinkles . i use this products i love them , and after all my expensive products in the past with this one i have results and i safe thanks for a good product

Elsie Ellenburg Depot, NY

Surprisingly strong

Don’t let the nice ingredients fool you-this is a strong peel. I have only used it twice..I did peel a little after-so if you use it a lot or put a lot on your face-just cautious you might peel.

Brooke Ferron, UT

Aging, Acne Prone Skin… EEEK!!!

I am 43 and have acne prone skin. A terrible combination! I have used the peel once a week for 4 weeks. I applied the peel the first 2 weeks for only five minutes, so my skin could adjust gradually to a peel. The third and fourth weeks I was more aggressive and applied it for ten minutes (the first layer for five minutes; the second layer over the first for another five minutes). Each time after I removed the peel, I applied a gentle sulfur mask for ten minutes. At first, my skin was purging the black heads and white heads, so I had some break outs, but it is okay because that is something that happens at first. Overall, my skin has greatly improved – the white heads and black heads on my nose and chin are almost gone; my pores are much smaller; and overall my skin is much less oily. I recommend this peel!

Claire Auburn, ME

Smells Amazing and Very Gentle

This is a very mild peel so the results are minimal and take longer but omg, does it smell good! No kidding, you won’t believe it is a peel because of how delicious it smells. If you have sensitive skin, this is for you for sure!

Antoinette Delta, MO

Lovely immediate result

I used it for the first time and my skin is lighter, the pores are invisible and the skin is glowing. I am impressed and will continue using this peel! This peel made my problem skin (pores, freckles) look much better than 6 microdermabrasions!

Chelsea Reedley, CA

Less burning, probably a plus!

I expected a more strong peeling feeling, but maybe it’s good that it’s more comfortable and doesn’t burn as much. I do notice that my skin feels firmer and clearer with weekly use.

Edith Mc Connellsville, NY

This stuff is great

Use almost every morning for about 5 min. Does not leave the face too red (I have sensitive skin) and slowly gets rid of dead skin etc. Love the peels.

Lourdes Bartlett, NH



Edith Jordan, NY

My favorite!!!

I love this. I use it alone or as a base under whatever I want…I think it softens my skins and lets other things work better. I love the smell and it’s strong enough to work and gentle enough to use anytime. My skin is pretty sensitive but I never had any trouble with this…always play safe with anything on your face.

Rita Ordway, CO