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Pine Tar Soap – 3.25 oz Bar

Pine Tar Soap – 3.25 ounces. – Bar Vegetable based. Excellent for bathing, showering, shaving and shampooing. Many loyal users have been telling us for generations how wonderfully it cleans, moisturizes and deodorizes.

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Tar Bar

Products was a disappointment. I’ve used tar soap in the past for my skin care. This did not work at all. Guess you can’t return a half used bar of tar.

Flossie Belton, SC

Simple Solution

***Note: This review is for the bar soap, not the shampoo***I take extra good care of my skin: wash with Syrian olive soap, moisturize body with argan oil, tamanu oil and avocado butter; moisturize face with the the same oils plus rosehip oil and Josie Maran sunscreen. As a result my skin looks really good at my age. Imagine my consternation when my legs suddenly broke out with psoriasis about 2 months ago! I have never had psoriasis or eczema in my life. As a child I had several fungal skin infections and 2 cases of cellulitis, all of which contributed toward my current obsession with healthy skin. So I tried extra tamanu oil on my legs – nothing. Washed my legs carefully twice daily with my beloved olive soap – nothing. The dryness and itching were maddening and there was no relief to be found among all my precious oils. Somewhere in the back of my mind I recalled reading something about pine tar being good for treating skin problems, so I ordered this soap because it got the best ratings though to be honest I did not expect much. I also broke down and reluctantly got a cortizone cream by Aveeno for the interminable itching. I had heard bad things about cortizone so was leery but desperate! The combination of these two things gave immediate relief and within less than a week the abominable itchy red spots were gone completely. Who knew that for less than $15 I could get rid of it so fast?Given the stellar results, I sure as hell do not mind the woodsmoke-like smell of this soap. Indeed, I have grown to like it – reminds me of summer camping in the woods. I am sure that my psoriasis was a milder case than others may have, so if yours is severe you may need a doctor. I am really amazed at just how well this soap worked for me, though!

Lucinda Leadore, ID

Best soap

Some people cannot get around the smell of the soap, but I really don’t mind and I just feel using natural products is the best for me and my family. I also believe it is better for your skin. Decent price and quick delivery. Thank you

Amparo Sisters, OR

This Has to Be Annie Hall’s Black Soap!

Remember the movie Annie Hall and her black soap? I was always intrigued about it and I think this may well be it. It cleans very well, however…. it does smell like a fire pit. I bought it after reading it helps eczema and psoriasis on the face, and for fungal/yeast problems in the skin, like melasma.Some people swear by it… I’m not sure if I’ll be swearing BY it, or AT it, just yet. I will say, it does get all the dried up skin and oil off and leaves the skin feeling very clean, tight and smooth.Four stars for performance… two for the fragrance.

Alexandra Arcadia, WI

Drying but a clean wash – cept for the dark residue

I smell like a BBQ… or fireplace! I actually love it. It’s super drying on my skin though. Even worse on my face. I feel clean though.

Gussie Mistletoe, KY

Fine “old fashioned” product

Have used much of this soap in the past, and enjoy using it. Unique smell but no lingering after odor. Definitely different.

Mina Mc Connellsville, NY