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PHYTO PHYTOPOLLÉINE Botanical Scalp Treatment, 0.8 fl. oz.

This formula harnesses the natural powers of rosemary, sage, cypress, eucalyptus, and lemon to instantly purify the scalp and catalyze microcirculation. It is recommended for those suffering from an unbalanced scalp whether it is dry, oily, itchy, or irritated. A fortifying boost for sensitive, weak, and anemic hair, it serves as an ideal preparation for thinning hair treatments such as Phytocyane.

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A Godsend.

I will try my best to be short and sweet in this review:The bottle opening is a small tip (akin to a bottle of tacky glue, or like a mini-diner-ketchup-bottle) and this is what makes part of this so awesome. I have very thick very curly hair and more often than not its really difficult to get treatments on the spots I need them most. The thin tipped nozzle on this baby really helps. I was able to get even distribution in a cinch.The smell is not bad. Contrary to what I read the smell is not very strong or lasting. You may not like the scent if you do not like more natural smells, or the smells of such oils as camphor, eucalyptus, and mint. The closest comparison I can think of is tiger balm, but even then, its not nearly as strong as that. The smell (for me at least) went away after washing it off.This treatment helps. I’ve used it twice and already I feel a lot more relief and my scalp was clear for two days (which is actually a long time for me)The price is high, but for how many uses you’ll get it’s worth it. You don’t use much per usage and the tip applicator means no waste. Just don’t store the bottle on its side.Did I mention that it arrived a whole 5 days before I expected?5/5 stars: this product is a great alternative to harsh chemicals and prescriptions, smells great (IMO) and is of good value.

Terrie Grandin, ND

Didn’t work for my issue, dangit…

I took a chance on this because I have a sudden weird new scalp issue and thought this would help it. I put it on for a half hour or so before I washed it and I did this every few days for a few weeks and it did nothing but flare it up. On the other hand, the pouch it came in was neat and my puppies LOVE to play with it!!

Kerry Eastport, ME

This Stuff Works!

With all the silicones and chemicals found in hair products, my scalp has gotten really sensitive. I’ve developed an itchy scalp, no flaking, just itching. Came across this product and decided to give it a try. I cannot believe the itching stopped after one use. Their site recommends using it once to twice a week, which I’m doing. I simply massage it into my scalp and wait 30 minutes before shampooing and no more itching. I’ve now ordered one of their shampoos and conditioners, and hope to have as much success with those products as I’ve had with the elixir.

Valeria Farwell, MI

Works fine but not completely

Use it about 2 months. Noticed some difference from the beginning – less itching, freshness 1 day longer, less dandruff but still exists while scratching the scalp it is under nails. Smell is too strong but I am absolutely ok with that – it disappears after wash. Licking kind a hard, need to shake the bottle and squeeze – not able to see if it is dropping or not applying on the back of head.

Aurora Cedar Lane, TX

No effect?

I got it for psoriasis. It has had no effect after 4 tries. And I felt like my scalp was sore after my last use of it.

Minnie Nelsonville, OH

Can’t take the smell

When I apply this to my scalp and leave it on for few minutes I suffocate with the smell. Even when I wash my hair, it stays. My son even told me, mom why your hair smell like that (not in a good way).

Glenna Butler, KY

love it!!

Since i discovered this product i cant live without it. It is very helpful. It took longer to arrive however the price is very good, so it was worth it.

Caryn Clarksdale, MS