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Phyto Phytophanere Dietary Supplement Pack of 2 Duo

Day after day, Phytophan?re food supplement strengthens hair and nails.Thanks to a synergy of vitamins (B, C and E) and essential fatty acids (Borage Oil), Phytophan?re enables to struggle actively against hair thinning and stimulate and strengthen hair and nails.Phytophaner makes your hair beautiful and gives it density, and it makes your nails more resistant.

Key features

  • PHYTOPHAN?RE FOR HAIR AND NAILS PHYTOPHAN?RE actively fights against hair loss (Vitamins B2, B5, B6, B8, C, E), strengthens hair and nails (Vitamin B6) and restores suppleness and elasticity to the epidermis (essential fatty acids extracted from Borage oil). Density is restored to the hair. 2x = 120 CAPSULES = 1 MONTH TREATMENT Recommended for: -hair loss -fine, limp or devitalized hair -weak, brittle and split nails

Honest reviews


My hair looks amazing

How did this happen? I’m getting older and with menopause comes thinning hair. YIKES!!! But with these smile nets my hair seems stronger and silkier

Marcy Rochester, KY

So Far, So Good

I just started this product about 2 weeks ago. I cannot give an accurate review until a full month of use. However, i must state i am pleased with the supply and the shipping. I was recommended to purchase this product through a coworker. She has experienced great results; retained luster, growth, and aiding to psoriasis. I will try to remember to repost my personal experience. Good luck!

Chrystal Killen, AL

Expensive, but worth it

If you want healthy skin, hair and nice nails, then I highly recommend this stuff! My hair and nails are growing like crazy. I also have a friend who takes it for "thinning" hair and she says she’s had amazing results. She said her hair is growing in thicker and healthier.

Tracie North Jackson, OH

Not so sure

I’ve had better luck with collagen chews than with this product. It’s pricey (you do get 2 bottles, but it’s still expensive) and despite this being my 2nd round with this product, I haven’t noticed any changes.With the collagen chews I immediately noticed improvement in hair growth (roots started to show right away lol), nail growth (needed fills once a week) and general improvement in my skin.I guess I thought popping a few pills a day was easier than eating 4 chews a day, but this product didn’t do much for me. I’m on bottle 3 of 4, and I haven’t had any success. This may work for others, but it was a dud for me.

Lorene Pocopson, PA

Not sure what happened…

Product was delivered to me several months ago, arrived timely and packaging was fine. I didn’t open either of the individual boxes and i put them aside in a drawer where I store all of my spare/extras of supplements and I’ve never had problems before when doing this. Opened the first bottle and it smelled. Noticed that there was moisture inside the bottle — possibly one of the capsules leaked and it made the others oily on the outside of each capsule. Same thing with 2nd bottle. I threw them both out. Expensive lesson learned for me.

Rosalia Carlos, MN

not sure

have been using for about 6 months. not sure it worked but sure did not hurt. so giving a 3 star.

Lynette Newbury, OH

Defective or Not Genuine

I received white plastic cap ones, and the peels at the bottom had been smashed around. It looks like from high temperatures. Then I was not sure the content was genuine. I previouly bought from a local store with metal twist cap. They were good. I am not sure about these bottles. I wanted to return the product; but they send me another bottle.I now have 3 bottles and scared to use them. What are those smashed ingredients?

Dayna Sabana Seca, PR