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Phyto Phytonectar Ultra Nourishing Shampoo 6.7 oz

For Ultra-Dry Hair with Orange Blossom WaxrnWith a high concentration in botanical active ingredients, PHYTONECTAR shampoo helps restore the moisture and lipid balance in ultra-dry, porous hair. Its creamy formula, brimming with moisturizing and revitalizing soybean amino acids and pure Orange Blossom wax extract, nourishes hair from within. Hypericum, a natural shield combined with anti-oxidant Vitamin E, helps protect hair from external stress factors. Witch Hazel extract tones, while wood cellulose derivative smoothes hair and facilitates detangling. Finally, a botanical washing base derived from Coconut oil makes Phytonectar a very gentle formula. Even the most dehydrated hair quickly regains its original strength, suppleness and shine.rnUltra-Dry Hair – Weakened from within, ultra-dry hair is characterized by a dual deficiency in moisture and lipids (Sebum), which alters its elasticity and suppleness. As a result, it comes porous and loses certain essential elements, such as keratin (amino acids). Ultra-dry hair tends to be difficult to detangle, coarse and brittle, and requires replenishing with nourishing and restorative agents.rnPHYTO products bring the most potent active ingredients from the botanical world to your hair through Phytotherathrie, the science of haircare through plants. rnPHYTO will help maintain the healthy appearance of your hair and reveal its full beauty.rnThrough its botanical formulas, PHYTO provides a natural and precise solution for the needs of each hair type. Ongoing research and close collaboration with scientists enable Laboratories Phystosolba to continually develop innovative haircare products with clinically proven results.rnEnvironmentally conscious, PHYTO only uses glass bottles and aluminum tubes, which also help protect its formulas rich in active ingredients and limit the use of preservatives.rnPHYTO does not test products on animals.

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  • Highest Quality Ultra-Dry Hair available

Honest reviews


Too smelly for me

The scent of this shampoo is way too strong. I really like the Phyto mousse but can’t get myself to use this.

Stacie Whiting, VT

Phyto Phytonectar Ultra Nourishing shampoo

Great shampoo for fine then fragile hair. You have to use it for a few shampoos before you notice the difference. The Phyto vitamins for the hair are wonderful, my hair is growing like wild fire.

Ursula Rocky Gap, VA

It smells great

And feels really rich. I think these phyto shampoos are good for my fine thin damaged broken hair that I’m losing. I need to keep my scalp clean and they do a very nice job. They might be slightly drying but no more than ordinary. It’s hard to tell. I have this one and another I like them both

Brenda Wenden, AZ

good stuff

i like the way this shampoo leaves my hair… makes my hair feel full and clean…..nice addition to my shampoos……

Katharine Buford, OH

Leaves hair soft and full

This shampoo leaves hair moisturized but doesn’t weigh it down at all. Feels softer and fuller with regular use, though I do alternate it with another Phyto shampoo from time to time. It feels like it is going to be too conditioned when you first use it, but when hair dries, it’s shiny and very manageble and looks healthy. Very pleased with results.

Rebecca Belfield, ND

Love the smell and it leaves my colored processed hair silky

I got a sample of this shampoo from Barneys and bought a bottle after trying it for a week. This shampoo does not lather very much, and I end up using more shampoo than usual. It is pricey but it works. It comes in a metal bottle which is pretty until you drop it in the shower. It also has a screw top, which is inconvenient when your hands are wet. Four stars because of the packaging.

Tania Reading, MI