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Phyto Organics Set Theratin Shampoo & Humectin Conditioner 1L Each

Theratin: Extreme Moisture Shampoo Helps restore and maintain hair’s vital moisture balance and rejuvenates dry, brittle hair with an exotic blend of cleansing Soapbark, nurturing Botanicals, moisturizing Manuka Honey and aromatherapy essences of Pineapple and Coconut. Humectin: Extreme Moisture Conditioner Helps restore and maintain moisture balance, with a blend of Vitamins, Minerals, Manuka Honey and Coconut Milk. Ultra hydrating emollients provide manageability, elasticity and shine. With aromatherapy essences of Sandalwood and Lime.

Key features

  • Extreme moisture shampoo and conditioner
  • With ultra hydrating manuka honey and coconut milk
  • Color safe products

Honest reviews


If You Have Dry Hair

I purchased these products together as I got them for a great price; individually, they are more expensive but worth it! I have thick, dry, naturally curly, and now “aging” hair. These products provide me wiith the deep moisture that my hair requires. Also, I tend to buy products that are “natural” and not tested on animals and these fit the bill as well.

Gayla Milner, GA

Great for my hair

I have long, somewhat thick but fine hair. I feel liked I’ve tried every shampoo and conditioner available, and these are two of my favorites. My husband loves the shampoo and uses it daily, and I like it too. (I alternate shampoos, so this one is on rotation for me). More important, I really love the conditioner. For years and years I was loyal to Humectress, but of course, that one got changed radically a few years ago and I no longer like or use it. I tried Nectaress, which seemed somewhat similar to Humectress, but I actually like Humectin the best, and it seems the most like the old Humectress in what it does for my hair and even how it smells. I have highlighted, fine hair that is fragile, so it needs a lot of good conditioner on a daily basis. I’m very happy with Humectin, it’s somewhat thick in consistency but not too much so, and it both applies easily and washes out nicely.Humectin isn’t all I need, however. After towel drying, I also spray on Luxxtress leave-in conditioner (very light spray), and I put various oils on my ends. Right now I’m loving a new one from L’Oreal, surprisingly. I find it better than BioSilk and several other similar products I’ve tried. In any case, for this shampoo-conditioner pair, they are among my favorites and this is a dynamite price for the two together.

Johanna Arcadia, MI


I love these products. They seem to have a "magical" action on my hair. Will definitely order again. Great Products.

Fanny Bellona, NY


I am a shampoo junkie, I tried dozens of shampoos and this by far is one of the best. First of all it "plumps" your hair and gives a lot of moisture and smells great. Shampoo smells like a Pina Colada and conditioner of sandalwood and lime. ALSO the conditioner can be used as a leave-in.I prefer sulfate free shampoos and there are only a select sulfate poos I will use and this is one of them.

Angelia Chatfield, TX

I love these!

I try to be as organic with what I put on my body as well as what I put in it. However, it seems to be hard for me to find organic hair products that I like. I love these. I have fine, long, thick hair and these do not weigh it down. They seem to really nourish my hair and scalp. Will continue to purchase these products!

Dolores Houtzdale, PA