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Physiological Cleansing Gel Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Cleanses, purifies and refreshes skin, while respecting its physiological balance. With gentle, non-soap cleansing agents to respect skin’s natural physiological balance. Cooling gel texture. For efficient, yet gentle cleansing and make-up removal.

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goo so far

I’ve been using it once a day for a week and like it so’s a bit too creamy…I would get it again.

Jerri Edgewater, FL

Heavily fragranced

What a disappointment! I have been a fan of La Roche-Posay products for many years and was very much looking forward to trying out this new cleanser. But here is what I found:- Cleansing power is average, not good, not bad, and so is the slightly dry feeling after product usage.- The company says that it has a “unique cooling effect for a refreshing, pure feel”. While I did notice a slight cooling effect, I don’t think that it amounted to much at all. I definitely expected something stronger than just a very mild and very fleeting cool feeling.- But what really, really made me dislike this product is that it is heavily fragranced (at least to my nose). I wouldn’t say anything if this were Lancome or Estee Lauder – both companies that seem to use a lot of fragrance in their products. But this is La Roche-Posay – a company that advertises products for sensitive skin and calls itself the dermatologists’ brand! In the product description on their website they describe it as being “Soap-free, Alcohol-free, Paraben-free, Safe for sensitive skin”. What they forgot to mention is that they added tons of fragrance to this. While the product rinses off ok, the fragrance does not and I could not wait to use some toner to wipe off every trace of this smell that was way too intense for me and that I plain hated.While I will continue to loveLa Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluid 1.35-Ouncesprecisely because it is fragrance-free and just all-around great for sensitive skin, I am still wondering what La Roche-Posay was thinking when they came up with this Cleansing Gel. It simply does not fit their brand philosophy nor does it smell good at all.

Betty Phillipsburg, MO

Wonderful cleanser for acne prone, sensitive skin

I am 48 years old and a user of Retin-A for cystic acne. I have to use Retin-A nightly. My cystic acne is much better than it was in my teens and early 20s, but I still get an occasional flare-up, and with the clogged pores all over my face, the dermatologist put me back on Retin-A with a warning to be careful about what I used to clean my face. She recommended the La-Roche Posay line. I did not buy it at first, but I noticed that so many of the skin-care cleaning products I have tried are too strong for me now that I am using Retin-A again. It makes your skin more sensitive and dry, and you have to avoid products with excess alcohol or fragrance. I saw this cleansing gel in my local CVS and decided to try it. Quite pricey but it works wonders! My skin is less oily, more balanced and the pores are smaller and I only just started using it. It removes makeup, even waterproof eye makeup and mascara, in a flash. I have read other reviews on here in which the issue of fragrance is mentioned. Those people must be able to smell a skunk 10 miles away! I have never noticed much of an issue with fragrance; in fact, I remember thinking it did not have any. If it does, it’s pretty inconspicuous. I would never keep using it if it were overpowering. This product is for you if you have oily and sensitive skin and/or are using prescription products for oily skin and acne.

Helga Dennysville, ME

Wonderful cleanser and makeup remover

I really like this product and although it’s a bit expensive, it takes the place of my makeup remover so it’s worth it. It doesn’t leave my face feeling dry and removes all dirt and makeup.

Gladys Smithville, GA


I don’t know why some people think the fragrance is too much? I can barely smell anything! Being allergic to cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax and petroleum jelly, it’s always hard to find face products that I won’t have a reaction to. Great for sensitive skin! I don’t wear any heavy makeup so I’ve never had a problem with this cleansing gel leaving makeup on my face.

Jo Manteca, CA