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Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner, Universal Looks Collection, Nude, 0.26 Ounce

Get the Nude Look for any Eye Color. Naked and neutral, yet “never boring” shades create modern Nude Eyes. Wet and Dry application for two finishes: wet for dramatic, intense color with ultra long-lasting wear. Transforms shadow into a liner. Dry for a softer result.

Key features

  • Wet and dry application for 2 finishes: 9 shades equals to 18 custom colors, 3 trios equals to 6 custom looks, 3 liners equals to 6 custom liners
  • Neutral shades create modern nude eyes for any eye color
  • Hypoallergenic; Fragrance free; Paraben free; Dermatologist approved; Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers; Gluten Free

Honest reviews


Naked 2 palette urban decay dupe

Drugstore dupe for the VERY EXPENSIVE naked 2 palette! The colors are so similar it’s a close perfect match. Def recommend.

Marta Tuluksak, AK


These have colors that I would not consider to be so neutral for fair skin. I pretty much use only the first lightest shades and have yet to try out the others because they’re pretty dark and I’m just not a dark eye shadow kinda gal. I would have been better off buying a few light shades I like and layering them on my own. That way I would have more of the shadows I want and none of those I don’t. As far as wear is concerned, I don’t notice it being any better or worse than any drugstore brand.

Mamie Lansing, IA


I love the versatility of this palette. I’ve only touched the light and middle shades (haven’t even messed with the darkest trio, cause it’s a little too dark for what I like), and you can blend them in so many different ways. THey give such a nice smokey eye. I really love it!

Fanny Haywood, VA

I love this palette

I have tons of palettes with nude/neutral colors and this one by far is my favorite. The colors are very subtle and very natural looking, even the darker colors (the darker colors can also double as soft eyeliners, they work great). You can create tons of different looks with this palette besides what the back of the box suggests. There is shimmer in all the colors, but it’s very very subtle, not showy or tacky looking, it’s pretty much perfect, The palette is small too so it won’t take up a lot of room in your make up bag unlike most eyeshadow palettes tend to do. This is my new favorite item is my make up bag, it has replaced almost all my single eye shadows.By the way, it’s only $10 at Wal Mart.

Letitia Murray, NE

Love the colors!

I’ve never used physician’s formula before but i saw it in my mother-in-laws bathroom over the weekend and thought the colors were very pretty. I wrote down the brand and name of the compact then purchased it at my first chance. I’m very happy that i did! There is no glitter in the eyeshadows, something that i am very happy about, but they do manage to light up my eyes and make them look bigger or smaller depending on the look you’re aiming for. The color applied dry lasts all day for me but i see that it has faded in the last 7 hours (by now my other eyeshadow would be gone so i’m happy with that!)I think the colors are beautiful…very happy there is no glitter unlike the other highlighting eyeshadows i have (so happy!) and the price really isnt too bad. Highly reccomend.

Charlotte Sebeka, MN

Not bad but a couple of pretty dark colours

I like this product for the most part. The top end of the palette has nice colours and they work well with fair skin and reflect the "Nude" effect that the product advertises. The compact size is nice and the presentation of the set is pretty, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to carry it in a handbag as there is no closure for it, it just flips open and closed.There are a couple of colours toward the bottom that make great liners, but don’t really fit with the all natural and nude theme, in my opinion.The applicator is well made and lasts through a lot of usage, so I can’t complain there. The product doesn’t have much scent so that isn’t an issue, even for people with sensitive skin, this should work. The makeup itself lasted throughout most of a day (even whilst it was hot out) and is easy to remove.Overall it was a good experience.

Marguerite Cambridge, IL

Good eye shadow

I like this eye shadow it has a nice sent, ok pigments,it could use some more pigment so it shows up a little better but does give a nice natural look.

Justina Egg Harbor, WI

lovely combination of colors

This is a great set of eye shadows for the no make up looks. Use lightly and it lasts all day and doesn’t crease or flake off at all. I recommend using a make up brush to apply as then it’s not a heavy look.

Enid Somersville, CT