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Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Creamliner, Brown Eyes, 0.21 Ounce

Three custom shades provide a glamorous look to define and enhance your brown eye color. Unique gel cream formula glides-on effortlessly and smoothly while providing the definition of a liquid eyeliner.

Key features

  • Long-wearing, water-resistant and smudge-resistant formula provides 24-Hour definition
  • Eyeliner pots can be pulled apart for individual use on-the-go
  • Hypoallergenic; Dermatologist Approved; Fragrance Free; Paraben Free; Safe for Sensitive Eyes and Contact Lens Wearers

Honest reviews



These are too gooey to use. The purple color is absolutely useless unless you want to look weird. I use the black but it’s too creamy to really stay on my eyes. I prefer a pencil liner as this just ends up all over the place.

Nelda Montvale, VA

Best eyeliner I’ve ever used.

I got the trio for hazel eyes. I think it is a great deal because you get 3 eyeliners in one setting (and cream/gel liners are not usually cheap). I love the brown color! It looks matte, but if you look really close it has very subtle gold flecks in it. I think this is meant to bring out the green. The black color is nice for afternoon/dramatic looks. It is just black with purple glitter flecks (not too many, but enough and they’re big enough to notice with a decently close look).Anyway, I really like these liners because they STAY PUT. I absolutely hate leaky liners, bit this is nice. It only smudges a tincy bit after all-day wear. I like that it goes on softly. That is another nice thing about cream liners in general. No tugging (unless you mess up! Which you’d then have to rub it good to get it off).I docked a star because 1: The middle (pinky) color is absolutely ugly. I even wore it with a dress that “matched” that color. Nothing. You could hardly tell I was wearing liner at all and then when you got up closer, it just looked…wrong. I don’t like it at all. 2: The brush it comes with is pretty lame. Its stiff, but manageable (as I just dabbed it to death until it softened up). Most women I know who use this throw away the brush and use their own, but if you don’t have money to throw away like they do, you can still use this brush – it just takes some taming.

Latanya Onemo, VA

Stays put a really really long time

Have used pencil liners for years and they would fade within a few hours, especially in warmer humid weather. Tried liquid liners but could never control the applicator well and it always turned out a mess. I read about these gel liners and their staying power so I thought I’d give the Physicians Formula version a try. Found it at my local CVS for sale (about $4 off) so it was a bargain.I am really impressed with how long this stays on. Basically, after a full day of wear, it’s almost all still there with just a tiny bit of fading. I find the brush that comes with it really good too. I can get a straight neat line as long as I am careful. They recommend that you wipe the brush with a tissue after every use, but I moisten the tissue first with makeup brush cleaner just to be sure to get it clean every time. I made my own cheaply with just a few common ingredients (such as baby shampoo and rubbing alcohol) using a recipe I got from You Tube.The gel liners are not as convenient or quick as using pencils, but the tradeoffs are well worth it. I’m now a convert for life to gel liners, and am so happy with the Physicians Formula version that I don’t feel the need to try the pricier gel/cream brands from MAC, Bobbi Brown, or Clinique. I only wish Physicians Formula would just sell the colors singly. I bought the one for brown eyes, and I only use the black color. I don’t anticipate ever using the other two shades.One thing to note is that contrary to what another reviewer wrote, these little pots do come apart and you can carry or store them separately without them drying out. Basically, the base of each pot is indented and the top of each pot snaps into the indentation. When pulled apart, each pot still has its own cover.

Britney Mechanicsburg, IL

Need to practice on how to use it but it is great

Feels great, comes with its own applicator, lovely colors black, natural brown and purple, the one that i love the most. It is easy to apply once you learn how to make an even line, I only use it on my upper lids.

Hilda Broken Bow, OK

These colors are fantastic! I love the consistency and texture and a …

These colors are fantastic! I love the consistency and texture and a little goes a long way. I have a hard time finding the right colors for my hazel eyes and these really make them pop without looking too made up.

Cynthia Lafayette, TN

I like it

I like this trio because it gives me different options in just one package. My favorite shade is the brown one—it looks very natural on me, while still providing enough definition.The purple is nice–it is very flirty and playful, it complements my green eyes well.The black is intense and deep.These liners do not run or smudge, but rather stay put all day.

Lizzie Firebaugh, CA

Stays Put!

For a dramatic look that stays put; this is the eyeliner. I have the product that is recommended for hazel eyes and it came with three different colors. When I don’t want it to be too dramatic, I use a pencil in the same makeup line, and then just use the gel over the outer corners of my eyes and it stays put. There is no need for taking a trip to the powder room with this product, because it is clearly not going anywhere. Through, tears, rain, or a long night; this stuff is sure to stay put.

Yvette Alum Creek, WV