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Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio, Green Eyes, 0.03 Ounce

The perfect set of three eyeliners to enhance your green eye color and provide glamorous definition. Long-wearing, water-resistant and smudge-resistant formula for 24-Hour wear.

Key features

  • Enhance and define
  • Layer shades together for endless looks
  • Hypoallergenic; Fragrance free; Paraben free; Dermatologist approved; Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Honest reviews


terrible excuse for makeup

If you love makeup dont bother with this. My eyes are my favorite part to dress up so Im always looking for new fun eyeliner, mascaras and eye shadows. This “shimmer strip” set doesnt apply under the lashes and where it happens to work rubs completely off with a simple swipe of the finger. In other words you would have to apply the eye liner all day long. Try the gel form??? It seems to have better reviews….

Reba Holton, IN

Just regular eyeliner

I bought this for brown eyes at a grocery store. I am rarely disappointed with any Physicians Formula product, so I had high hopes for this eyeliner trio. They go on quite well and smooth, but the purple one just seemed a bit too waxy for me. Neither of the trio (the black, brown, or the purple) made my brown eyes any more enhanced than regular eyeliner. Would I reccommend this? I can’t say yay or nay to this product. It’s okay, just a regular eyeliner. You can do some pretty cool color combinations with the purple eyeliner, however. But do not expect fantastic, popping peepers from this trio.

Stacey Wenona, MD

Came as promised

I wear contact lenses and this is the best inner lid eyeliner I have ever used. No smudging and very long lasting. I will buy this again

Pam Kingston, WA

pretty good

I wanted to try out some new eyeliner, and this was very reasonably priced for three sticks so I decided to try it. I bought the “blue” set and from what I can tell, the “blue/black” pencil is just straight up black. I normally like to wear a navy blue eyeliner on my bottom lash line because I feel like it makes my eyes prettier, but I don’t see a difference at all. That isn’t too much of a problem though, it’s still a good liner. My biggest disappointment was that the brown liner is so light, it’s barely visible. Overall, I wouldn’t NOT recommend this product, but I wouldn’t necessarily rave about it. For the price, it was worth it, but if you’re looking for what it claims to be (a black, a blue/black, and a brown liner set) this is hit and miss.

Brandi Georgetown, TN

Hazel trio liner

I have hazel eyes so I am always looking to try the products that come out specifically for my eye color. I thought the pink was a little bright but I am always down to try anything at least once. I put the black on my upper and lower lash line before I went to work and was impressed with how nice it stayed on my eyes all day long. I have a very hard time with eyeliner staying in place because I have a crease under my eyelids right where my liner goes in the middle of my eyes. The taupe color is very nice and matches my eye color perfectly and the pink is really fun and bright. This stuff really stays without smearing and is totally worth the price. I like that it comes with three totally different colors to choose from. For three of them, the price can’t be beat. I just started using Physicians Formula and I am really impressed with their products.

Kaitlin Cibolo, TX

So smooth

I love these. They go one smoothly and the colors are great. I would love a purple one though. I use them evey day and will re order soon.

Dessie Navajo Dam, NM

A little disappointed

This eyeliner works very well – it applies smoothly without grabbing and stays put – but it is brittle and breaks before you use the entire pencil so I don’t feel I am getting full value.

Cara Scotia, CA

Only eyeliner I use!

I have the blue eyes set, and I’m really impressed by the quality of this product. They are a thicker line, but they stay on FOREVER, and only smudge when you rub your eyes excessively. If I want a thinner line, I’ll use a Q tip to thin out the line after applying it.I’ve tried many other products, and nothing compares to these. Will keep using and purchase more colors!

Lorie Morvin, AL

not for sensitive eyes

bought it ar walmart. It applies smoothly and seems to last. The down-side is that it burned my eyes. I do have sensitive eyes so it might work for others.

Lorena White Hall, AR

so easy to use

These were terrific. I just ordered on a whim and they turned out to be some of the best eye pencils I own. They go on so easy, smudged if I wanted them to, but would draw a finer line if desired. Their consistency was terrific as some pencils have a tendency to harden as they age and next thing you know you can’t use them. Granted, with this ease comes the fact that they might not stay on during the sweatiest of workouts, but I have not had a problem wearing them during anything and they are definitely my go to pencils for liner or smudging. Love them.

Mollie Moline, MI

The only one that stays on me

I’m shocked to see all the negative reviews on this– I expected to come here and find people praising this line up and down. For me, it’s the only eyeliner that actually stays on all day and night.I tend to rub my eyes a lot, so I’m super-prone to getting big eyeliner smears all down my face. Real attractive. 😉 But this eyeliner doesn’t do that to me! It stays exactly where I apply it, it’s nice and dark, and it goes on smoothly. So strange how a product can work great for one person and badly for the next. I’ve tried just about every other supposedly waterproof/smudgeproof eyeliner that’s available in drugstores (Revlon, CoverGirl, etc.) and none of them were satisfactory. This one’s it for me.As far as the colors, the purple doesn’t “pop” and the bronze color is too subtle for me, so I mostly stick to the black, with a little purple “highlighting” when I feel like it. They do sell the black separately here, so that’s what I’m buying next time.

Yesenia Hillman, MI

Love it!

I was looking for an eyeliner that wouldn’t cause by eyes to itch, which I’ve had an issue with in other eyeliners. This one has worked very well. I haven’t had a problem with it smugging either. It doesn’t shimmer as the name says. I bought the blue eye kit since I have blue eyes, and it really plays well with my color. I don’t plan on switching eyeliners. It’s been awesome.

Jenny Scroggins, TX

beautiful colors

colors are pretty and do not fade during the day. applying the product is easy. glad I bought this. often I find that cheap make-up is really not worth buying, but these eyeliners are great

Nita Victoria, MS