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Physicians Formula Powder Palette Color Corrective Powders, Multi-colored Corrector, Green, 0.3-Ounces

Key features

  • Just the right color combination to enhance skin tone and correct imperfections
  • Provides soft, natural color without a harsh monotone cast
  • Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free
  • Oil-free, non-comedogenic and dermatologist approved

Honest reviews


Pasty look

I thought this product would be great to reduce the redness on my face. However, it’s a little too green. I end up with a pasty look. I recommend their muti colored powder which works really well, even better than Clinique’s redness reducing powder (and it’s cheaper too)!

Mollie Longview, TX

The perfect cover for red or ruddy skin

This is the perfect cover for red or ruddy skin. You can control the amount of powder, and the shade, when running the enclosed brush across the multi-colored powder. Apply the green tinted powder to the reddish areas and then follow up with your usual face make-up. The green powder counteracts the redness leading to flawlessly beautiful skin.Highly recommend for rosacea redness, if approved by your medical provider.

Brooke Duke Center, PA

Great Product

I have been using this for years. It neutralizes red spots, and blends colored makeup very well. You only need a dusting though, as if you over do, yes it will look green.

Ora Stopover, KY

Have used every speck of my first one.

I have a great deal of redness in my face everyday due to rocesea and this does a great job of toning that down. I use a different bigger brush than the one that comes with it. After applying it I do need to use bronzer under my cheekbones to add definition. I would not recommend this for people with darker skin or who do not have flushing. It would simply be too green and light. I have very fair skin and it works wonderfully for me. I can’t find it in the store anymore so I tried the mixture powder with the pink and yellow too and it doesn’t cover the redness as well.

Amie Towson, MD

Green Pressed Powder

I have rosacea and while this does cover it up some (I would say maybe a 60% improvement in redness), it makes you paler in lieu of red (a white paleness) so you need to use another powder to even out your skin tone after using this.It does make my skin itchy and irritated though, especially if it’s warm. They have a talc-free version of this for more sensitive skins and that causes less itching and irritation, but is less green and more pale.

Lorraine Noatak, AK

Hides the red but..

Bought this in a fit of desperation after running out of my oil free MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microperfecting Primer in green. It does conceal redness, but you can kind of tell there’s powder on your face. Fine from far away but I can tell close up that I have it on. It’s fine though if you need a quick fix.I like the Make UP FOR EVER better, BUT it’s sooo expensive and comes in such wasteful, heavy packaging. Plus the pump never seems to work for me. I will keep searching for the perfect green color correcter. Kind of hard because I have red and yellow undertones, which means I need a green/blue corrector. But many of the correctors out there have yellow built in.

Earnestine Lowber, PA